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A Dark Moon

So here I stand. In the arms of my mortal enemy. But I can't seem to move away. I hear my brother scream for me to leave, to run. Yet as he tilts his head towards me, I can't seem to want to move. And as his lips touch mine, I feel complete. Luna, adopted daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, faces the battle inside herself which Bella had to when she was human.

This is my first story. Please be nice. Also I need a beta

5. Chapter 5

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I slowed down, letting Jasper catch up to me. I haltered for a bit. I wanted, no, needed to talk to him.

Once we were far enough away, that none of our family could here us, I stopped running. I looked over at Jasper. His face was expressionless, yet something was wrong and different about him.

He had been acting weird lately and I couldn’t figure it out.
I was still pondering about what was going on when his voice interrupted my mind. He looked at me, sighing deeply, "Luna we need to talk," he said matter-of-factly.

I sighed louder. I brought Jasper here to talk to because he was my closest ally. We had mutual feelings and we understood, well he understood, what we both felt. I sunk down to the floor.
"What about?" I said meekly, not looking at him.

He sighed, irritated, "Luna Cullen, you know exactly what we need to talk about!” Jasper said angrily. This was a side of him I hardly ever saw, “We specifically told you that you aren’t allowed to see him and then you go and meet him. Not only that but you kiss him and end up passing out. How naive can you possibly be, Luna? Did you forget what he is was?"

I growled as he was finishing, feeling my own share of anger. I quickly stood up, "Jasper, I know what he is and I know what I am. We’re both monsters!” I said, my voice beginning to crack, “Don’t you think it hurts when I watch my own family every night, all in their lovely little couples? Does anybody think of how alone I am? Jasper, please understand, I can't, I don’t, want be alone anymore. It just hurts too much!" I exalted, feeling an unfamiliar pain in my chest.

He looked at me strangely, his slightly dark topaz eyes piercing my mind. I was positive mine were black due to the fact that I was pissed off. And I knew that he knew it, as well. I crossed my arms over my chest, huffing quietly.
Jasper and I continued staring at each other for a while before he finally looked down. I couldn’t help but feel some sort of pride, knowing I won the staring contest and I smiled.

"Luna, you know I love you, and so does the rest of the family, but I'm mostly scared that you’ll get hurt. Love isn’t easy Luna,” he said, dreamily, “But if you love him, then who am I to stand in your way. Nonetheless, I can’t speak for Kalel and Edward because we both know that they wont like this, not in the slightest."

I instantly knew he was right. I scoffed thinking about Kalel; I had a feeling he was going to be a lot of work to deal with. Why does he have to be so protective of me?! I though and began picking at my jeans.

I forgot Jasper was still there and looked back at him, "Thank you Jasper,” I said, smiling for his benefit, “You really are a great uncle." I kept smiling until I felt my frown quickly return.

Jasper quizzically looked down at me, "What’s wrong now?"

I shook my head, “Nothing,” I lied. I moved closer to him and sat down on the forest floor, bring my knees to my chest.

“Luna, please tell me,” he said, stroking my arm.

My hair fell around me, "I'm scared," I whispered.

He sat next to me, "I know Luna, I can feel it,” he chuckled, “I want to know why. Is it because of Seth?" I just nodded my response, I didn’t feel like I could speak anymore, the hurt was too great.

My family found out and I was caught something I shouldn’t have been doing. I had indirectly brought myself to the final part of my life. I was facing an ultimatum: to go with the one I love or to go with my family.

I felt a burning sensation in my chest. I sighed, "Can I be alone for awhile?" I asked, not looking at my uncle. I really needed time to think my decision thoroughly.

He nodded, “Take your time, Luna,” he said and kissed my forehead. I smiled faintly as he took off running.

I laid back in the grass and closed my eyes. Everything was going to hell. I seriously wished I could go back in time and stop this before it started. Yes, I liked Seth a lot, but I loved my family. I groaned a I punched the dirt, I had no idea what to do anymore. I bean breathing rhythmically, praying for sleep that I knew would never come.