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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

8. Dazzled

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We are going hunting! I hear Alice think, for my benefit, from downstairs. All of us.

I get up slowly from the bed, pulling my arms from around my love very slowly as not to wake her. It was unusual for my family to suddenly decide to leave in the middle of the night. I was curious, I knew they were due for a trip soon, but usually I would have heard it coming.

“Carlisle, spur of the moment trip?” I asked with a raised eyebrow when I found my father in his study.

He looked up at me as he put away a book he had been reading. “Yes, it has been almost two weeks, it’s that time,” he said almost matter-of-factly. Almost. I heard something else in his voice, and his head. And Alice insists…

I looked at him, the curiosity still written on my face. He just shrugged.

“Alice,” I called.

What’s goingon? I didn’t mean to wake you…a giggle in her thoughts. They had always found it odd that I stayed with Bella while she slept; boring was more often the adjective they had used.

I walked down, the curiosity replaced by annoyance now. “Alice, why are you making everyone go out in the middle of the night? We just went out a week ago, so I know you do not need to go.”

She smiled up at me as I came to the bottom of the stairs. “Jasper needs to go…” she said.

“Oh no…don’t blame this on me.” Jasper had come into the stairway next to her. “I am not taking responsibility for this,” he looked at me, I am very sorry, I told her to leave it alone.

“Alice? What is this about?” She was giving Jasper a dirty look as he moved away from her to the other room.

I saw your decisions tonight…thought I would save you the trip, a smug smile on her face.

“ALICE!” I whispered sharply, dragging her out the front door to the middle of the front lawn, far enough that if we stayed quiet the rest of them might not hear. I saw Jasper looking out the window when I looked back at the house, his face full of amusement despite the trouble he would be in for giving up his wife later.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, “Alice, what did you tell everyone? Do they all know why you decided to drag them out of the house without notice?” My voice was bordering on alarm.

“I just told them we should go…” she shrugged.

“Okay, so everyone knows. Do you have any idea how Bella will feel when she realizes this?” I asked her in an incredulous tone. “And I thought you were NOT going to see that! “

“It couldn’t help it…” she whispered. “Jasper has been feeling your frustration, and hers. He mentioned it and I wanted to help out if I could.” So, it was his fault too; I would have to have a word with him later. These were the drawbacks to having an empath and seer in the same house with you.

“Well, if you have been snooping, then you know how she feels about it anyway. She seems steadfast on the matter so it is pointless to do this…” I did not want to talk to her about this. “Just tell everyone to forget it for tonight and make some plans, so you aren’t so obvious.” I was whispering through my teeth, trying to stay calm.

Edward, I don’t see the past…and I didn’t see Bella being steadfast about anything…she shook her head. I am not going to show you! I am not looking at it again…

I looked at her in disgust, as if the thought of her showing me that was something I would ever want. “You shouldn’t have been looking at all!” This conversation was getting worse and worse.

Well, I did…but I haven’t looked again since I told everyone we were going out.

“DON’T!” I almost shouted this time.

Okay, no problem…but we are still going out, everyone is ready now. You do what you want and I won’t look again, not on purpose, I promise.

I sighed, that damage was done. I thought about the possibilities of Bella not recognizing what was behind the abrupt departure of our family. Not great, I frowned.

Alice was still standing in front of me with an innocent grin on her face now. I promise, she thought again, it wasn’t pleasant for me either, a small grimace on her face.

“Fine, but one thing…” I might as well have her to look again if I was going to go through with my decision. “Can you just look to be sure the rest of the future is still in place, you know which part I mean…?” Just like last time, I saw my Bella in her head, as one of us.

“Great,” I said dryly, this image being one that brought both joy and pain to my still heart. I turned away from her to return to my wife.

I walked through the house quickly, hoping not to run into anyone on my way. I could hear their thoughts though, to my relief none of them seemed to be thinking about Bella and I, not even Emmett, who I had expected the worse from.

No sooner I had thought about him, Emmett stepped into the hall in front of me. I braced myself.

Hey little brother! Have a nice nap? He was always the one with the most to say about my night time activities. I shook my head at him, indicating for him not to start tonight.

He smiled with a chuckle and began to walk past me. He stopped unexpectedly when he was beside me, turned and slapped me hard on the back, winking at me. This was so much worse than I thought.


I slipped back into the bed, sliding my arms around her waist again so she wouldn’t be able to tell I had left her side while she slept.

My mind raced. I needed to make sure I was prepared. Alice had been right about my new plan; she just moved my time line up a little. I would almost be grateful for the time alone with Bella if I wasn’t mortified by her strategy.

Trying not to think about Alice any more, my mind went back to the task at hand. I just needed her to say she wanted to try again. She knew I had been trying to change her mind, but my mind and body betrayed me every time I had gotten close to breaking her will. She was so sure that I did not really want to make love to her until she was changed and being Bella, I could not convince her otherwise.

The plan was an obvious one, subtle too, I thought. I knew how to get a reaction out of my beautiful Bella, and now I knew how to use it in a way that she surely would not be able to resist. I almost felt bad, knowing that I would be manipulating her to this degree, but it needed to be done, it was for her. And myself if I wanted to be honest, I had wanted it for sometime, but now I felt that it was something I needed – we needed – to share, now, before I drained the life from her.

I knew how I would do this, and possibly keep Bella from realizing anything funny about the family’s sudden departure. I just had to be patient now. My parents and siblings had been gone for several hours now, Alice not daring to even say goodbye before they left. Bella would wake soon.

My first step would be easy. I would just do what I had been doing for the past six mornings. I put this into action as soon as I saw her deep brown eyes look back at me as she woke up. I had decided that I would satisfy that craving to have her under me before it had a chance to sneak up on me in our lust; I knew I could control it when I started out in control. She seemed to like this, only screaming out in surprise that first morning, which had ended that attempt before it started. But the other mornings had gone well, some mornings being more productive than others. It was always perfect until I could feel her body press against me that tiny fraction more, then my mind would race, my body tense. Each morning I assured her that it was passing but to no avail.

This morning was to be no exception, not as far as she would know. Holding her underneath me, running her fingers through my hair and against my back, feeling her warmth against my body, I clenched my muscles to replicate my tension, I knew I would have been able to get by with just this first step this morning, I had not doubts, we were going to make love. But this morning’s inspiration was something I was looking forward to and wanted to put into action, still, I played the part.

“Bella, would you please just give me one, just one bad moment…one tense moment; I will show you that it is fleeting,” I asked her, thought I wouldn’t need it today. “I want you so bad; I want to make love to my wife,” there being no bigger truth at this moment.

She seemed to be contemplating my plea as she had every morning, but I could tell it was no different today. Suddenly, her cheeks turned that delicious shade of pink. “EDWARD!” she said with an intake of breath, her face full of alarm.

“What?!” The change in her expression was jarring.

She began miming for me to be quiet; she thought the others would hear us. I was amused by her reaction, a maybe a little wary of her realizing the implication of what I was about to tell her. “Bella, no one is here, they went on a camping trip,” I tried to sound blasé in the statement.

“Why did no one tell me they were leaving?” I could see the suspicion in her features.

Shrugging as if I didn’t feel there was anything odd about their departure and hoping to distract her, I decided to move to the next part of my plan. Twisting her last statement around to tease her, I asked, “Bella, are you nervous about being alone with me in the house?”

She leaned over to kiss me as she always did when she had decided we were done with the bed and I pulled her back under me, a small growl coming from my throat at the contact. She had a momentary look of shock on her face but recovered quickly.

A sarcastic, “Terrifying,” and small laugh was her only response as she moved under me, indicating she wanted to be released.

Not allowing her to escape my grasp, I whispered, “not my intent.”

Lowering her voice to a soft whisper, the slightest tone of elation, she asked, “well, then what is this about?” She was still struggling half heartily to free herself while staring into my eyes.

The teasing in her tone caused an involuntary growl this time as I pulled her into our new embrace. I didn’t hold us there long before I pulled us to our sides, our bodies still intertwined.

My head was spinning again, I knew what I was about to do, I was going to change the game again, maybe finish it, but there was something harassing me. She wouldn’t expect this, she wouldn’t see it coming, it only seemed right that she would know, but what if she didn’t agree? This was so calculated, I felt like I was taking advantage of my pale fragile wife.

My body still feeling the effects of our embrace, I looked over at my beautiful bride and asked her permission to speak. As her name left my lips I felt her entire body shiver with pleasure. Despite never asking the question, her reaction to me reminded me that she was mine; she had told me this on several occasions. This would make her happy, and if it moved us closer to our goal, it was what I would do.

I moved over her again, this time not pressing myself against her. I moved my head down and kissed her very softly; slowly rolling my tongue against her lips again, her mouth parted slightly as I exhaled into her and inhaled her gorgeous scent in my nose and mouth. As I continued to kiss her, her heart and breathe reacting as it always had to my actions, I decided it was time to move the final part of the plan into place.

I moved my hands to her waist and began moving my hands underneath her shirt. I held my breath as my fingers made contact with her bare skin, soft and perfect. I began moving my hands faster, against her sides and back, being slow in the execution of my intent.

I looked into her eyes, making sure that she was okay with these new events. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, I took these as signs to proceed. There were no signs of the hesitation from the days before in her face or movements.

One last step, the one I had been looking forward to since I had developed this plan. I pulled myself down and began tracing my fingers against her methodically exposed stomach slowly as I lowered my lips to kiss her softly above the waist of her pants, her stomach tighten at my touch.

I heard a small groan of passion escape her lips, fueling my desire further to make this the day. I felt the heat from her skin burning my lips and hands and proceeded kissing her on every inch of her bare abdomen, the heat becoming more and more intense.

The response from her body, the small tremors, speeding heart, and her hands now tightly knotted in my hair, I knew that I had changed her mind; I knew I could get her to agree to try again. She knew it was coming, I would ask her again, and she wouldn’t hesitate this time, this was enough. I knew it was enough. But as I came to the top of her stomach, I knew if I just took it one step further I would not have to ask…if I just removed her shirt…

No, I thought. That is not what I wanted; I wanted her to tell me it was what she wanted. As long as she was maintaining that she wanted to wait that is what I would do, I did not want her to feel manipulated or forced, but dazzled would be okay. So moving back up and kissing her warm lips once more, my normally cold bare stomach blazing against her exposed skin, I pulled back and trying to sound collected asked, “Now…would you like to reconsider waiting?”