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We Meet Again

When the Cullens vote to keep Bella human instead of changing her into a vampire, she knows something has to be done. Edward promised the Volturi he would make her a vampire, after all. Bella goes to drastic measures to keep the Volturi from Forks.

INSANE! I am insane for starting ANOTHER story. What is it, a hundred stories? Believe it or not, this story originated from one I did quite a long time ago. More than a year now, I believe. I have rewritten it, so now it is much more loverly :) If you happen to be one of the few who read it way back then, don't ruin it for the new readers. I hope you enjoy! -- Savannah

5. Hypnotized

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"Okay, Alec, that is enough," Aro commanded.

My head throbbed painfully. I opened my eyes very, very slowly and looked around. It wasn't the room that I had been in before. I was in a very large, unfamiliar room that had gray stone walls and a floor to match. I was right in the middle, on a large and quite comfortable bed. Aro was standing beside it, and the little one named Alec was next to him. Alec was grinning like a little kid in a candy store.

"Wh-Where am I?" I asked quietly. Anything louder would have made my head explode.

"Well, we had to move you! We couldn't have changed you right then and there! The... less practiced of us might have had a little trouble staying controlled, and we wouldn't have wanted that!” exclaimed Aro, grinning.

My heart thudded quickly in my chest. I couldn't move, couldn't talk... I was too horrified.

"Oh yes!" said Aro, pulling me out of my frozen stupor. "And I forgot to mention this thrilling little fact! Your Edward stopped by earlier today. We told him the bad news."

"What did you say to him?" I asked. My voice echoed around the room.

"I simply told him the news. The Cullens think that you've... passed on, so to speak."

"But I'm not dead! I'm here alive!"

“Oh, I know. It was dreadfully hard to convince them that you were dead. If it weren't for the others, I'm certain Edward would have tried to kill the ones that told him! We had to make sure the messengers didn't know you were actually alive, though... Edward would have picked up on their thoughts right away! It was amazingly tricky,” explained Aro. He was almost jumping up and down, he was so thrilled with himself.

I sat up on the bed, getting ready to launch myself at Aro for telling such a lie. A wave of crippling dizziness hit me so hard that I had to lay back down.

"What is doing that to me?" I asked, my hands flying to my head. There was no reason for me to get so dizzy so quickly.

"It's our little friend Alec! He can... hypnotize people, I guess you could say. He can make them do whatever he pleases, really," Aro answered, smiling. You could tell that he was proud of Alec. I frowned. If there was another thing I didn't want to be besides fainted, it was hypnotized.

“Alec?” I breathed.

“Yes, me,” said Alec. He looked very proud. “It's wonderful, controlling people.” He laughed, and it was one of the sweetest sounds I had ever heard... and also one of the most evil. There was something behind his laugh, something not right. It made me feel sick.

I squeezed my eyes shut and avoided both of their gazes.

"But yes, you are here in Volterra alive. You didn't come here wanting to be changed. That much is clear. You came here wanting to die, so it was rather easy, lying to Edward, I mean. We just told him that we did what you wanted us to do. His mind was so clouded with emotions that he couldn't even reach our thoughts. If he had payed attention he would have seen that you were to be changed instead of killed," explained Aro.

“No!” I yelled. “I can't be changed!”

If I was changed, and I went back to Forks afterwards, there would be no way Edward would want me back! First of all, I would be a vampire, and he was dead set on keeping me human. He didn't want a vampire. After all, I couldn't blame him. Who would want me around for eternity? And second of all, I broke his heart. I knew that he would never forgive me for that.

“Yes, Bella,” replied Aro, trying his best to sound sympathizing.

"Oh," was all I managed to croak. Tears started to roll down my cheeks.

"It's okay Bella!" Aro reassured me. "There's nothing to be sad about!"

"Yes," I said with a shaky voice. "There are a lot of things to be sad about."

"Well, yes," he agreed reluctantly. "But none of those things will matter at all once you've changed! You'll realize how great the Volturi is!" Aro seemed pleased at the fact.

"How great the Volturi is?" I asked. My whole body started to shake. “There is nothing great about you people!” I started sobbing.

"Oh dear, Bella. It's going to be alright," said Aro.

"No!" I screamed, tears running down my face. "It's not going to be alright! He's going to hate me!”

"But don't you see? It really wont matter! You will forget everything about your Edward eventually. And all of the Cullens for that matter! We'll be there to distract you! There is really nothing to worry about. Not even the transformation! You aren't going to feel any pain at all!" He exclaimed matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean no pain?" I asked. That was impossible. Almost every vampire I'd ever met said that being turned into a vampire was the most painful experience of their entire life.

"Well, Alec can simply make you sleep while the venom is spreading throughout your body! There would be no pain at all!"

"That's cheating!” I gasped before thinking. “Everyone else had to do it the hard way.”

"Oh no, Bella. Don't think you can convince us. You are doing it the painless way. We wouldn't want to be cruel now would we?" he asked with a smile.

It irritated me beyond belief. How could he stand there saying he didn't want to be cruel when humans were paraded in everyday just to be little snacks. It was sick! The thought of even drinking blood in the first place...

The thought of my diet was pushed into my mind. I paled. "Am I...Am I going to have to eat... people?" I asked quietly. The sheer thought of dining on another's blood made my stomach heave and my head spin.

"Well of course! You're with us now, Bella! If you're going to be part of the family then you're going to have to eat like us too!" he answered grinning. “You can try not to... but I really doubt you'll be able to do it. It's much harder than your vampires make it seem.”

"I can't do it!" I said, my voice regaining it's volume.

"Oh, but Bella," Aro began, smirking. "You'll have no choice." He looked at Alec and I felt a huge wave of lethargy washed over me.

The last thing I saw was Aro gliding forward, his hands extended towards my face.

"No," was the last word I managed to murmur.

I felt cool breath on my neck and then a sharp incision before I slipped into unconsciousness.