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A Dark Moon

So here I stand. In the arms of my mortal enemy. But I can't seem to move away. I hear my brother scream for me to leave, to run. Yet as he tilts his head towards me, I can't seem to want to move. And as his lips touch mine, I feel complete. Luna, adopted daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, faces the battle inside herself which Bella had to when she was human.

This is my first story. Please be nice. Also I need a beta

7. Chapter 7

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I ran until I found a little cottage with Clearwater written ] on the mailbox. I slowed my running and walked slowly-- even for a human. I bit my lip as I reached out to knock on the door but I pulled my hand back.

I had no idea what I was going to say. I love you? Not really a good thing to say. My family hates you, can I come in? I sighed and bit my lip and turned and ran into the forest. I needed time to think. I had to come to a decision and I didn’t want to make it. Was I to love Seth or be loyal to my family?

I paced the forest thinking of the things I could do.If there was anyway to make it able for Seth to be with me.. To love my family like I do, I would give anything to have that. But, alas, there was the "mortal enemies thing". Werewolves don't love Vampires. Its just plain wrong. If I could go back to the day I wandered the woods and was attacked.. I never would have gone. I would have stayed home like a good girl and listen to my parents.

I found myself looking back on my life before everything with the Cullen's happened. Every suitor possible courted me. Everyone came to see me. To the outside, it looked like I thrived from the attention. In reality, I wasn’t happy with my life. I know I haven’t told everyone about Kalel and the truth of who he really is and why he is so protective but I feel like that is betraying him.

The day before I died, I was sitting on the porch swing with Kalel. My parents were inside, talking to the parents of a suitor I was supposed to marry. I had never met him before and I surely didn’t love him but that didn’t matter. I was a young woman, made for a man to take care of.

As the car holding my suitor pulled up the long drive, my father called Kalel inside to leave us alone. As the man got out of the car, I saw my future. He had dark hair, possibly black. His skin was slightly tan. He looked creepy but I was to swallow my fear and be a good girl.

As Michael walked towards me, his eyes looked me up and down my corset dress. I wanted to squirm and run but I wasn’t allowed too. I was to spend the evening with Michael, getting to know him before the wedding the next day

Michael held out his arm for me to link through and I obeyed. He led me to the car and helped me before following himself. He turned to me and smiled wickedly. "Luna my dear fiancé…We will have fun tonight…Just you wait and see.” His voice scared me and I swallowed quickly as we pulled away from my house. ]I turned to look out the window, not really caring what was going to happen.