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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

2. Chapter 2

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About a mile into the joyous run home, I smelled something. The others did too. It was sweet, like them, but it also had a threatening feel to it. I tried a quick mind sweep and found that there were two of them, headed directly for us. They heard our laughter and were curious.

Edward instinctively tensed as the memories from when Bella was human came flooding back to him. I got a good look at some of them. Bella and the rest of my family in the clearing when they played base ball, James, Laurent, and Victoria coming out of the woods, James almost attacking Bella, Edward protecting her, James biting Bella in the ballet studio, Emmet ripping James to shreds, Bella screaming, and Edward sucking out the venom. I also saw Victoria when she tried to attack both Edward and Bella with an army of newborns.

He mentally swore to himself to never let them touch me if they had anything, no matter how small, planned to turn or kill me. I knew he hated the thought of me becoming a full vampire, and that he wants me to have my own life, I want that too, but it would be nice to be turned before I reached thirty or so.

The two travelers walked calmly out of the trees in front of us, standing side by side and in equal step. They walked at a human pace. We stopped dead in are tracks as they continued to approach us. We stayed calm, not knowing what these two travelers had in mind no matter how deep Edward and I both tried to dig. The two men were almost exactly identical, but one was slightly taller than the other. Their eyes the same calm topaz that I was so accustom to seeing. Both of them had coal black, spiked but disarrayed hair, and were paler than Bella, but not as pale as Aro. Both were wearing average teenager clothing and looked to be around my age.

The taller one was the first to speak, “Hello, I am Ryan and this is my brother Chad. We heard you all laughing and came to see what was so funny. We caught your trail and decided to follow it.” His eyes flickered to Alice and me for a second. He had found our tag trail.

“Hello,” Edward said, stepping forward, “I am Edward Cullen, My sister Alice, brother slash in-law Jasper, and my…” He paused wondering weather he should tell them the truth or lie. A quick mind sweep told him he could trust them, “my daughter, Elizabeth.” He gestured to Alice, Jasper and me as he said our names.

“So, do you all live here alone, or are there others to your coven?” Chad asked, his eyes darting between the four of us curiously.

“No, there are five others with us; our mother and father, our other brother and his wife, and my wife.” Edward said, leaving out the names of everyone else. He flashed me a glance telling me to keep my guard up because he still was not sure about the visitors.

I eyed the two coolly, keeping towards the back of our small group. I noticed Ryan inhale deeply, and exhale with a sigh. He was thinking about my scent, and he was eyeing me with a longing look. I heard Edward snarl a defensive warning to him and Ryan quickly backed off.

Alice, I noticed, was staring off into space, Jasper with his arm around her waist waiting for her to return from her vision. She let out a small gasp. That was not a good sign. I quickly refrained myself from peeking into the vision and concentrated on Ryan and his brother. Both of them looked oddly familiar. I could not put my finger on where I thought I knew them but I knew that I have seen them before.

Alice came out of the vision, and my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I flipped it open and held it to my ear. It was Bella, and she was worried.

“Liz, Alice had a vision didn’t she?” she asked, her voice sounded close and stressed.

“Yeah, she did,” I told her.

“Let my talk to her. She should be out of it by now.” She said. I complied and handed the phone to Alice. She looked at me puzzled, and I mouthed Bella’s name and she snatched the phone. The conversation was short and fast. I allowed myself to listen to Alice’s thoughts this time and I got a clear picture of her vision. It was dark, but outside. I recognized it to be the park. It was on the main path. I was there with someone, though I couldn’t figure out who it was. We were walking down the long path. The moon was in a full eclipse, and I saw myself twitch slightly as the moon reached the point of the complete eclipse. The person I was with had his hand wrapped around my waist and it looked like he was almost dragging me as we walked. There was another man, in the trees to the left of the path, closest to me. I recognized it as Aro. As I passed the spot, Aro leapt into the air and landed on top of me. I watched as I struggled, in the vision, to get free of his hold, but he had already bitten me on the back of my neck. Then the vision ended and Alice hung up, giving me my phone back.

Do you think it will actually happen? I thought, knowing Edward would hear. I saw his eyes lock with mine, and he swiftly moved them side to side to tell me no, he did not think it would happen because he knew he would be there to save me and rip Aro to shreds if he had to.

I heard Ryan clear his throat, bringing my attention back to him, “Would you mind if we come over tonight?” He asked, “My brother and I currently do not have a place to stay, and we promise not to be a bother. If we are, you can kick us out and we will find somewhere else to go.”

Everyone glanced at Edward. He was currently the leader, and we all knew he was thinking, seeing if it was too risky to take in two other vampires for the night, if he thought people would get suspicious, he knew he would have to talk to Carlisle though.

“You can stay until my father gets home, you will have to ask him that question when he arrives.” Edward answered in a cool tone.

My phone started buzzing again. I looked at the screen to see that it was Lexi and it was also two-thirty.

“Holly shit!” I whispered as I quickly hung up and texted her saying that I was incredibly sorry and would be there in a few minutes. “I can’t believe how late I am. I completely lost track of time!” I went on mentally cursing myself for being so stupid, “Sorry guys, but I really need to get going! I’ll see you guys later, Edward; you know where to find me.” I said as I sped off through the trees and in the general direction of town.