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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

13. Quiet

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I heard them as we were turned the corner into our long driveway. I had known they were due back tonight, but the last three days had been so perfect; quiet mornings in bed, short afternoons alone while Bella spent time with her father, early dinners at Charlie’s, and long nights with my wife, alone. We were truly newlyweds now.

I did miss my family, but I knew their return had some disadvantages. Our night time activities would end because Bella would not dream of having them overhear something. On this, I would agree with her. I was sure to receive some taunting about what they knew had happened while they were away. And…

“Oh no…” Bella muttered as the house came into view, the lights confirming what I already knew. “Turn around, we can just drive to Alaska tonight!”

“Bella, love, we have to face them sometime,” I wanted to run too.

She looked at me with panic in her beautiful brown eyes, “okay, let’s try again, in say, fifty years?”

I stopped the car and pulled her to me, kissing her forehead hoping to lessen her worry slightly. This was what I was concerned about. “Bella, it will be alright, it is natural, remember? We are not doing anything wrong.”

“I know, Edward, but…” I stopped her by pressing my lips against hers, an urgent kiss to calm her. Of course I knew that kissing her only made her heart beat faster but I thought I could help her forget. She pulled herself against me, letting her body take over.

“Stop that for a few minutes! We gave you three days!” Alice had thrown open Bella’s door before I had time to realize she was there. I gave her a stern glare.

Bella scowled at Alice as well. “I should not even talk to you,” she told her.

“I thought we resolved this the other night on the phone, it all worked out, no harm!” Alice shrugged.

“No harm?” Bella was angry now; I knew it had been too easy before. I laughed at Alice’s expression. She was taken aback by Bella’s intensity.

“Shut up Edward” she shot at me. “Bella, I just wanted to help, I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

Bella sighed. Was she going to let her off that easy again? I thought I was the one who dazzled her. She seemed to have a soft spot for our Alice.

Bella smiled at her, and whispered something I would have never thought possible, “Thanks.” Alice then pulled my wife from my arms, dragging her as fast as Bella’s legs would allow to the house. I followed close behind.

We went to the living room where Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were already watching television. I pulled Bella from Alice’s grasp and settled us into the empty love seat, placing Bella next to me. She looked relieved.

“So, what have you guys been up to?” Emmett asked without really caring. Bella flushed then not understanding Emmett was just making conversation, but it was too late, he saw her reaction. “Oh…yeah,” a sly grin on his lips. Her blush became warmer as he smiled at us just a bit too long.

“Leave them alone,” Rosalie smacked him in the back of his head. Bella snickered at the change in his demeanor as his smile faded into a pout and turned back to the television. I was surprised how well she was taking all of this.

Carlisle walked in to the room a small time later with Esme by his side. I smiled up at them as they made their way to the empty seats near us. “Bella dear, how is your father?” Esme broke the tension in the room with her small voice.

“He is good.” Bella whispered, this perhaps being a harder subject that our marital activities. “I have been trying to see him everyday, before…”

Esme moved to her side and took the hand I was not holding. “Sweetie, he knows you love him. I am sure he appreciates all of your time, though of course, it would never be enough.” Bella had tears in her eyes. Esme pulled her into an embrace, patting her on the back, Bella began to sob. Edward, is she sure this is what she wants? I sighed and nodded at my mother, having asked her this very question every evening after we left Charlie’s, when the tears began to flow. I would love nothing more than for her to change her mind, I want her to live. In the same note, I was selfish and I wanted her to be mind for eternity.

“Gee, Esme, way to bring the room down!” Emmett mused. Rosalie was livid, throwing the remote at him and glaring in a way that made him hunch over and look at the ground.

Bella pulled away from Esme, wiping her tears away and blushing again, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to be so emotional.”

Esme smiled, “Bella, don’t apologize, we understand. Though some of us are a little more tactful about it.” She shot a disapproving look at Emmett, his eyes still not moving from the spot on the floor.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Alice,” Bella’s voice still heavy with sorrow.

“What’s up?” Alice asked, feigning as if she had not been paying attention to Bella or her crying.

“Would you like to come with me to see Charlie tomorrow? I think he would like to see you before we go off to school.” I had forgotten about Bella’s promise to Charlie she would bring Alice to dinner before we left. Charlie would much rather her company than mine.

Alice was genuinely happy. “Of course!”

“Good, I can excuse myself and not have to push food around my plate all night.” I told them both. Bella kissed me on my cheek. She was so beautiful.

Bella yawned after a few minutes and I realized that it was getting late. “Ready to go to sleep, love,” I whispered. She only nodded.

She moved to get up and I followed. Emmett had not said anything since the incident before and would still not look at anyone but Bella walked behind him as we moved from the room and ruffled his hair, pushing his head forward playfully, “Good night,” she giggle as he turned around, startled by her teasing tone.

I heard him pleading with Rose as we went upstairs, “See, she wasn’t mad…come on Rose, talk to me!” No one can take a joke around here, except the human apparently...

I walked into our room behind Bella and closed the door. Before I had a chance to get away from the door she was in my arms pressing her lips against mine. I kissed her back.

Breaking the kiss and moving to the bed, Bella looked at me, a question in her eyes, “Yes?” I asked.

“I expected more, um…and Alice, she hardly said anything.” She had only relief in her features as she thought about it.

I laughed, “They are trying, I think. I honestly don’t know, their thoughts were not on us tonight.” I had not noticed at the time, “I think everyone is getting ready for the move.”

“Are you ready for the move?” she asked.

Of course I was not; the move meant something I had been fighting since Alice saw the vision, before my angel was even really mine. “Are you?” I asked her.

She hesitated, carefully choosing her words, “I am ready to begin my life with you.”

I stood in front of her, stroking her hair, my fingers grazing her cheek. She smiled at me, her eyes closing and kissed my hand. I moved us on the bed and began kissing her softly against her neck. A barely audible sigh left her lips and I took it as consent to continue. I pulled her shirt over her head slowly, removing the rest of her clothes and mine with the same speed, pausing to kiss her tenderly, taking in her beauty. Even though she had only this morning insisted she was comfortable with being unclothed in front of me a light blush colored her cheeks, only enhancing the exquisiteness of her features.

I smiled as I thought about the fact that less than a week ago, I thought it was impossible that my wife and I could make love and now it was as if we were one, it took some constraint on my part, but it almost came second nature to me now. She was my nature.

Staying perfectly quiet, we lay on the bed, our lips meeting. Her heart raced as I kissed her more urgently, her hands tangled in my hair. I moved to kiss her neck and collarbone and then I lingered at her chest as she sighed with contentment. I continued to trail slow kisses to her stomach and then repeated the same path back to her mouth. After another long kiss she moved herself and began kissing me as I had her, her warm lips feeling like heaven against my chest and stomach.

As she made her way back to my mouth, her tongue outlining my bottom lip, I traced my hand against the soft skin of her thigh, pulling it around my hip, pushing my body into her while shifting her so she was almost on top of me.

She pressed against me, meeting my every movement with passion. Her chin resting on my neck, her mouth against my ear, she whispered my name breathlessly; the sound no longer inciting danger, only unbelievable pleasure. I slowed my movements so we both could feel each tremor that moved through our bodies; her pulse responding to my new pace.

Holding her tight against me, my hand on her thigh again I hindered all of her movements for a moment, enjoying her warmth and the feel of her blood rushing beneath her pale skin. Her breath evened as I held her, our bodies still joined, being careful to make no noise. I kiss her gently, a smile on both of our lips, as I resume our slow movements, knowing our bodies are close to release.

Perfectly in tune with each other I pull her mouth to mine; a restrained moan, the taste of her breath in my mouth, the perfect scent of her body, she collapsed onto me. We did not move for what seemed like forever, though it never seemed long enough when we did finally part.

Not letting her move far from me I embraced her, “I love you, Bella” I whispered, knowing it was safe to speak the words without the worry of prying ears, they heard me say it numerous times a day for no other reason than a smile.

“Me too,” she mouthed, her voice seemed to be caught. She nestled her face into my neck and closed her eyes. I hummed a soft lullaby into her hair as she drifted off to sleep.

I thought back to a few hours before, all my worries unfounded, I was very glad to have so much; a family – now complete –, a partner, a soul mate, a life. All of these things possible because of the perfect creature lying in my arms. The wretched monster that I was didn’t deserve this miracle, but it was being given to me and I would accept it. I was amused with myself as I found I was able to think of a future that was real and even happy. My chest felt if it my heart would grow too big to remain inside of me. I closed my eyes, letting the pure joy flow through me as my angel slept, never knowing how very much she has given me.