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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

5. Chapter 5

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I was up in my room when there was a very soft tap on my door.

Who is it? I thought.

Who else? Edward asked.

I don’t know, you could have been Lucas.

True but then you would have been hearing some ranting about how Jeremy just couldn’t leave you alone and how “I”, being Lucas, wanted you all to myself. He walked in smugly and sat down in one of the beanbag chairs by my bed.

“Are you ready for the story now?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for over three hours for you to come and tell me.”

“I know, I just thought I’d ask before just diving into it.”

“Okay, well you know I’m ready, so let’s hear it.”

“Okay, but I have to warn you, it might get a little gruesome.”

“Edward.” I wined.

“Okay, okay, here it goes.” He took a large and unnecessary breath and began, “You were just about six months old. You were born at the very second of the complete lunar eclipse; so anyway, it was the day of a complete solar eclipse. We were here in England at this very home. All of us were outside and your mother and you were gazing up at the light, cumulous clouds that covered the sky and Bella was pointing out all of the shapes they made to you. The rest of us were off hunting in the nearby area, just to make sure we could get back fast enough in case anything happened. I got back early with Emmet and Carlisle and all of us were just lounging around outside when they came.

“The Volturi were after Bella. They thought she knew too much about our world to remain human. They had no idea until then that you existed.

“I heard Aro coming first. He was planning on changing Bella, but he could also smell you. He wondered how old you were and if you were at all related, or if we would care if he had a little snack.” Edward growled at the thought, “We were all ready for their attack, but they had brought more reinforcements than we had expected. We could not handle them all. Both Carlisle and I were busy protecting the two of you while everyone else was fighting the guards off from a further distance away. But Aro and a new one were just too quick. They slipped up behind us and got Bella first.

“Aro quickly snatched you up and thought about a billion different possibilities. Most of them involved you being dead. Somehow, Bella was able to fight through the pain to rescue you faster than we would have thought possible. She quickly gave you to me and I took off. I headed for America where I knew you would be safe until we could come back and get you. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

“I hated leaving you there with some of our old friends and their two sons. I wanted to take you home, to pretend this never happened, to see that Bella was still human, but I knew I couldn’t. Angela and Ben promised to take care of you for us, and they did a very good job, but not good enough. Bella had been turned and Aro was satisfied, but not for long.

“They came back when you were about two or so, asking what we did with you. I tried everything, but they were all so determined to have you dead. I told them you knew nothing about what we really were and that you were perfectly useless to them, but then you got your powers and everything I had said was a lie.

“They somehow found out where you were and came after you once again. I got there just in time to save you, but not the two boys. Angela and Ben had gone out for the day, leaving you with two teenage boys who loved you to pieces. They did everything they could to protect you until I got there. I thanked them for everything they did for you and promised them that they would see you again. And they have.”

“Who are they? The two boys who were my babysitters?”

“Well, in my opinion, they are your two newest friends.” Edward stated.

“Chad and Ryan? They were the two who were watching me when Aro attacked?!?” I could not believe it, “But, that means that they shouldn’t even be allowed around humans yet, they shouldn’t be anywhere near any possible civilization! They-”

Edward cut me off, “They’re fine, and doing quite well for their age I might add. Carlisle, Emmet, and Jasper took them off and helped get them used to drinking animal blood. That’s why you didn’t meet them for about two years.”

I gave a small oh in realization. I then noticed the clock on my wall saying that it was two in the morning. Edward, reading my mind, bent down and gave me a small peck on the forehead as him way of saying goodnight and then left. I crawled into bed and was out cold.