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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

4. Chapter 4

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I tossed and turned all night. The room was fine, it’s just I wasn’t exactly used to having guests who wanted to drain my entire life source out of me at any given moment. I could feel Ryan watching me throughout the entire night. Edward was sitting in one of the bean bag chairs by my bed, watching just in case.

Edward and I talked a lot that night. I never really told him about me telling Alec almost everything about our world in less than five minutes. But I knew I would have to because he’d find out eventually. I promised myself to do it by next month. The Volturi would most likely be hunting my down again by then. I tried to repress any topics that might lead my thoughts to recall that horrible night when they found out what I was and were determined to kill me. But, nothing seemed to work unless I was talking with Edward.

Lexi called later and asked if I wanted to go shopping today with her and Megan. I was more than happy to and we met at the mall around noon.

We were sitting in the food court enjoying a delicious meal of fish and chips and I was telling them all about my girlfriends over in the sates. They seemed really interested in how similar we were to American girls. Their reactions were hilarious when I mentioned that all of my friends went shopping in Port Angelus like every weekend. They were stunned because we too went shopping at least once every weekend, and during the summer, we went crazy.

We were in the middle of discussing our usual game plan for visiting the most amount of stores in the mall as we possible could between now and eight when Ryan and Chad came over. Megan was in mid sentence when everything seemed to freeze except for Ryan, Chad and me. Everything just stopped.

I stared at them. My eyes were wide in disbelief. I had heard of vampires who could freeze time and then manipulate it to their advantage, but I never actually believed it because they were supposed to be so rare. Ryan had his had out in front of him like a police officer telling people to stop. My mouth was hanging open, and Chad burst out laughing at my reaction.

“What in the world do you two want with me?” I asked emphasizing my annoyance.

“We just wanted to come and see what you were up to,” Ryan said, hand still held out, “I was wondering if you would like to spend the day with Chad and me instead of these two.” He gestured towards Lexi, who was frozen sipping her smoothie, and Megan with her mouth open and in the middle of waving her hands around to explain what she was trying to say. “These two don’t seem like much fun, and we could clean out the mall within five minutes if you wanted to. No harm done, we’d just leave cash at the stores where we found something we want.” He was talking about keeping time frozen, robbing stores, and leaving cash to pay for it all.

“Ok big boy. In case you haven’t noticed, my family and I are trying to keep things on the DL. So it really would not help if we went on a time frozen shopping spree. And where’s the fun in that? I mean I would get anything I wanted, but I could do that with my friends at a human pace too. So why don’t you two just leave?” I was really irritated.

“Ok, I’ll unfreeze time on one condition.” Ryan said.

“And that would be…”

“You let us come and shop too.” He answered smugly. I knew he had already won.

“Ok, but how am I going to explain you two to them?” I waved my hand at my friends.

“I don’t know, make up something. Tell them we’re some of your other friends from Washington, or something like that. I could pose as your boyfriends if you wanted me to.”

“Ok, I got a good one. You two were our old neighbors in Washington, but you had moved to the states from Wales, and that’s how I know you. We have never been close friends, but I used to hang out with you guys on the weekends. Just please don’t try to eat anyone.”

“Ok, friends and no eating anyone. Got it.” Ryan said, “Chad, would you mind creating some memories for Elizabeth to remember for the moment?”

Chad nodded and then I felt him in my head, messing with some memories, or rather duplicating and editing, placing his brother and him inside some of the ones of me and my friends in Port Angelus.

“Thanks.” Ryan said dropping his hand and time resumed itself before I could ask any more questions.

Megan finished her sentence and was now staring at Chad and Ryan.

“Who are your friends Liz?” She asked. I pretended I hadn’t noticed them until now and was completely surprised to see them here.

“Chad! Ryan! What are you two doing in England?” I was very good at acting surprised.

“Well, you know our exchange program, it expired and we’re hanging out here in England for about a month before heading home to Wales. What are you doing here?” Chad asked.

“Well, my family moved- I mean came back for the summer. We’re not sure where we’ll be going this fall. Maybe Russia or some place. You know Edward, always wanting to travel and see the world. Mom and dad treat him like royalty a little too much.”

They started to laugh. It was a little obvious that there was definitely an insider here, but neither Lexi nor Megan bothered to ask about it. I turned back to her to answer her question.

“Meg, Lexi, these are my neighbors from the states, Chad and Ryan. We were friends and hung out on the weekends when there was nothing else to do.”

“Oh, well it’s very mince to meet some of little Lizzy’s friends from America.” Lexi said. Meg was still a little too dazed by their beauty to speak.

“Should we get going?” Ryan suggested.

I nodded adding, “Is it okay if they come with us guys?” Both Lexi and Megan nodded and got up.

Shopping with the guys was a blast. We hit all of the stores and then some faster than usual. It was only five o’clock when we had finished and were ready to go home with shopping bags piled high.

“Well that was fun.” I said happily as Ryan, Chad and I ran home. We were really close to the park, so I decided to show them around a little. It was pouring rain, so no one was outside, and the pond was hidden by about half a forest of trees from the road, so no one should see our fun.

I ran over to the pond, and they followed. I kept running even after I hit the water, I knew I could do it for a long time. They stopped at the bank and stared at me. They had obviously never seen anyone run across or on water before and they were stunned.

“Come on!” I called, “The water’s fine. It’s as hard as rock if you keep running!”

They joined in and we chased each other around the pond a few times until it started to get even darker. We were walking at a human pace through the rest of the park when there was a loud snap. It sounded like a crack of lighting, but there was none in sight. I whirled around in the direction of the sound and saw, to my horror, Jeremy sitting on a near by bench.

Liz, are you okay? Ryan asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll handle this. You two just wait for me a minute. I might need some help handling this guy. And be careful, he’s a shadow creature, and he’s really dangerous. Even Edward doesn’t like to mess with him.”

I walked over to where Jeremy was waiting, leaving Ryan and Chad standing there and watching. They really did not like him either, probably for ruining our fun, and would be happy to have a go at him.

“Hello Elizabeth.” Jeremy said cheerfully.

“Jeremy.” I said icily.

“I was wondering if you would like to do that return trip to Nymth that we missed last time because of that dog. I know you will love it now. It’s even more beautiful than before, and there are so many new residents.” He tilted his head brazenly.

“No thanks Jeremy. I have to get going anyway. Edward wants me home by nine. He still is not very secure with me staying out later than that.” I quickly made up the excuse and turned to leave. I was about half way back to Ryan and Chad when an iron grip wrapped around my right forearm. I couldn’t take another step without having my arm dislocated.

I whirled around to face him. I was really angry now. Why can’t he just leave me alone? It’s not like Lucas or Alec followed me over here, or did they? Maybe Lucas did come just to keep an eye out for me, and Jeremy’s trying to get me before Lucas can come in and ruin his plans. Maybe Lucas is watching right now and getting ready to save me. No, he wouldn’t do that for me after the way I had treated him, I’m a goner if Jeremy wants to kill me.

Jeremy’s eyes were bright red now, and glowing. They were the same eyes I remember seeing Alec with and Jacob during the wolf attack back in May. His grip on my arm tightened to an extreme level of pain and I heard Ryan let out a low growl. No one, not even my newest friends, liked to see me hurt. I shot Ryan a warning glance that clearly said: don’t try anything stupid or I’m as good as dead.

Jeremy then grabbed my other arm, tightening his hold even further. The only thing I could do was stand there and stare at those big, blood red, eyes. I started to feel dizzy and Jeremy let out a small chuckle. Ryan was instantly ay my side and pulling on my other arm, but I could not move.

“What are you doing to her?” Ryan demanded.

“I’m doing whatever I want, and right now,” Jeremy responded, sounding pleased, “I’m making her pay.”

The next thing I knew, I was lying flat on my back and there was an electric blue light which had thrown Jeremy into one of the hundred year old trees.

RUN Liz you got to get out of here before he gets up! I knew that “voice”, it was Lucas, and boy was I absurdly happy to hear him again. I don’t know how he found you though. Luke thought again answering one of my many earlier questions.

I instinctively turned on my heel and sped off into the trees with Ryan and Chad right behind me. We were zipping through the trees towards an undecided place and Ryan was very angry and curious. Who was that guy? What did he want with Liz? I’ve never seen anyone’s, not even a warlock’s eyes glow like that. What was he doing to her exactly? Liz, are you okay?

“Yeah Ryan, I’m fine, that was Jeremy, and ass hole I ran into back in Washington who is a shadow creature and is bent on either killing or marrying me, don’t ask, apparently, in his world, kissing someone means you’re married or going to be married to them. I don’t get it either, and I have no idea what he was doing to me. I just remember getting really dizzy and then Lucas showed up and he probably just saved my life, and I don’t know how either of them found me.” I whispered at lightning speed as we ran.

Liz, are you there? It was Lucas.

Yeah, I’m here. What did he want?

You. What else? Both of us want you, and apparently, two others do too, your newest friend and the dog. You just seem to be pretty irresistible lately.

Any idea how he found me?

I do have one hunch, look at your necklace.

I glanced down and saw that my amulet’s gem was, instead of its normal clear, ruby red and glowing.

Shit! How could I not have assumed he’d enchant it or whatever you want to call it? I can’t even get it off. I thought as I tried to undo the clasp.

I could probably help with that.

Lucas was by my side and still running in even pace with me as he tried to undo the necklace’s chain. I then realized that Chad had left and Ryan was on my other side watching Lucas as he worked on the bewitched amulet. I was having issues not running into trees with them keeping me in the middle like that.

“Where’d Chad go?” I asked Ryan.

“Home, to tell your parents that we might be gone for a while and to look for us near Italy, Voltera specifically.”

“What! Do you know who lives in that city?!? It’s the Volturi, and they’ve been after me for over a year! I can’t go there and expect to be safe when the royal vampires are just down the street and waiting to kill me!”

“I didn’t know. Honestly!” He replied in a begging tone, “We’ll head for Spain if that’s a safer place.”

“Honestly, being back there trapped by Jeremy is safer than being anywhere near Voltera.” I admitted.

Edward popped up behind me after I finished.

“I can’t believe it! You’re just like your mother! It seems like bad luck just seems to follow you every where you go! First there was Washington and all of that bad luck, and now that evil Shadow is after you, oh and look who’s back!” Edward ranted. This was completely unlike my calm, cool, and collected father, but he had a very good excuse.

“So Edward, where do you think I should hide out now?” I asked, just as irritated.

“Got It!” Lucas exclaimed as I felt the necklace fall off and heard the light thud as it hit the ground.

“How about back in Washington, or Russia maybe?” Edward suggested.

“No, I’ve been to both before, and the Volturi will be expecting me at either place.” I told him. He considered that and agreed.

“So now what?” Ryan asked.

“Go home and talk to Carlisle I guess. And maybe move down to Antarctica. Everyone could feed off the penguins.”

Both Edward and Ryan laughed at the last part. At least someone was in a better mood than me now.

“If I may,” Lucas suggested, “I believe that the castle in Nymth is the only safe place left. Think of it. Only the royal family and friends are allowed inside, and the Volturi would never be able to get there without a light guard or demon, and there’s only a few of each on Earth. Everyone would be perfectly safe.”

We were at the house now, and everyone was on the front porch waiting. Everyone except Alice looked worried. Carlisle overheard Lucas’s idea and stepped forward to discuss.

“I think Lucas may be right.” He started, “Nymth is a very nice place. Everyone would be able to come, and we would not have to hide our powers or abilities there. I think it’s the only place that the Volturi would not think to look in for Liz anyway.”

“I do too.” Alice said, with a very large and knowing grin on her face, “It’s really the only other option. The Volturi will check the entire globe two or three times over, and Jeremy will be looking too. Jeremy will check Nymth first though since the necklace is off and so we should wait a day or two before leaving.”

“But, what am I going to tell everyone who isn’t in on our little secrets? Oh hey guys, just wanted to let you know, if I disappear in the next couple of days, don’t look for me. I’ll be in a magical kingdom with some warlocks and my vampire family? How am I going to cover this one up? And anyway, I don’t want to go back to Nymth anymore. There are too many ties I have here that would hurt too much to lose.” I complained. I really did not want to leave.

Why don’t we just change her? Ryan thought. I eagerly agreed to that idea, a little too eagerly for Edward’s tastes, and for some odd reason, Edward lost it. He had Ryan pinned down to the ground outside in a split second screaming at him. Emmet ran forward and dragged Edward off of Ryan, keeping Ryan in one piece. Jasper immediately calmed everyone down. It was nice to have him around sometimes.

“No.” Edward was seething, “She will not have to suffer the way the rest of us have had to. I will not allow it!”

“Well, if she wants to stay, then let her stay. If the Volturi come and change her, then it’s all over, but don’t come crying to me when they kill her.” Chad said. It was the first time I had ever heard him talk, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

This time it was Ryan’s turn to tackle someone, and boy was he mad. He was on top of Chad in an instant trying to choke him to death, but with no avail. Ryan was also mentally screaming at him.

I glanced away from the two vampires rolling around on the ground and went to staring at Edward. What do you mean all of you were changed unwillingly. I thought mom wanted to be a vampire.

“We’ll talk about it later Elizabeth.” Edward’s mouth was pulled into a very tight line.

So she wasn’t changed on her own free will?

No, she wasn’t.

Will you please tell me what happened?

Later, but not now, not in front of everyone.

Well, you could mentally tell me what happened.

I said LATER.

Fine. I then turned my attention to Lucas who was wondering what had happened, and also if Jeremy was on his way, or at least trying to find me. I stared off into the woods searching for Jeremy or anyone else at all. I was very curious about where he was. I found that he was no where within a ten mile radius from where I stood, so I should be safe.