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We Meet Again

When the Cullens vote to keep Bella human instead of changing her into a vampire, she knows something has to be done. Edward promised the Volturi he would make her a vampire, after all. Bella goes to drastic measures to keep the Volturi from Forks.

INSANE! I am insane for starting ANOTHER story. What is it, a hundred stories? Believe it or not, this story originated from one I did quite a long time ago. More than a year now, I believe. I have rewritten it, so now it is much more loverly :) If you happen to be one of the few who read it way back then, don't ruin it for the new readers. I hope you enjoy! -- Savannah

1. Majority Rules

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It was finally here. It was time for the vote that would determine if I was going to stay human or not. Edward took me to his house, where all the Cullens were waiting. I was anxious, beyond so even. I tried to hide it, but I knew that they could tell. Edward put me down by the dining room table and took the seat next to mine. The table was for show, of course. Nobody ate anything suitable for a dinner table here. They liked to eat out.

“Before Bella starts, I'd like to say that we have nothing to worry about with the Volturi. They can't read Bella's mind at all. They'd never be able to find her. We could handle it. She is going to try and tell you that it's dangerous, but don't worry about it. We could have the whole Volturi thing under control easily,” said Edward.

I took a deep breath. “It is dangerous, Edward. They are... they are scary! Not to mention extremely powerful. I think we all know why I'm here so late. I would like to become a vampire, very much so, actually. I don't want to force myself on you guys, so I think it should come down to a vote. I love you like family, each one of you,” I said. “You know how Edward feels, what he plans on doing, but I don't want to risk the Volturi coming here. Please factor them into your decision.”

Edward growled. He was the one to vote first. “Bella, you know how I feel,” he said through clenched teeth. “There's no need for you to become a vampire.” I ignored him and moved on to Jasper.

“I don't know, Bella... I think Edward has a point. He thinks things through pretty throughly,” said Jasper, his voice muted.

“So, that's a no for you?” I asked. He nodded. “Rosalie?” I asked hopefully.

She sighed. “I'm sorry,” was all she whispered. No explanation or anything.

I frowned. My whole voting plan wasn't going as smoothly as I thought it was going to. I thought they wouldn't have minded me in their family, but I was starting to think I was wrong.

“Emmett, your turn,” I sighed.

“Bella, you know how awesome I think you are, right? It's just... if Edward thinks that we can beat the Volturi, I think we should believe him. I mean, I bet we could kick some major ass if we really had to,” he explained.

That was the majority. Most of the Cullen family wanted me to remain human... wanted me to grow old, die eventually. My shoulders slumped in defeat. If it was what they wanted, I'd agree to it.

“Oh, Bella,” sighed Alice. She was around the table and rubbing my back in an instant. She leaned down to whisper in my ear. “I would have voted you into the family.”

I nodded. I didn't want to speak. My voice would have broken.

“Bella, you are always welcome here. Our home is your home, you should know that,” said Carlisle.

“Thanks,” I murmured. One syllable words were all I could manage at the moment.

“Oh, Bella,” sighed Esme. She rose from her seat at the table and gave me a hug.

Edward took my hand and lifted me onto his back. He was trying hard to cover his elation, but he wasn't doing a very good job. I could see how happy he was.

On the run home, he tried to talk to me many times. I wouldn't respond very enthusiastically, and I could tell he was getting irritated with me.

"Look, Bella," Edward sighed after many failed attempts to lift me out of my depression. "I know that you are disappointed about what my family had to say, but think about it! There's no reason to be depressed! I'm going to stay with you forever, we will never ever leave you again. I promise you with all of my being, we will keep you safe forever. I love you." He said it with so much sincerity I knew not to doubt it.

The thing was, I knew I was going to hurt him. I had to do something, but I couldn't decide what it was yet. Alice would see what I was planning, and I didn't want her to cramp my style. I would need to do something drastic.

Edward dashed up to my window and plopped me on to my bed. I collapsed back, my head hitting the pillow. My bed felt good after the hour I'd been gone. Traveling to Italy to save Edward had taken quite the toll on me. I was still exhausted.

“Bella, are you okay?” asked Edward, moving to lie beside me. He stared into my eyes.

“I'm fine,” I answered curtly. In truth, I wasn't fine at all. I was glad, more than glad to have Edward back, but his family didn't want me. Not forever, at least.

“Why is it that I don't believe you?” he asked. He propped his head up with his hand.

I sighed. “Could it be the fact that I'm lying?”

“That might explain it,” said Edward, smiling. His breathtaking smile dazzled me still. No matter how long we had been away from each other, I'd always find his presence simply... intoxicating.

I leaned forward, inhaling his scent. He took my face in his hands. There was a fire in his eyes that I'd not seen for months. I knew what it meant. I crushed my lips to his. He flipped me on top of him and grabbed my waist, pulling me towards him. My hands tangled in his hair. His lips parted, something I never would have thought was possible. Edward had always been so careful. He tasted even better than he smelled, another impossible feat. I hitched my leg up and he grabbed my thigh. He moved from my mouth to my neck, kissing his way towards my collarbone. I shivered.

“I. Love. You,” he said between kisses. He found his way up to my mouth and flipped me over. He was on top. His hands cupped my face. My hands ran down his body. His hard muscles were prominent through his button up shirt. He growled as he felt my hands run over him. Oh how I wanted to undo those buttons.

We stopped mere seconds later. I knew Edward didn't want to let it get too far, no matter how much I wanted it. I fell asleep in his arms, trying not to think about what I would have to do in the days to come. I had to find a way to stop the Volturi from coming to Forks, no matter how hard I had to try.