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I'm back, and freshened up! This story is going to be better! New banner, new inspiration!!! Sorry it took soo long!banner by Eternitys_Charm! awesome banner by Eternitys_Charm :]]!!!!!! A sixteen year old vampire wants one thing for her birthday, a mate. But that mate she chose as her present is none other than Edward Cullen. And she will do anything to have him in her clutches. will get rater "adult" later on in the story, so be warned.

Only characters that belong to me are Anne, the butler, and the mother. Thanks to my co-writer --who doesnt call herself my co-writer because she didn't "write anything" just "gave ideas and suggestions" (CO-WRITER)-- and beta Eternitys_Charm :DD

1. Chapter 1

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I stared at the computer in amusement, I had found him. He was perfect for my daughter.

Name: Edward Cullen. Very nice name.

I scrolled down the page, looking for the information I needed, to prove if he really was perfect for my daughter.

I smiled as I found that he was perfect. Eyes: Gold, vampire. Perfect.

"Mother!" My daughter called from the bottom of the stairs, "Mother!" She yelled when she didn't hear me respond. She growled and I rolled my eyes, my daughter was so impatient. I ignored her, still looking at the yearbook page on the website, he was indeed incredibly handsome.

My daughter roared one more time, "Mother!"

I grunted, "Up here!" I called.

She appeared only a second later. I turned around on the chair, facing my daughter, she took in my expression, "What are you smiling about?" She asked warily.

"Anne." I said, turning around on the chair once more facing the computer, "I have found you your mate."


Bella giggled trying to swerve past me. I easily caught her waist, pulling her body against mine. She glared slightly at me but before she could protest I bent down and kissed her luscious warm full lips.

"Edward won that one, Bella." Emmett said picking up the baseball I had dropped while getting Bella, "You are out." Emmett said to Bella's annoyance.

"Well, of course I am, I'm playing against vampires. But you watch, once I am a vampire, you will be eating my dust in baseball." She said, frustration tinted her eyes, she threw the baseball bat on the floor and started storming off into the house.

"Sure, Bella, sure. Keep your chin up." Emmett said with a chuckled, Bella swiftly turned around to give Emmett a nasty look, which only made Emmett laugh even more.

"Oh. Bella, relax, honestly you are better than I thought you would be." Alice purred appearing next to me with a smirk. "And yes, once you are a vampire you will teach us all a lesson." Alice grinned and winked.

"Well, you could have been a vampire long ago, but you chickened out at the last second -not that Edward protested- so now tough." Emmett said flinging me the baseball.

Bella glared at Emmett in deep annoyance, she muttered something unintelligible and marched onward to the house, tripping on a vine.

"It's true." Emmett said nodding toward me. I shrugged.

"Are we going to continue playing or not?" Jasper called out still standing on third base.

"Yes. But since Bella gave your team the out, we are up." I said pointing at Emmett and I.

Jasper shrugged and ran his way to the far end of the baseball diamond. Alice giggled, took the ball from my hands, and made her way to the pitcher's pit.

I grabbed the bat Bella had dropped and readied myself to bat. Alice's eyes narrowed before she threw the ball swiftly at me. I swung the bat hard sending the ball flying, making a loud booming sound as the ball connected to the bat.

Thunder roared at the same time the ball boomed.

I swerved around first, second, and third base. I was on going to home base when I heard a knock at the front door. I reached home base and listened closely to see who it was at the door.

Bella answered it, thanked someone, and closed the door. "Mr.Cullen and family?" Bella murmured.

I left the baseball field and entered the house, I had made it in the house as soon as Bella had opened up the letter. "What is that?" I asked innocently, as if I was there the entire time, pointing at the letter that had arrived.

Bella jumped startled, but shook her head, "it's an invitation."

"Oh." I said in mild surprise.

"Hm...do you know who she is?" Bella asked pointing at the picture on the invitation, where there was a brown-eyed young girl smiling brightly. The soft waves of her long, reddish hair flowing down on her shoulders. She had a pretty face a pretty face, small lips, and a pale complexion. And I had never once seen this girl in my life.

I shook my head, "No." I looked at Bella, she looked as confused as I was, I looked back down to the invitation, "You have been invited to Ms.Anne Blake's sweet sixteen party on the day of July 12."


Anne Blake? Who was Anne Blake?