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We Meet Again

When the Cullens vote to keep Bella human instead of changing her into a vampire, she knows something has to be done. Edward promised the Volturi he would make her a vampire, after all. Bella goes to drastic measures to keep the Volturi from Forks.

INSANE! I am insane for starting ANOTHER story. What is it, a hundred stories? Believe it or not, this story originated from one I did quite a long time ago. More than a year now, I believe. I have rewritten it, so now it is much more loverly :) If you happen to be one of the few who read it way back then, don't ruin it for the new readers. I hope you enjoy! -- Savannah

3. She Left

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“You're not even lying,” I groaned. Bella, the love of my life, told me she didn't want me anymore. I knew it. I knew the very second she found me in Italy that she could never love me again. I had hurt her too much, just like she had said. I was a monster.

I had never wanted to read her mind more than I did at that moment. I had a feeling I knew what her thoughts were, though. She was probably glad to be rid of me. She would run off to Jacob, just like she would have if Alice didn't see her cliff dive. She'd be happy, which was what I always wanted.

“Bye, Bella. I love you,” I whispered hoarsely. I kissed her forehead, not willing to look into her eyes. She wanted me gone. I was disgusted with myself for even thinking she would want me back. Who would take back such a monster? A monster who had hurt her nonetheless.

After that last kiss I ran. I ran far away from the spot where I had crushed her heart. The spot where in return, she had crushed mine. I ran blindly, and without direction. I didn't care where I went, I just needed to be away. I pushed myself faster than I had ever gone before.

When I finally stopped, I sank to the ground. I had unknowingly landed in the place Bella and I spent a good majority of our time... our meadow. The season wasn't right for wildflowers, but it was still beautiful.

I didn't want to move another inch. I was without my Bella, without my angel.

The thought was unbearable. I couldn't take it anymore. I moaned and ripped at the grass, marring the absolute beauty of our special place. We would never be together in it again. The sadness threatened to tear me apart, and eat me from the inside out. The empty feeling, the hole, that I thought was gone forever, slowly made it's presence known. I was in a terrible state.

There was no way I was going back to the house. I would lie here forever if I had to. I prayed that none of my siblings would come looking for me. Nobody would make me move from this spot, not for anything. Even the slightest movement made my entire body ache.

I stayed there, sitting on the damp grass, for an immeasurable amount of time. It could have been minutes, hours, days, I didn't know. I was so overcome by the sheer depression of losing my life, I didn't notice a small figure had appeared at the edge of the meadow

"Edward," Alice whispered.

"Please, Alice. Just please go." I managed to croak. I put my head in my hands and had to make a severe effort not to tear my head clean off.

"No, Edward. You need to get home now. I had a vision." She looked at me with piercing eyes. The scene that went through her mind made me sick.

"Why didn't you tell me she was going to leave?" I roared. She had seen Bella leaving Forks, and didn't even think to tell me.

"I just had the vision! Edward, listen to me! We don't have much time. She is already in New York! We have to get her Edward!" Alice screamed at me, throwing her arms into the air.

New York? What was Bella doing in New York? She didn't like to travel. "I...I don't understand," I admitted. I saw Bella leave town in her truck, but I didn't see where she was going.

"She left hours ago, Edward. She is going to the Volturi!" Alice yelled at me. She was in my face and I could see the panic in her eyes.

"What?! She can't! They'll kill her Alice! We have to reach her! We have to find her!" I didn't wait for her to respond. I dashed off in the direction of the house. I figured that I would only need to be in there for about five seconds before I would get in the car and head for the airport. I didn't need clothes, or anything. I'd just grab my keys and leave.

I got to the house and threw open the door, not waiting to tell my family the story. I could see Jasper's face contort with pain. He knew the sadness I felt. Even though I was going to do all that was in my power to save Bella, I knew that she still would not want me, and that was destroying me. She left me, and when I came back from Italy without her in my arms the pain would be exponentially intensified. I was certain Jasper couldn't even be in the same room with me once I was back.

"Edward, please," he murmured. I allowed him to send a wave of emotion to dull the pain, but it hardly helped at all. He was still very uncomfortable. I was frantic.

"Where is Carlisle?" I asked him, not even trying to hide the emotion in my voice. I was a wreck.

"I'm right here, Edward. What's the problem?" he asked, his face twisted with worry. Alice hadn't told anyone.

"It's Bella," I started. I had to pause right there. However dire the situation was, when I said her name out loud a mind numbing pain would wash over me. "She is going to the Volturi!"

His face became instantly frozen. "Go, Edward. Go get your siblings and tell them we are leaving this instant!" I opened my mouth to call them but they were all there already. They were looking at me for the plan.

"Let's go,” I murmured. I couldn't speak anymore.

Edward. I heard Alice call me in my head as we were rushing down the road towards Seattle. If we're too late... you do know that we will leave Volterra. We cannot fight them, Edward. If we fight, well, we will lose. You know that, don't you? If we're too late, you better know that you are going to come home and try your damnedest to act normal. For Esme okay?

I nodded, and I knew that only Alice would notice. Esme would be the one I had to watch. She cared the most for us. If I had to put on the facade of normalcy for my family, just so they wouldn't see how much I was hurting, I would. They would be the only thing I had left...

I shook my head, trying to dispel the path that my mind had wandered to. We were going to find Bella alive. We were going to get her from the Volturi, and she was going to be safe.

As we pulled into the Sea-Tac airport, my anxiety intensified. I knew that I needed to get on a plane, and soon. I ran to the counter, and I tried to mask the emotions that were playing out on my face. I put on my most alluring smile and we were all on a plane to New York within the next thirty minutes.

Alice was bouncing up and down in her seat. Jasper was trying as hard as he could to calm me down, but was really only giving himself a headache. Rosalie was thinking about herself, and about how she didn't want to be chasing my stupid human around the world. Emmett was thinking about how hot Rosalie looked in her sweater, and how much hotter she'd be out of it. Esme and Carlisle were worried about me.

I squeezed the armrest. I was positive I would go insane on the plane ride. There was nothing, not a single thing, I could do to go faster. I cracked the armrest in half, warranting a look of pity from Alice, who was sitting right next to me.

“They won't notice,” she whispered.

I shook my head and ignored her. I didn't care if the airline noticed or not. I didn't care about anything.

Edward, do you need anything? I am very worried about you, thought Esme.

I frowned. I knew I was hurting her even more than I was hurting Jasper. She was the most caring, loving, motherly woman I knew, and to know that one of her sons was hurting... it was killing her.

“I'll be okay, Esme,” I murmured, clenching my jaw.

I don't believe you, but okay. You just let me know, she thought.

The hours ticked by slowly, painfully. I knew that this plane ride wasn't even the long one. The trip from New York to Italy would be worse than torture. I had to catch Bella, though, no matter what it took.