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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

14. Subdued

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I had not moved since she fell asleep, she would not even allow me to put anything between us to shield her from the chill of my body. When I had tried she only pulled me closer to her with a soft moan in protest. I obliged my stubborn beauty, it was of no injury to me; I loved to feel her against me, soft and warm.

I slowly traced my fingers against her skin as she slept, careful not to disturb her. I took in her scent, enjoying it immensely, as I listen to the sounds of the house becoming more alert as the morning dawned. The thoughts were all surrounding our upcoming move. We would all be leaving Forks in just a few short weeks, this time for at least a human life span. So much had happened here, it was a sad occasion. Love, friendship, danger, a life…all being left behind to start anew. Fortunately, because of Bella, we would be taking pieces of it with us this time.

It was not just me she had saved. Alice had needed her almost as much as I did. Alice loved Rosalie, but they had never been close, not like her and Bella. And no matter what Bella thought, Alice was not just amused with the silly human; Alice loved Bella, her sister. Bella felt the same way. It was Alice that I had been listening to since the light had made an appearance in the sky; she was very impatient waiting for Bella to wake, though I was in no hurry.

Wake her up! She has gotten enough sleep…I chuckled to myself at the constant harassment my sister threw at me. She knew I would do no such thing. I listened very closely for any signs of her deciding to take it upon herself to rouse my wife so I could stop it before it happened, but Alice knew better.

“Mmm…Edward,” my Bella said in a drowsy voice, “what are you smiling about?”

I kissed her on her head, hugging her to me, “I am just happy.” She looked at me suspiciously. “What? I can’t be happy?”

“Well, yes…” still eyeing me like I was hiding something, “but I just never see you smile like that.”

I moved her on top of me. She blushed as she realized that we were still undressed. I ran my knuckles against her warm cheek and sighed, “I am just thinking of how happy you make me – make us all actually.”

She shook her head, “No, you are the one who makes me happy…I am just glad you wanted me.” She laid her face against my chest. “– all of you,” she added.

She pulled herself to my mouth and we held a deep kiss. She moved her body against me slowly; I could really get use to this. Edward! Her voice shot through me like a bolt of lightning. I reluctantly pulled away from my wife.

“Bella,” I whispered, “Alice isn’t going to allow you to keep her waiting much longer.”

Realization of what I was suggesting made its way onto her face, “She wouldn’t…”

“Ewwe, no, I wouldn’t! But get yourselves down here anyway” she screamed so Bella would hear her.

We laid on the bed next to one another for a short time and I finally broke the silence. “Shall we?” I moved off the bed to gather some clothes, handing Bella one of my shirts.

With a sigh she pulled the shirt around her and went toward the closet. I watched her as she began pushing clothes to the side looking for, I am sure, something comfortable. I couldn’t help be notice the way her legs looked with only my shirt covering the tops of them. So perfect. I ran across the room and scooped her up into my arms and had her back on the bed seconds later, covering her with passionate and urgent kisses. She was stunned at first but quickly recovered and was enjoying my attention.

“STOP IT!” Alice bellowed from below. I growled and Bella’s face turned red.

“How?” she mouthed silently. I only shrugged, I wasn’t sure; we hadn’t made a sound.

Reluctantly I moved and let my beautiful wife go back to getting ready for the day. I walked behind her as she was moving away from the dresser towards the door and whispered, “remind me to dress you in my clothes more often…” as I grazed my lips against her neck. She smiled shyly and made her way towards the bathroom quickly.

Throwing on some clothes while I waited for my turn in the shower I walked downstairs to find Bella some breakfast. Alice was sitting on the couch looking aggravated at being kept waiting. I laughed at her expression, “Alice, it is barely eight in the morning, you will have plenty of time to see Bella today, and you are going to go with her to Charlie’s tonight.” It suddenly struck me that today’s plans took Bella from me for the entire day; the day was beginning to look less appealing.

We are just going to get some things packed this morning, nothing exciting, you can help us…she thought, the irritation leaving her face as she noticed my sudden melancholy.

“Where is everyone else?” I asked her, feeling a bit relieved they were not going to be leaving the house right away.

Carlisle is giving his notice today, he wanted to give them an extra week just in case. Esme and Rosalie went to Port Angeles for some more packing supplies, and Emmett and Jasper are out there somewhere beating on each other like a pack of wolves or something, she rolled her eyes as she thought the about the her husband and brother.

“Alice,” I started as she was quiet for a moment, “how did you know…?” I trailed off, hoping she understood what I was asking.

She laughed, “You can be as quiet as you like, but if Jasper is around, you can’t really hide something like that.”

I hadn’t thought about Jasper. She saw the look of horror on my face, thinking about our night. Don’t worry about it…you are newlyweds…it may have been a while ago but Jasper and I were once too. I smiled at her, knowing they were just as in love as whenever that may have been. I had accidentally heard them on more than one occasion when I let my guard down around the house.

“Just don’t tell Bella.” I told her. She nodded, understanding my concern.

I moved to return to my original intent but heard Bella making her way back to our bedroom. I ran up to see her, Alice warning me not to keep her.

She smiled as I stood in the door way watching her brush out her beautiful mahogany hair. “Alice wanted you to help her with some packing this morning.” I told her, still staring into her eyes.

“Sounds good,” she said.

“Sounded like Esme asked her to start packing Carlisle’s books today, she wants to have them shipped to the other house by next week,” I continued.

She laughed, “No wonder we have to start so soon!” I moved behind her as she pulled her hair into a loose ponytail. Kissing her neck softly while she stood in front of the mirror, she closed her eyes and leaned against me. I watched her gorgeous form in the mirror as I wrapped my arms around her waist. Remembering Jasper was not in the house I took my chance and began to move us towards the bed.

Alice was a step ahead of us, “Let’s go!” I sighed. When you go silent it is a dead giveaway!

Being hindered for the third time in such a short period, I decided it wasn’t meant to be this morning. I shook my head as Bella threw her arms up in surrender, “Fine Alice, I am coming.”

“I’ll be in to help, but I am going to shower first,” I kissed her on the cheek and made my way to the lavatory.

I took my time, knowing Alice was eager to spend some time with Bella, and that they wouldn’t get too much done without me since Bella would need breakfast. I let my mind wander as I showered, the warmth from the hot water reminded me of my wife, and left me in high spirits.

Finishing up and returning to our room I heard Bella and my sister in Carlisle’s study, already starting to pack. I could hear quiet conversation but decided not to eavesdrop. I made the bed and put everything in its place, as I thought about all the packing that was ahead of us in the room. As I looked around I noticed that nothing had changed besides the addition of the bed in a very long while, unless you looked into the closet or dresser you wouldn’t know Bella shared this room with me. I would have to be sure that this was not the case after the move.

I walked down the hall catching part of the ladies’ conversation. “Yeah, you will see, it is just instinct. And it isn’t just the boys who like big animals more than the docile ones.” My face fell, why were they talking about hunting?

Alice knew I was at the door and explained, she was worried about not knowing how to hunt, poor thing is very nervous about this whole thing. I sighed; I wished her apprehension would make her change her mind. Bella turned when she heard me and smiled, her face slightly paler than usual, I assumed from the content of the conversation I had interrupted.

Seeing my disapproving glower she stood up and walked to my side. “You know, it’s going to happen, so I should be able to ask questions.”

“But if you are so nervous about this, why don’t you wait, think it through a little more?” I had to try.

She shook her head, “you know that I am not nervous about becoming a – changing –, I just am nervous about not knowing how things work…” My Bella, never concerned about the right part of a situation, I rolled my eyes.

Alice perked up, “Bella, you know we will be there for you.” Bella put a huge grin on her face for her sister and pulled me with her into the room to help pack our father’s books.

Bella, despite my chagrin, continued on with her questioning, wondering what it would be like not to sleep, to have a photographic memory, to constantly thirst for blood. Alice and I answered her questions as best we could, though most we attributed to instincts. It had been so long since I was human, and Alice did not remember her living years we did not provide much guidance for my bride, not knowing what it is like to be normal. She seemed happy with our answers regardless. It was not strange for her to ask questions, but I still felt pain knowing the reason behind her inquiries.

After the questioning it became quiet in the room. I watched as Bella moved books carefully from the shelf and place them into boxes, carefully scanning each title and running her finger against the spine of many of the older books. I knew instantly what her addition would be to our room; I was not sure why I had not thought of it before.

“Bella,” I broke the silence, Alice continued packing, ignoring me. Bella looked up, pulled from her thoughts, and smiled. “I think we should do some shopping for our room in the new house.”

Her face dropped, “Shopping? Can’t we do that once we get there?”

“Well, if you still want to go through with your change,I used the same tone as she did when she talked about it, “you will not be in any shape to shop for a while.” I thought I saw a glimmer of delight in her eyes when I said this. Alice felt the opposite; I hope she gets through that very quickly!

“Oh, yeah, but you have enough to fill a room already, why do we need more?” she asked, returning to packing, still pausing at each book to examine the names.

I laughed to myself, “Bella, love, yes, I have enough to fill the room, but I would like it to be our room, so I think you should have some things that are yours as well.”

“Like what?” she looked at me like I had suggested something preposterous. I thought back to her little room at Charlie’s, simple and bare, there was only one thing in the room, besides clothing that even suggested it belonged to anyone.

“I was thinking maybe we should get you a couple of bookcases, I know how much you like to read. Maybe you can start collecting your own books…if you would like.”

She seemed to think about this and a smile began to spread across her face. “I guess I will need something to do for all that time I can’t be around humans.” She resumed her tasks, her mind drifting from the room again. It wasn’t much and if she ever wanted anything else, I hoped she would ask.

“Maybe I will teach you how to use the sound system as well,” I winked at her when she looked up at me with apprehension.

Completely filling more than twenty boxes with books, we were finished before the afternoon even started. Not being in a huge hurry with the rest of the house, since we already had furniture and that sort of thing at the location we would be using, we sat in the living room together for the rest of the morning. Emmett and Jasper had joined us.

Very subdued today, Jasper commented on Bella’s mood. I had asked him to be looking for any sign that she was scared or hesitant. Much better for me that what you did last night, he scowled silently. I could only shrug with a hint of apology in my eyes.

“So,” Emmett being Emmett of course, began, “Bella, you really going to go through with this? I mean, spending eternity with my brother over there? I have lived with him for a while now, and he is no picnic. You are a brave girl.” He was feeling courageous since Rosalie was not at the house. Suddenly I saw the book in Bella’s hand fly across the room at him. Shocked by her reaction Emmett did not move before it hit him square in the forehead.

Bella pulled herself close to me for protection, her eyes wide, as I looked over at my big brother standing from his seat with a look of astonishment on his face. He was amused despite the expression, is everyone in this family going to throw things at me? I chuckled to myself and looked at her, still trying to put me between her and Emmett, her face turning red.

“Emmett, would you mind not trying to attack my wife?” I asked him calmly, trying to hide the laughter in my voice.

Hardly able to stifle his own laughter, he looked at me with mock anger, “Well, Edward, if you want to step in for her, it would be a much better fight.” Bella’s grip tightened around my upper arm and I couldn’t hold back my laughter any longer, pulling her to me.

“Bella, sweetheart, Emmett isn’t upset,” I whispered into her ear. She turned to me, glaring, and released me and moved away, scowling at Emmett as well. Emmett was doubled over now, his deep laugh echoing around the house.

Once he was able to compose himself, he looked over at Bella, her lips still pressed in a tight line, obviously upset with us. “Bella, come on, it was funny. You thought I was going to be mad because you hit me with a book? And not even a hardback?” his frame still shaking as he chuckled at her, throwing her book gently back to her, it landing with a soft thud on the couch. She huffed and looked down at the floor.

Emmett moved towards us quickly and before I was able to stop him, picked her up in a tight hug. “You are going to have to be a bit more thick-skinned around here little sister!” I looked at him frowning, what was he thinking, approaching her like that? But I saw that Bella was laughing now as well, her face still crimson, against Emmett’s shoulder.

“Ok, now would you put her down, please?” shaking my head at him.

He gingerly placed her next to me, smoothing out her hair as if she were a doll, a big ridiculous grin on his face. “There you go, good as new,” he said with a wink as he went back to his seat.

She seemed to forgive me as well, as she settled herself back on the sofa and began flipping though the book looking for her place. As we sat in silence, Alice and Jasper sitting next to each other watching television, Emmett’s thoughts working to find something else to tease us about in order to elicit a similar reaction as before, I watched Bella. She was comfortable sitting at my side, reading her book, as if her world was not changing; as if she wasn’t due to die in less than a month’s time. I would never understand her completely, I knew this, but I was grateful. This extraordinary woman was mine, for eternity, and as long as it made her happy, I knew that I would be as well, no matter what it meant.