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**********SPOILERS************ Bella can't take the pain anymore......what does she do about it?

this story is a one-shot. it is in Two different views. I hope you like it.

1. Chapter 1

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Right now is one of those moments you wish you were dead. Like you never lived. Life isn’t fair. It seems to take the things you love the most. You lay there in your bed wondering if you should do it. If you should take your own life. Maybe you can sleep. Maybe the pain will go away. I struggle to move every morning. Wondering if he will come if I wait. My heart lost my soul torn and my body limb.

" Bella move on." the sweet voice said in the back of my crazy mind.

" No, I can’t......I won’t!" I screamed. Here comes the pain. The pain that makes me want to die even more. The ghost hole in my chest throbbing as it tries to get bigger. The wounds around it burn and my heart aches. I move to fetal position hoping this unbearable pain eases. Food has no taste, flowers have no smell, and life has no meaning. I should end it. I should die right here....right now!

"How do I do it?" I whispered to myself.

" Don’t do this to me!" the voice said in pain.

" Why does it even bother you.......you left me here with no soul, no heart........you left me here to die slowly anyways...why not do it now?" I screamed to myself. Bella the voice doesn’t help. It only makes it that much difficult. Look, the voice didn’t even answer. I jumped to my feet and went to the bathroom. I looked in the cabinet and found sleeping pills. I took five and threw the rest away. I turned the water on in the tub. Temperature didn’t matter. I didn’t even bother to undress. It filled up with cold water. I waited until it was filled then put myself in it.

"Bella, please don’t do this!" the voice screamed. It was getting farther and farther away as I was slipping away.


Edwards view

I know I shouldn’t be doing this. I know checking on her is not the right thing to do, but I have to see her. If I didn’t check on her once in awhile I would be dead right now. She always tosses, turns, and screams in her sleep now. She always screams my name. I wish so bad to touch her and soothe her, but I promised her that she would not be bothered by us. That was the hardest day of my life. I struggle remembering her face. It pained me to see her believe I got over her....and didn’t want her anymore. I went up in her tree. I looked in her window and saw her bed and she wasn’t there. SHE WAS NOT THERE!!!!!!!! Where the hell is she? I opened the window and went in. I smelled her bed and it was fresh. She was in it. What would she be doing at this hour of night? She would be sound asleep right now. At that moment I heard running water.

"No!" I whispered to myself. Check on her. Just peck in. I opened Bella’s bedroom door with no noise. I walked fast threw the hall. I came to the bathroom door. There was no steam. Bella couldn’t have been in the shower.

" But why is water running?" I asked dazed. Please, Bella, no. I looked into the bathroom and saw Bella under the water and a pill bottle on the ground.

" Bella why!" I whispered in pain. My heart dropped at the site. She tried to kill herself. I pulled her out of the water and listened closely for her pulse. She still had a pulse. She lived!

"She lived!" I whispered in pure joy. I carried her to her room making no sound. I wrapped her in a blanket and put her on my back. I jumped out of her window. Right when I hit the ground I was off running. I ran as fast as I could. I ran into my house and put her on my couch. I called the others as soon as I could. They all came within five minutes. Carlisle was checking her out, Esme was looking at her stuck in old memories of when she tried to commit suicide, Alice was watching praying she was ok, Jasper was standing next Alice trying to calm her down, and Emmett was sad, but trying to talk to Rosalie.

"Edward she is very lucky. She could have died. Not just from being in the water, but from taking to many pills. If she would have had one more she would have been dead." Carlisle said pained. I stared dazed from the idea of her almost dying and me not being there.