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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

1. Chapter 1

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The flight to England was boring, but once I stepped into the crowded airport, I was bombarded with hugs and the ever familiar faces of my best friends. Edward let out a small growl from behind me, so only I could hear him, and I shot him an angry glare. Back off, they’re just normal humans. It’s not like I am going to run into any other mythical creatures here in England. Hopefully.

Eric, one of my many friends who just happened to be guys, was waving at me from the back of the large crowed. I waved back with a very impressive smile on my face. Lexi, one of my closest friends, bounded up to me with an earsplitting, girly, scream. Her dark brown curls flinging all over the place as her pale, but glowing face appeared at the front of the group.

“Lizzie!” She squealed.

“Lexi!” I squealed back, “It’s so good to see you all again! I’ve missed everyone loads!” I said, putting on my accent near the end. None of them knew that I was really from America, and then sent to England. No one here knew practically anything that has ever held true about me. I’ve had to lie my way through a whole lot of situations with all of my friends.

I glanced at Jasper, who had most definitely felt my weak moment of loathing towards myself at all of the lies I have had to tell, and he quickly made everyone even more enthusiastic than they had been before.

Lexi was constantly talking the whole way out of the airport and into the grey and rainy parking lot. She offered to drive me to the hotel to catch up, but I declined, knowing how much Edward worries about every single little thing that could go wrong when I am not in his sight, or able to reach him by thought.

Everyone said their goodbyes for now, and I headed over to the car where my family was waiting impatiently for Andrew to say goodbye so I could at last walk away into what was my norm.

Finally, he did leave and we all were in the car and on our way to our small cottage on the outskirts of London. The car ride was, as usual, silent. Verbally silent that is. There was a lot of mental chatter, some emotion shifting, and even a vision here and there. But other than that, nothing too out of the ordinary.

The car came to, if I were a normal human I would say earth shattering, stop in front of our large, but camouflaged cabin in the middle of a giant forested area.

The cabin was almost exactly as I had remembered it; tall, elegant, but with a lovely Victorian touch, and absolutely huge. It was, as our usual homes, a three story. There were ten bedrooms in the massive place, with a ginormious and top notch, gourmet, kitchen, a very spacious living room with various shades of browns and greens to make the inside feel just a little more like the outdoors, a classic spiral staircase which lead up to the roof where the observatory is, and the large music study where Edward’s piano, and a lot of other instruments were located.

My room was just as I had left it; a wreck. Almost immediately before we all were able to scramble out of the house, the Volturri had attacked. Looking for me apparently. Edward had just barely managed to keep Jane from forcing me to commit suicide from all of the mental pain she inflicted.

The wall paper was torn, furniture broken into tiny shards, almost like confetti if we had been partying. My bed was on its side, and the sheets ripped to shreds, just as Dmitri had left them in his frenzy of trying to attack me.

Oh yes, my room brought back such happy and good memories. Yeah right. I knew there was only one way I could forget all of that stuff while I was here, and that was by having Alice redecorate it with me. She was overjoyed at the mention of the word ‘redecorating’ and was instantly ready to take me shopping for colors of everything anyone could possibly imagine would be in a bedroom.

But, I wanted to wait. It had been an impeccably long day of travel for me and I was still half human and need my rest. Alice went into full on pout mode until I said she could peek into the future to know what she needed to go and look for tonight while she went shopping. I would have loved to go, but the exhaustion of the day was quickly making up my mind for me.

So, I went to the guest room to sleep because mine was a total trash pit, and I knew Esme would be itching to clean it all up tonight. She loved to clean, it was kind of funny when I was younger and would spill something. She would go all out and bring in all these different types of stain removers and stuff and try to get it out of the carpet, but she usually made it into the room before the spilled food even hit the floor.

I laughed lightly at that memory and climbed into the guest bed for my well needed eight hours of sleep.

I woke up to the feeling of my vibrating cell phone in my jean pocket from yesterday. I looked at the number and groaned. It was Alec. It was also three in the morning here in England, meaning that it was seven at night back in Washington. I reluctantly pressed the answer button knowing that Alec would keep calling me until I did.

“Hello?” I managed, I sounded like I hadn’t had a drink of water for a couple of days.

“Liz, its Alec. Um, I was just over at your place to see if you wanted to hang out for a while today, but I got there, none of you were around. I tried to follow your scent, but it was too old, so I got worried and I figured that I would call you.”

“Alec, listen, we left, for the summer anyway. I am currently in Europe and it’s three in the morning over here. And I really need to go back to sleep. So, call me later, like in about seven or eight hours, and then we can talk. But I really, really, really need to go back to bed. I’ll talk to you later.” And with that I hung up and set my phone on the bedside table so it would not wake me up again if he called.

The next thing I knew was Edward lightly shaking me to wake me up again. I glanced at the clock and it was nine in the morning, and I definitely felt refreshed. He saw that I was up and held out my buzzing phone to me to answer. One glance at the number told me that Lexi wanted a day out shopping with me.

“Hey Lexi, how are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, but Eric and Aaron are getting really antsy to see you again. Can you believe it’s been a whole year?”

“No, I can’t, and it seemed like I have been away too long for them to wait another minute to see me, so where are we going today?”

“Well, I wanted to go to the river and just hang out like we used to, but the guys, well you know them, want to go to the skate park and show you some of their new moves. I’ve already seen them, and they aren’t very creative, but we can go wherever.” She finished.

“Well, maybe today would be a good day to go shopping or hang out at Francis’s. I’d rather do that than go and watch some skateboard moves or sit by the pond. I think it’s supposed to rain a lot today anyway.” I tried not to emphasize the word think.

“Ok, we can do that! I’ll call the guys and let them know alright?”

“Sounds good to me, want to meet there around two? I still need to unpack a lot of stuff and there’s a whole lot of cleaning up to do in my room it looks like a tornado went through there.” I ended with a light laugh as the dreaded memories came back to haunt me.

“Ok, I’ll meet you at Francis’s then!” She said in her usual, high-pitched voice before she hung up.

Edward was looking at me, wanting to talk. So, I went to mentally listen.

You really don’t need to stay here that whole time. You should go out and have some fun with your friends, god know you need it after what happened in May. Anyway, everyone got your room taken care of last night. We’re just waiting for the new bed to come in. No peeking. If you even try, I’ll get Emmet to sit on you until it’s done. Bella went out to hunt so she won’t be home for a little bit, and Esme is all over town today getting a little bit of everything to make this place a little more like home, Carlisle is at the hospital, as usual, and Rosalie and Emmet went out for a while, so it’s just you, me, Alice, and Jasper here at the moment. What do you want to do today? He finished with his thoughts, waiting for my answer.

Hmmm, let’s see, it’s going to rain, so maybe we could go and play some thunder ball, no, we don’t have enough people, it’s pretty boring in here, stuck inside all day, so we could go out and do something. But what? What could three vampires and a half human girl possibly do outside on a day like today? It’s the middle of the summer, so there’s going to be a lot of tourists, we could go see the sights maybe, but I’ve seen them all before, the zoo is a bad idea, hmm. I am completely at a loss here. We could just go out and run or play some extreme tag. I tried to make up my mind, and then, after some consulting with Alice, we were off and running into the woods to go and play some tag.

I was off and happily speeding away from Alice as the game started. I ran deeper and deeper through the thick, though not as thick as Fork’s, undergrowth headed east towards the large river that stretched for miles on behind the house. Edward was headed west, in the opposite direction, Jasper north with Alice right on his tail. The only way I could possibly know all of this was by my abilities.

I came to the river with Alice still chasing Jasper around in circles, knowing she would catch him in a short time, but not in any hurry. I sat down on the shallow bank where I had spent most of my childhood. The river was calmer than usual, but the water level was rising because of the downpour of rain. I sat there and watched the drops hit the water and the river’s speed start to gain ever so slightly.

Eventually, I heard Alice coming and darted off deeper into the woods know she was following my scent. I knew I had to get out of there before she caught up. I knew she would climb a tree to tag me, so I just kept on running in a straight line, darting through the trees and trying to think of somewhere to hide. I knew she could see every spot I contemplated on going clearly in her head only a split second before my other hiding spots would show up. I decided that I would lead her to Edward and she cheered in her head as I sped west toward the cave Edward was hiding in.

I reached the entrance to the cave and Alice caught up, I had devised a plan to lure him out; me pretending to be being chased by another, vicious vampire, and Alice knew it would work instantly, and that Edward would be mad about the little trick, but he would soon find it was all in good fun.

I stopped and let out an earsplitting scream as I pretended to be petrified as I backed up towards the right side of the cave entrance with a clear picture of the imaginary vampire crouching and stalking me fresh in my mind so that Edward would see. Little did he know Alice was waiting on the other side of the entrance ready to tag him.

The plan worked like a charm. Edward busted through the entrance and in front of me, his teeth bared and ready to fight my imaginary vampire. Alice danced up behind him and lightly tapped him on the shoulder with one finger, playfully saying the word “tag” as she touched him. I turned and smiled at him, letting him see that it was all a joke, and then burst out laughing. Alice joined in, and the funniest thing was the look on Edward’s face. It was a mix of surprise, anger, and laughter all in one. He stared right back at me, and then joined in with our laughter.

Jasper was at Alice’s side in a flash and laughing too. It was just around one now, so we all started to playfully jog back in the direction of the house. It was about five or six miles away now.