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The Lies

This is a poem about how Edward feels when, in the beginning of new Moon, he leaves Bella.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Never have. Never will.

1. Lies

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I could see it in your chocolate eyes

The burning pain you felt

As my harsh words slowly sunk in

The words that tore down our world

The words that crushed us both

In that one dreadful moment

I was glad that I couldn’t read your mysterious mind

For if I could

I surely would have broken

And begged for your forgiveness

If only…so many things, if only

But, in my unbeating heart, I knew that,

In the long run,

It would be that much easier for you to move on

If you believed my horrid lies

The lies that scalded my throat as I spoke them

The lies that you took as pure, simple truth

The lies that ruined everything