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Called Beautiful

They cannot change- but she can. Will that alter her frozen perfection? What does it matter if she's called beautiful? Rosalie/Bella. One-sided. One-shot.

NOT MY IDEA. Blame Abby, not me. It was a challenge. And I don't own the characters, I just force them to fall in love with each other.

3. Rosalie and Alice

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“Shut up, Alice! Just shut up!”

The scream echoes through the walls of the pale white house. If the sensitive ears of the vampires who live there weren’t hundreds of miles away hunting for food, they would be writhing in pain. Currently, only Alice and Rosalie are in the house- and they are arguing.

“Why do you hate her so much? She’s part of this family!”
“No.” It’s a hiss. “She is a cancer, a tumor, and she’s poisoning us all. She’s getting inside what we have, our good stable sweet wonderful loves, and ripping them to pieces. Bella’s destroying us, Alice… destroying me…”

And suddenly the shrieking screams turn to tears, fury to misery. The blonde girl sinks to her knees at the top of the stairs. The long beautiful hair, the only part of her perfect appearance that’s even close to normal, flips to cover the unbearably attractive face as she falls to the floor, clutching the ground.

Her haranguing companion stops short. “Rose?”

“Alice… Alice… I think… I think I’m in love with her, and Alice, it’s killing me…”

The other girl kneels beside me, looking right at her sister for the first time in years, since this whole twisted business started, and suddenly laughs aloud.

“That is totally not an appropriate response, Mary Alice Brandon Hale Cullen,” Rosalie grimaces, turning to glare at Alice.

“Oh… Rose… and… here… I… I…” she attempts to choke out, stuttering the worlds between chuckles.

“What? Spit it out!” The irritation, no, anger, is back in her voice.

“Here I thought… I was the only one!” She is laughing now, shaking with it, trembling with relief and the revelation of this great irony. How the gods mock those they look down upon, as the ancients would suspect the cause of this event- can’t you hear the forgotten deities chuckle at their cruel handiwork.

“Is it? Do you… do you… I don’t…” Now it is her who struggles for the words. Her tears are implicit, though all are dried up, disappeared with her mortality, one can hear them in her voice.

“Yes, it’s real, Rose. For me too.”

“How can it be? How can this one ordinary human waltz in here and change all our lives so much?”

It’s the question they’d all ask, even if it weren’t for these two extra loves. They just compound it, the women in love with her. The fact that their brother has a heart after all is the real surprise, that he can feel something for the girl, that he can be in love… no one would have thought it of him. But it’s so real, his newfound passion.

It is truer than anything else. And it is enough to doubt she is the normal girl one sees her as. It would be even if it weren’t for the fact that she’s miraculously attracted these two other vampires as well.

And they laugh together, beautiful harmony.

“Why, for you?”

“She… God, this sounds shallow. She’s so beautiful.”

Another laugh. “Me, too.”

“You, Rose? Really? But, you’re so…”

“If you say beautiful, I’ll murder you.”

“You are, though.”

“Do you think so?”


The need in the words surprises both of them. Suddenly, the sisterly embrace changes into something more. It’s a slight change. The movement doesn’t alter, only the emotion.

“You’re not Bella.”

“And I’m sure as hell not Emmett either.”

“You’re more like Bella than Emmett, though.”

“I hope so.”

They laugh again. All this joy comes mostly from the relief. They are not alone in this love, this strange twisting of what they thought would last forever.

Hesitantly, Rosalie takes Alice’s hand and turns to her. “You’re beautiful, too.”

Alice laughs again. “Don’t be stupid. Compared to you? Or Bella?”

“People aren’t beautiful because of what they look like. They’re beautiful because of who they are.”

“And that’s why Bella is so beautiful.”


The two women turn to face each other. The distance between their faces fades away, the air melting, their lips just meeting, barely. It is a much less passionate kiss than so many they’ve shared or dreamed about. It’s almost chaste, lips touching and nothing more.

It isn’t worth it. Settling for each other when what they really want is her… it isn’t worth giving up the stupid lying happy ending for.

And they both know it. But it doesn’t stop the second kiss.

The End