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Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn

Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it to...it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE

I don’t usually like post-eclipse stories, I would prefer to write Edward's point of view from something I have already read, but this just came to me. I have it rated Adult now, but I really don't think it will ever get to that point, I want to keep it in the same voice and I could never see Stephenie writing anything graphic...plus, the story isn't there yet...they may not...=o)

9. Perfect

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She hadn’t expected that. She stared at me blankly trying to decide if I was serious. I was of course. She had to tell me she wanted to try again, it wasn’t up for discussion.

“Edward,” she was still breathless, the heat in her voice made my body ache. She just had to answer me, and we would both be happy, but she couldn’t seem to find her voice, at least this is what I wanted to believe.

I leaned into her again, pressing my lips against her soft mouth, “Bella, please,” I was begging now not teasing, I had nothing left, I wanted this, “please, just say yes…for me…” The last part wasn’t even for her benefit; I was being selfish now.

I wasn’t sure when it had happened, if it was her voice when she said my name or the heat radiating from our bare skin against one another, any anxiety I had was gone. I knew I could hurt her, I knew the possibilities, but I had a sudden bravado.

I thought back to our courtship, a courtship against all odds. She should have been dead, we couldn’t work, our love wasn’t possible, but here we were; soul mates, more in love than two beings had the right to be, married, and facing an eternity of complete bliss. I felt like nothing could stop us, no reality mattered except her and me.

I continued to kiss her tenderly, giving her time to answer. I fought myself to not take control of the situation, be damned her stubbornness, I wanted her and she wanted me. Just as my endurance was beginning to wavier she finally spoke again.

“Edward,” her voice still heavy, “I – I don’t know…” My heart fell at those words.

“Bella, tell me, what don’t you know?” I moved us to our sides, never allowing any space between our bodies.

As she sighed I breathed in her sweet scent again, my desire intensifying. I waited patiently for any sign of a reply. She did not say anything still, she was struggling, my plan had failed.

Now I sighed and moved slightly to release her from my tight embrace, as I did this, her hands, now flat against the bed, shot around my head to stop me from pulling away. “No,” she whispered, “be patient, please.” I obliged.

After a short time she smiled at me, “Ask me again…if you want…”

“If I want?” I looked at her in amusement; our bodies were close enough that what I wanted was no secret.

A shy smile still on her face, “Ask me again…” she repeated.

“Bella, my beautiful wife, would you please make love to me…now,” it wasn’t the same question, but it was the one I wanted answered.

“Edward, my perfect husband, there is nothing in this world that I want more at this moment,” she said with such an airy tone that I shuddered against her.

I had wanted this answer all week, and here it was, and it was perfect, I wasn’t ready for it before, but now I was. Then something crossed my mind. I had to be sure of one more thing, before…

“Bella? Did you want to go to our meadow?” my embrace still firm but the question was sincere, we had discussed it and that was the place that was special to us, I wanted this to be perfect for her.

She looked at me, a big smile spreading across her face, “I think we should stay here, remember you told me you wanted to show me the benefits of this bed, I think it’s time you really showed me. I wouldn’t want to have to start sleeping on that couch again.”

Laughing despite myself I kissed her softly. In one swift movement, I pulled her to the edge of the bed so she was sitting in front of me. I looked into her eyes and leaned in, kissing her, allowing her to kiss me back fully, as our tongues met for the first time my knees almost buckled at the taste of her mouth. Her heartbeat fluttered faster than I had ever heard it as I pulled away, I wasn’t nervous, but we both knew that it was too dangerous, she even agreed on this, the venom was too potent.

I smiled as she lifted her arms above her head, her eyes telling me what she wanted. I moved to her and slowly lifted the hem of her shirt as I pulled it over her head. I stared at this new sight, her beautiful body, exposed to me for the first time. My eyes took in her perfectly pale skin, the line of her hips and waist, her flawless breast; she was the most beautiful being that ever walked the planet. Blush rushed to her cheeks as my stare lingered.

An involuntary growl formed in my chest, a sighed followed. Unable to wait any longer to touch her, I moved towards her, my hands pushing her shoulders back against the bed and I kneeled over her, my knee sliding between her thighs gently, her leg twisting around my leg as I pulled myself on top of her, our bodies meeting in all the right places, and kissed her hard. My hands began to explore my bounty, my cold skin blazing from the touch. I slowly kissed her, moving from her lips to her jaw, slowly kissing her in a solid line down her neck and collar bone to the warmth of her breast. I moved my mouth against her slowly, taking in the intoxicating smell of her body and blood with every breath. She let out a soft moan as I moved down to her stomach again, my hands trailing across her chest.

My desire was breathtaking, like nothing I had ever felt before, even more compelling than my lust for blood; not hers, but any others. I didn’t have to think about my movements, they were naturally slow and methodical in every instance. My body was responding to my needs and hers, this knowledge allowed me to proceed with my yearning to make love to my wife.

As if reading my mind, Bella smiled as I made my way back to her lips, her hands at my waist, working to unbutton the pants I still wore. I helped her with her task and pulled them off quickly, leaving me on top of her in just my boxers, my body very obvious in its desire. I repositioned us in the middle of the bed and pulled at the waist of the jogging pants she had on, she lifted her hips to assist as I threw them in the same corner as my own.

I fell on top of her again, pressing my body tightly against hers, as I kissed her with everything in my being. My still heart felt as if was going to burst with joy as her body moved against me, her heartbeat sounding dangerously fast. I moved my mouth close to her ear and asked, “Bella, love, are you okay?” my voice only intense with desire. Her answer was a low moan against my ear and a soft smile on her beautiful lips.

Our bodies moved against each other fluidly, both of us becoming impatient with the last of the constraints that separated our bodies. I moved quickly to remove both of the articles of clothing, her heart stopped momentarily with this development, but with a lovely red blush her pulse went back to its overactive state. I pause, looking into her eyes, the understanding of what was about to happen was apparent in her beautifully infinite brown eyes and the look was that of ecstasy. I was of the same mind.

I lowered myself onto her once again, this time slowly, pressing myself into her. She gasped loudly, her eyes closing tight, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip, holding her breath, she quivered under me. My body instinctively slowed, feeling every ounce of elation at every movement she made against me. My hands and mouth explored her body as we moved slowly against one another, every movement deliberate and perfect. Her moans were growing louder, mine worked to match hers.

“Bella…” I whispered into her mouth as I kissed her, her body shook under me, her heart back to the dangerous pace, her breath caught with a small scream. I closed my eyes as I felt our bodies relax at the same time, my breath tattered and shallow.

My mind was always on her, my beautiful Bella, so sensuously pressed against me, our bodies, like our souls, now one. My only desire was her happiness and with every movement and sound I understood her even more if possible, this was what she always wanted and I had almost denied her this passion, denied both of us this perfect act.

I moved off of her, covering her and myself with the gold comforter, pulling her against me still so that no space would separate us. Her heart rate slowed gradually and her breath became even, she was quiet, a small blush moving to her cheeks on several occasions as we held each other. I could think of no other way I wanted to spend my life, our eternity, than like this, her body against me, this certain kind of fatigue filling my mind and heart.

I kissed her softly while we laid in silence; twisting long strands of her hair in my fingers, her hands tracing my features, small satisfied sighs issuing from both of us as the time passed, without the need of an explanation. My mind was clear for the first time I could remember, the only thoughts were of her. No thoughts of danger or changing, not even of blood. I was content, happy.

“Edward?” she spoke for the first time since before. I looked at her, a smile I could not remove from my lips or mind growing larger at the sound of her voice.

“Yes, love?” I sighed.

She seemed to be hesitant in her thought. I did not push her. “Edward, we can do that again, can’t we?” she asked as the blush rushed to her face.

A loud laugh escaped from my chest as I pulled her into my chest. “Oh, we will do that again…”