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A Dark Moon

So here I stand. In the arms of my mortal enemy. But I can't seem to move away. I hear my brother scream for me to leave, to run. Yet as he tilts his head towards me, I can't seem to want to move. And as his lips touch mine, I feel complete. Luna, adopted daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, faces the battle inside herself which Bella had to when she was human.

This is my first story. Please be nice. Also I need a beta

3. Chapter 3

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Meeting again

As I neared the cliffs, I saw his back. I felt my heart jumping loudly in my chest.

He turned around, a smile stretched across his face, "I was hoping you would come."

I smiled back, trying to quiet my heart, "I'm not supposed to see you," I said, letting out a sigh.

He nodded, "Same here. I'm under orders from the pack."

I nodded slowly, understanding the situation we were both in. It was like we were under house arrest! Mom and Dad thought I was being ignorant, they just thought that I was just a silly school girl with a crush. Kalel knew better, though, and that infuriated him even more than Dad.

Being a member of the Cullen family was hard at times, especially when you are the odd one out. I had heard horror stories from my aunts and uncles about how horrible and cynical my father was before he met Bella. It made me mad that he didn't understand when he was in the same situation!

Comng back from my thoughts, I saw Seth. He took a step closer to me as, reaching out for my hand and I pished all other thoughts aside. He held out his hand and I smiled, entwining our fingers together.

The warmth was amazing. It was so much better than I could of imagined. It was hot and steamy. I kept on smiling to myself at how much I loved the sensation of warmtn. How much I loved---Whoa! I stopped that sentence right there. I wasn't supposed to feel this way. I was already in enough trouble when my dad found out Seth but now I was in even bigger trouble, thinking that I loved him! I dropped his hand, moving away. Seth looked at me silently, hurt in his eyes. He looked at my face and then stepped towards me.

I stepped back and shook my head, "Seth dont.... We're in enough trouble as it is," I closed my eyes, fighting the tears that were coming.

He looked at me, confused but didn't stop. He moved closer to me and cupped my face with his hands. I tried to turn away but couldn't.

And then, his lips touched mine gently and everything went black.