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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

3. Careful

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We made it in record time today. Mostly because Bella wanted to run, well, she wanted me to run and carry her the whole way. I still laugh when I think about the first time I ran with her. Her reaction I would never forget, that was also the day I first kissed her. Another reaction I will always remember, it was the beginning of my life.

We were in our meadow. It was a balmy day, but nice. I had brought some blankets in case she was cold. I had also brought along a picnic for her.

"We didn't come out here to picnic, Edward," she eyed me suspiciously. She knew me so well, I was stalling.

"You have to eat Bella. I knew you wouldn't have eaten breakfast since I wasn't there this morning, since you do not even leave our room if I am out." I could only shake my head at this silly notion she had about living in our family's house.

"I'm fine Edward. I don't have to eat three times a day!" She was not interested in being sidetracked today.

She moved over on the blanket I had spread on the ground until she was sitting in my lap. I automatically wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. We sat there for a time looking out at the meadow and the brightening sky.

"I could sit her forever..." She sighed. This thought made me smile. Forever was the one thing that I would like about changing her.

"Me too" I whispered as I brushed my lips against her ear. I heard her heart speed up. I began tracing the line of her jaw with my lips, kissing her gently. She pressed herself hard against me, tilting her head back so that I could continue kissing her until I reached her lips.

I pulled her around so that she was facing me and began to kiss her hard and fast. Her lips parted slightly as I slid my hand to her waist and pulled her down on top of me. Her hands moved to my face as the kiss grew more urgent and deep. I wrapped both arms around her waist and held her close to me.

"Too tight Edward," she smiled, pulling away just enough that I released her slightly. I knew this was too easy. My body wanted to pull her close, the desire, one that rivaled that of my need for her blood, was overwhelming. I tensed up.

"Don't be silly," she gazed at me as she felt my body tighten, "you, Alice, Emmett, Jac-, so many of you vampires, have tried to crush me with a hug!" That wasn't going to help any now. And I didn't miss that she was going to say his name. I know she is mine; but that other human emotion, jealousy, was so easy to bubble to the surface when it came to her.

"Bella, we were just kissing, something we have done hundreds of times, and I lost my wits, what happens when we are doing something we have not done before, something that I want so badly?" I rolled us over on our side so we were looking at each other lying on the blanket.

She smiled again, "guess we will find out," she kissed me softly. She wasn't ready to give up, I owed her this. She was right, it wasn't the first time I pulled her too close, she was in a habit of pulling me close too; she just couldn't do it like I could. I would be more careful, I can control myself.

This time I rolled on top of her, being careful to put no weight on her body. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, I obliged. I began kissing her with the same urgency as before, only keeping my hands against the ground so to not crush her. Her hands moved to unbutton my shirt; I helped her and removed it quickly. Her warm fingers traced along my chest as I kissed her neck softly. I felt her slide her hands to my waist, I froze momentarily at this move. She was being careful and slow but I could feel the longing in every faucet of my body and I became nervous.

She pulled back and looked into my eyes, I didn't know what she saw but she moved under me quickly, giving me the hint that she wanted me to roll over. I moved as she desired, promptly, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

She said nothing as she pushed my back against the ground and began slowly moving her palm against my body following with her lips against face, neck and then my chest. She moved back to my mouth, kissing me hard. I left my hands at my side, still worried about the want that was growing inside of me. I could feel the heat from her hand and lips as she traced down against my stomach. The warmth began to relax my mind and body.

I wanted to pull her to me, feel her body against me. I felt a fresh surge of yearning inside me, driving me to pull her on to me and make love to her as she wanted so badly. Careful...I reminded myself. I drifted away for a moment gaining control over my sudden craving. As I found the control I was looking for I felt my muscles contract just a little to suffocate the urges.

She stopped suddenly, looking into my eyes appraisingly for a long moment and finally smiled; a hint of sadness in her features. I looked at her and smiled back, wanting to question the look, but I thought I knew what made her sad.

I felt her heart race as she pressed her lips against mine again. She quickly broke away and rolled onto her back beside me.

"We tried..." she whispered.