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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

11. Jealous

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“Bella, love?” She wasn’t seriously ignoring me now? “Bella, this is silly, I told you, it wasn’t me, it was Alice…” the argument was not helping.

She looked as if she were going to break down in tears. I did not know how to make it better. “Edward, your entire family left the house this morning so we could have sex!” her voice was bordering on a shriek, her face bright red. “How will I ever look at them again? I am going to have to move back in with Charlie!”

I put my hand to my face, squeezing the bridge of my nose, I needed to calm down, rationalize with her. “Bella, first of all, I would prefer if you wouldn’t make it sound like we were having a tawdry affair, sneaking off to some broom closet for some private time. You are my wife, making love is very natural.” She made a motion to say something but I put my hand up to stop her. “Yes, I would have very much preferred it if Alice had not seen the vision…” gone looking for it actually, but I would never tell Bella that part. “And she definitely could have handled it more prudently,” I finished with a sigh pulling her against me.

She looked up at me with resignation. “You said first of all…what else?”

“Oh yes, I was just going to tell you that I don’t think Charlie would appreciate it very much if we were to move in…I don’t think he likes me quite that much.” I smiled at her as best I could, kissing her forehead.

“I wasn’t taking you with me,” her voice full of mock anger now.

Shaking my head, I winked and reminded her, “Package deal.” I had told her about her father’s mental mantra when I was present, though his tension towards me had diminished significantly since our talk and even more so since the wedding.

She was silent. I knew I needed to give her time to think this through; it was mortifying, even for me. After a short time she sighed, “I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. Besides, if it weren’t so humiliating that they all know, I would need to thank Alice for today…” she smiled at me and then pressed her lips against my jaw. That went better than I could have dreamed.

I pulled her closer against me, drawing her lips to mine. She pulled away this time. “Edward, you know you were right before, I did promise Charlie.” She pulled herself to the edge of the bed to begin readying herself for the day. The afternoon would soon be starting, so I could not protest.

I walked behind her as she gathered her clothing and put my arms around her waist, pressing against her. She turned and kissed me again. “Okay, now you can get ready,” I said as I walked towards the door to find her some breakfast while she showered.

Always stubborn, she tried to insist that she drive herself to her father’s house, but I won as usual. I wasn’t ready for her to be out of my sight. “Are you sure that I can’t stay with you today?” I asked her for the hundredth time, knowing and understanding the answer.

“I just need some time with him, alone. We will be together forever, I only have a small time left with Charlie,” her voice was never sad when she said this, it was more like she was talking about a walk in the park than her impending death.

I was about the turn the corner onto her father’s street when I sensed it, when I heard him. A reflexive growl grew in my chest. She turned to me with a questioning look. I stopped the car before I went any further. “Bella, I think I will stay with you, it is only fair.”

“What? What is only fair?” She was confused.

“If the do-, Jacob gets to intrude on your father-daughter time, then it is only fair I should be able to as well.” I wasn’t worried about him, but I just didn’t like the idea of her being somewhere where Alice could not keep tabs on her. As if on cue my cell phone rang. I answered it quickly, asking Bella to wait.

“Edward, where are you going? I lost you?” Alice sounded alarmed. I began to reply but Bella grabbed the phone from me before I had a chance.

“Alice Cullen! I cannot believe you! Of all the things – you should have minded your own business.” the anger from our earlier row was back in her voice for a moment. I heard Alice apologizing and promising to never do it again. Bella seemed to compose herself quickly, her anger being less severe for her best friend that it had been for me. The blood rushed to Bella’s face as Alice said something else; Bella just mumbled a simple confirmation and handed the phone back to me. My eyebrows rose as I took the phone wondering what had caused the sudden shyness.

Bella shook her head, telling me not to ask. “Just tell her what she wants to know so we can get on with our day,” she said with an annoyed tone.

Sighing I put the phone to my ear and let Alice know where we were and why she had lost us. She huffed with relief and then congratulated me. Rolling my eyes I said goodbye, reminding her that she promised to stay out of it.

As I hung up the phone I had to ask, “So why did Alice get off so easily?”

“I guess I was all out of anger,” she shrugged. Great, next time I will have to remember to let her take it out on someone else first. “So Jacob is at Charlie’s?” she sounded hopeful.

I pushed the jealousy out of my voice before I spoke, “Yes, it looks as if he is back.” We had found out that after I had sent the wedding invitation to him he had run away. But the pack was able to keep tabs on him, so no one was too worried. Bella had forgiven me for sending him the invite after I explained to her my reasoning and she had found out that he was okay. As far as Charlie knew he had gone to stay with his sister up north. I suppose he had to come back eventually.

She laughed, sounding almost relieved. “Edward, you are my husband, so stop looking at me like you are never going to see me again. Trust me, especially after this morning, you could not lose me if you tried. But you still cannot stay, I won’t let Jake stay either, so don’t worry.”

I smiled, “My stubborn Bella…will I ever win one of these discussions?”

“No.” she said in a very serious tone, but then began to giggle.

Well, if she was going to see Jacob…

I swiftly pulled her to me, cradling her in my lap, kissing her hard until she kissed me back with abandon. I began trailing kisses down her chin to her neck and collarbone. I slid my hand under the front of her shirt, grazing her stomach with my fingertips. A shiver ran through her body as a soft moan escaped her lips. “Hmm, okay, I guess I can bear to part with you for a couple of hours…but I will be back right after dinner.” I shifted her back into her seat and buckled her in, even though we were only around the corner from our destination. I didn’t want to tempt fate, not with my fragile Bella.

I pulled up behind the Rabbit – what an unsuitable car. Her heart sped up with excitement at the confirmation of his presence. I had to remind myself he was her friend, nothing more, not now, but the jealousy still poured from my body.

She leaned over to kiss me as if I would let her go to the door without me; I was already opening the car door to help her out. “Edward, you can’t stay…” she said sternly.

“I know love, but I will walk you to the door, you have to give me that.” She sighed but took my hand as we walk towards the house.

She quickly knocked to let them know she had arrived and pushed the door opened. Standing in the entry way was the dog. I worked hard to suppress a grimace at the smell of wet mangy dog. He was not as amiable. Ugh, you forget how bad it is until you have to smell it again he snarled as he moved to embrace my wife. I suppressed a laugh as he pushed her away quickly, looking queasy.

“Wow, Bella, you stink,” he laughed pulling her back to him, holding his breath.

She was overjoyed. “It’s about time Jacob!” she screamed. Marriage suits her, she looks so happy…his thoughts we mixed with happiness for her and grief. The jealousy melted away, I knew I had won, there was nothing left to be jealous of.

“Jacob,” I greeted him, only nodding from the doorway.

He acknowledged me with a quick glance and went back to staring at Bella. “Bells, I missed you, I am sorry if I made you worry.” He sounded genuine.

“Just don’t do it again, or else…” she laughed, pulling his hand into her own.

“Bella,” I interrupted. “Call me if you need me, I will be back around seven to pick you up otherwise.” I smiled at her and waved to Charlie who had shown up in the entryway behind Jacob.

“You want to stay for dinner?” Charlie asked me half heartedly, knowing I would refuse.

I smiled and shook my head, “No sir, I have some errands to take care of while my wife is occupied. I will see you when I come to pick her up, have a nice time”

My little girl is a wife, Charlie was still getting use to the idea. Jacob’s thoughts growled at the word.

Bella released Jacob’s had long enough to give me a quick kiss goodbye and I was on my way to the car.

I just needed to see her, one more time…thank you. These thoughts had been directed at me, no malice was present in the tone, only a jumble of pain and relief. I understood. The looming events had the same effect on me; pain at taking her life, but relief that she would forever be mine.

Only his side was worse, she would be gone forever for him, I couldn’t fathom this, I would not continue to exist. This was the difference between us; Bella was only his love, she was my life.