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I'm back, and freshened up! This story is going to be better! New banner, new inspiration!!! Sorry it took soo long!banner by Eternitys_Charm! awesome banner by Eternitys_Charm :]]!!!!!! A sixteen year old vampire wants one thing for her birthday, a mate. But that mate she chose as her present is none other than Edward Cullen. And she will do anything to have him in her clutches. will get rater "adult" later on in the story, so be warned.

Only characters that belong to me are Anne, the butler, and the mother. Thanks to my co-writer --who doesnt call herself my co-writer because she didn't "write anything" just "gave ideas and suggestions" (CO-WRITER)-- and beta Eternitys_Charm :DD

2. Welcome

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Chapter 2:Welcome

[Anne's POV]

I looked at myself in the long mirror hung on the wall. Pure perfection stared right back me. I prepared myself fully for the party later tonight, and the meeting of my new mate.

Fixing a lock of my red hair that managed to trail off to my face, I thought about how I would get Edward Cullen under my charm.

It would be fairly easy for me, using my powers of ‘seduction and persuasion' as I called them. He would be at my feet in no time.

Nicholas, my butler, knocked on the door, I let him in. "your guest will arrive shortly," he murmured in his deep voice.

I glanced outside my bedroom window, overlooking the whole city. I could see two cars coming up our private street to our house way up in the mountain.

I smiled; let the party begin.

[Edward's POV]

"Why would someone we don't even know invite us to their party?" Alice asked in the backseat of the Volvo.

"It's a mystery to me," I said to her, shrugging.

"You sure we won't be headed into trouble," Jasper asked Alice next to her.

"I'm not entirely sure, I can't see anything that's going to happen in the future right now, it's scaring me," she admitted trying to focus on having one vision. Nothing.

"Maybe we shouldn't go," offered Bella biting her lip, her brown eyes full of worry.

"Carlisle insisted we come," I told her, "he said it was just a party, how bad could it be."

Alice wrinkled her nose, "is she human or vampire?"

"Vampire, it looks like it, by the red of her eyes, looks like she was trying to hide it with brown contacts but it still comes through," Jasper said analyzing the picture on the invitation.

"We're here," I announced pulling up to the grand house.

We all gazed up at the house, no balloons or obnoxious music playing from what we saw. This didn't seem like a party, but maybe it was too early to judge.

The oddest thing was that there was a birthday party for a vampire. Maybe more vampires will be invited, and that worried me. I began to regret coming here. I feared coming here, mostly I feared Bella coming along to a party of a vampire none of us had seen before.

Before Carlisle had a chance to knock on the door, a tall, skeleton-like, red-eyed, vampire butler opened it up. "Come in," his creepy voice echoed through the house.

Carlisle was the first to enter, we all soon followed behind him. "Good evening," Carlisle greeted warmly.

"Hello," the butler greeted us, "Ms. Blake is so excited for you being able to come, she'll be down soon."

I gazed at Alice who was giving the butler a weird look, trying to figure him out. I tapped her slightly with my elbow and shook my head, telling her I sensed nothing wrong in his thoughts.

His pitiful thoughts, tomorrow I have to clean this whole house again, go to town to get the furniture Mrs. Blake has ordered...

"Welcome to my lovely home, I am glad for you to greet us with your presence," a average-height woman greeted us coming down the steps. I immediately noticed her red eyes, glittering joyfully. "I'm sure you all have many questions, I assure you they will be answered soon," she reached the bottom step of the stairs.

"Hello, I am Carlisle Cullen, and this is my family, Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Edward," I noticed her eyes lingered onto me, assessing every in of me, she smiled gratified at me, "and Bella." Carlisle finished.

She looked at Bella, clinging onto my arm, with disgust. I fought back a growl.

Alice looked at her with a scowl, "I don't like her, Edward, I'm not getting a good vibe from her, and I still can't see the future."

I nodded to her, but I didn't get a single hint of evil or bad coming from the woman at the stairs. I looked at Jasper, he seemed to be trying to assess her as much as Alice and I were, but he shook his head at me, "nothing, she's just happy."

I looked down at Bella, she stared at the woman curiously, but with a hint of fear, she still clung onto my arm. I wrapped my arm around her waist; she relaxed.

"My name is Carol and this is our butler Nicholas," Carol announced, "and this is my daughter, Anne."

At the top of the stairs came down Anne, her flowing red hair bouncing slightly, and her piercing red eyes taking in the guests that had arrived, her eyes nestled on me for a fraction of a second. She was wearing a knee-high, strapless, cocktail red dress that clung onto her slender curves with delicacy.

"Welcome," she greeted with a soft voice. She gave me a quick alluring smile, and went to her mother's side.

"What was that all about?" Alice asked, meaning the smile Anne had given me.

I shrugged, confused as she was.