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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

2. Delicate

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You use to enjoy hunting Edward! Alice wasn’t happy with me. I had been lost in my own head all evening. She had agreed to come with me to keep me company, her and the rest of the family had just been out on a long hunting trip less than a week ago, just after the wedding.

I would much rather be at home with Jasper and the ever entertaining sleeping Bella than out here being ignored. She was becoming impatient. I had a reason I wanted her to come out with me tonight. I wanted to ask her something…but I didn’t know how. She was my sister; I couldn’t ask her something like this.

“Okay Alice…umm…I am ready to go back,” I couldn’t form the words I meant to say. I have never been unable to articulate my thoughts, especially not with Alice.

Exasperate, what is going on with you? I was surprised she didn’t see this coming; she usually would be a step ahead of me. I think that is possibly because I have not had the nerve to really decide to ask her.

“Fine. I need to ask you something,” it was important, I had to ask. Something clicked in her eyes before she thought it. I saw her see me ask her the question I had been trying to formulate all evening, would I hurt Bella when we tried…tried to consummate our marriage.

NO! You will not ask me that! I will not look at that…you will not ask me to look there! She was mortified, so was I after realizing what I was about to ask.

“I am just worried.” I sighed.

“Edward, you know, Bella is right, I have to believe it too, believe – not see. You could never hurt her.” She sounded sure. Maybe she has already seen and just doesn’t want to admit it. I searched her thoughts, almost afraid of what I would find. No, she had not seen it or she would be thinking of it now.

I started again, “Alice, I could hurt her, you know that, she is fragile…human. I just need to be sure.” I had spoke briefly to Alice about Bella’s demand once before. It hadn’t been nearly as embarrassing, just a conversation at the time. Now I was asking her to look and see what happens, that was tricky.

We had started the journey home, not a long one because I had not wanted to go far. The sun was threatening to come up, not that we could see it for the clouds. Alice was fighting hard not to have any visions, she was singing silly nursery rhymes in her head as she so often did when she was trying to keep me out, keep thoughts out.

I won’t do it. How would I ever look at you or her again? You are my family. YOU ARE MY BROTHER and SISTER! UGH. She looked as though she may be ill, though it was just a look, we didn’t become ill.

We ran in silence. How could I do this, what would I do if I hurt her, killed her? But I had promised, promised we would try. I will not break this pledge. We were home.

“Alice, one thing,” I had thought of something I could ask her, “Do you still see Bella being turned?” At once I could see the act I was dreading in Alice’s thoughts. I relaxed a little. She would return from our trip today, happy or not with the results, that was a relief.

Alice smiled, seeing the release or tension in my face. Glad I could help…and she had. I smiled back and hugged her quickly as we walked into the house. You should have thought to ask that question first, it would have been much less stressful for both of us! She was laughing now.

I looked around the living room and saw Esme sitting and watching the news on the television.

Bella shouldn’t be awake yet, and if she was she wouldn’t be down here. Not because she was afraid, she was never afraid of things she should be. Only because she had the silly notion that my family found it hard to be around her, I tried to tell her otherwise but she was careful all the same, not wanting to make it harder on them.

Have a nice hunt? She asked, but not aloud. She had seen the wordless exchange between Alice and me and was curious.

“Sufficient,” I told her. Did she know the reason I had to hunt tonight? Surely not. I had not told anyone, not even Alice. She just smiled as I sat down beside her. The weather person was on the TV confirming that today would be unseasonable warm and maybe a little sunshine to go along with it, in Forks! In August! I smiled to myself, things were falling together nicely.

Esme patted my hand as I sat next to her, her gentle motherly touch a comfort as well. Be happy, was her only thought.

I smiled back at her and swiftly gave her a peck on the cheek and ran to see my bride.

I loved that, my bride…I didn’t realize how much until that day. Emmett had gotten to marry us as I had promised Bella, only to Alice’s and Bella’s mother and father’s dismay. But much to everyone’s surprise he had taken it very seriously, finding the perfect ceremony to join Bella and me together forever; a forever that was much more than the vows had suggested.

Bella in her beautiful dress, blushing constantly as all eyes were on her. Her mom had even marveled at the beauty she was between the spiteful growls in her head about marring too young and what an awful boy I was to make her daughter ruin her life. If only she had known how much this would ruin Bella’s life…end her life more accurately. I did tell Bella these things, but it had not changed her mind, she only said that her mom could not understand and shooed me back to my post.

I passed Jasper as I run to my room. She has been up for a while; very edgy this morning, but I left her to it, figured it wasn’t my business he shrugged and smiled. He knew; there was not doubt, he knew what Alice knew.

Edgy? Has she changed her mind? Maybe she has realized the danger.

I stared at the door, in vain of course; I couldn’t see her thoughts any more than I could the door’s. I silently open the door, her scent rushed to me instantly, the burning in the back of my throat so easy to ignore now, I breathed it in like a breath of fresh air, it was better than fresh air.

What she thinking? She was lying on the bed looking towards the window on top of the gold bedspread as if asleep. She had showered, dressed, and made up the bed already. I saw and felt, as only I could feel, her blush. “I will truly miss that,” I exhaled.

Surprised her again. I have to admit, I liked the effect I had on her when I startle her, I don’t mean for it to be upsetting, but the way her pulse quickens and the blood leaves her face makes me happy.

Rolling her eyes she turns back to the window. I move to the bed, enveloping her in my arms. “What are you thinking about?” I ask her, amused by the exasperation of my own statement.

“N-nothing. How are you?” She is trying to change the subject, she knows this won’t work, but we play this game. If only I could read her thoughts…well, she wouldn’t like that, so it isn’t important, I just want her to be happy.

“I am fine, Bella love. How are you?” I search her eyes, trying to decipher any clue to her thoughts.

“I was just thinking about today…and Alice…” she admitted. Ah, that explains it, good thing she doesn’t know that I had tried to ask Alice to see that, she would be displeased.

“She would be just as embarrassed as you are to see that.” I truthfully told her. She didn’t seem convinced so I kissed her forehead, hoping there would be no more questions about Alice.

“Is that all I get after spending an entire night in this bed by myself?” she mused.

I left her a note as to where I was going, and I hadn’t left until well after she slept, she knew this; she just liked to taunt me when she thought she might get her way. “Besides, in order for us to do this, I had to take every precaution.” To be practical, which she obviously found silly.

I raised her chin and kissed her soft warm lips. Her heart sped up again, a wonderful sound and feeling. “Hmm, it will be a shame when that doesn’t happen anymore.” I whispered still holding the soft kiss. It was so soon, she would be dead, with me for eternity, but dead.

As soon as I had walked into the room, I had felt all of the optimistic feelings drain from my body. Seeing her delicate form on the big bed reminded me just how easy it would be to kill her.

She must have seen something in my face. “You know, it isn’t happening today…unless you want to get it over with tonight?” she said in all seriousness. I didn’t like the direction this was going…I had to change the atmosphere in here, quick. I smiled at her and then pulled her back to me, pressing my lips firmly to her.

I heedlessly moved my hands to her waist. I wanted her so badly in everyway. If only she knew how much, but also understood why it worried me so. I kissed her hard, only leaving her mouth so she could take a breath as I continued to softly kiss her down to the hollow of her collarbone. She moved her soft thigh around my waist and I wanted so bad to roll her on her back and give her everything she wanted. But not here, “Ready?” I asked, still worried, but I knew we were going to try this.

Less uneasy now, she called, “Let’s go!”

This would be interesting I thought as I gathered up the items I had prepared for today.