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A Dark Moon

So here I stand. In the arms of my mortal enemy. But I can't seem to move away. I hear my brother scream for me to leave, to run. Yet as he tilts his head towards me, I can't seem to want to move. And as his lips touch mine, I feel complete. Luna, adopted daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, faces the battle inside herself which Bella had to when she was human.

This is my first story. Please be nice. Also I need a beta

4. Chapter 4

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"Luna!" I heard a voice scream, not far from me.

I sittred on the floor. I heard another voice, "She isn't coming through. What did you do to her, you dog?!"

Somebody growled loudly, he stopped an said, "I kissed her. That was it!"
A completely different voice said, "She is hurting greatly right now. She's also in a state of shock."
I began to indentify the voices surrounding me. I blinked my eyes open, registering colors, but they quickly fell again. I felt someone coming closer to me.

Seth growled louder this time, "Don't you dare touch her, you leech!"
I heard Kalel scoffed, "She is my sister, Seth and I will touch her whenever I want." I then identified him as the second voice that spoke.

A few yards from me, I could hear my mom crying. I squirmed, I knew I was causing her pain.
I heard Kalel and Seth grunt and snarled. By the sudden rapid movements I felt, I knew that they were fighting. Edward growled and I heard a body hit the floor. I shuddered, "Please don't let it be Seth," I thought.

"Sit and don't move Kalel right now," Edward said, solemnly.

By then, all their voices were mixed and I couldn't understand what any of them were saying anymore.

My eyes were blinking rpaidly and my head felt lighter. "She will open her eyes in a about 24 seconds." I knew that that was Alice.

My eyes fluttered open and Seth was standing over me along with Kalel, Dad, Mom, Jasper and Alice. I slowly sat up and Kalel pushed me down. Igrowled at him.
"Let me up now!" I shouted and Kalel let me go.
I jumped to my feet and looked at Dad, "Did you hit him?" I said angrily, but he just shook his head, pursing his lips.
I looked at Seth and then looked away, seeing the blood forming on his lip. I lookedto my brother. He opened his mouth to speak and stepped up to me, "Luna, let me explai--," That was as far as he got becuase I punched him square in the jaw.

Hestammered back and looked at me, rubbing his jaw. I looked to Seth, "Go home now. I will talk to you later," I muttered. Seth stayed solidly and I glared to show him I was serious and he tookoff, phasing and running.
Mom came up and hugged me tightly, "I was so worried about you Luna." I pushed her off, not wanting to talk to her yet.

"I dont want to see or hear anything you all," I said, pointing to each of them, "have to say." I growled and everyone stared to Jasper who just nodded, obeying my request.

I looked to Jasper. "Please, come with me," I said and I took off running. I turned and saw him running behind me.