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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

7. Chapter 7

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Chad was hiding in plane sight, he was also cheating. We found him in the middle of a clearing and Emmet was running back and forth around him. Emmet would stop after he passed Chad and shake his head. Chad was erasing Emmet’s memory of Emmet ever noticing him.

“Chad cut it out! We’ve got a bigger problem at the moment.” I hissed. Chad stood still while I explained what had happened and then he erased Emmet’s memory of ever overhearing the conversation.

We took off back into the woods and the man’s scent was not hard for either Chad or Ryan to find. We followed the scent back around to the river and then it started going in circles. The spirals of his scent led us to a small clearing. The man was sitting in the middle of it.

“Ok, let’s just erase this guy’s memory and leave.” I said.

“Hold on a minute,” Chad said with a large and maniacal smirk on his face, “I think we could have a little fun with this."

The new plan was, we let the guy sit there and I slowly walk up behind him as Ryan and Chad are visibly running through the trees whispering and snapping all kinds of things in half. I then tap the guy on the shoulder, see if he freaks out, and then when he starts asking questions, act like I don’t know English and have Chad come in and “translate” what I’m saying. I’ll be speaking in African click, so Chad might have to come up with why I’m in England, but he can do it. After the man is entirely confused, we either erase his memory or ship him to the middle of Madagascar.

With the new plan set, Chad and Ryan take off laughing maniacally. I start walking into the clearing as quietly as I can, which is really easy for me to do. The sounds of snapping branches and rocks colliding with trees now surrounds the small clearing, as well as silhouettes of the “mysterious” runners.

When I reach the man, I take a quick look inside his mind. He is old, probably sixty or so, but the only way I could ever known that was by looking at his grey, almost white, tuffs of hair. When I did look inside his head, I found him mentally writing his will.

I found out his name was Charlie. Charlie Swan to be exact, and that he said everything he owned could go to his daughter Bella, if he only knew where she was. He wanted to know if Bella was still okay, if her daughter, Elizabeth, me, if I was fine and healthy. If Bella had had any other kids since the last time they had spoken, eighteen years ago, if Edward, my dad, had left her again. He also wanted to know if there were such things as vampires.

I stopped dead in my tracks directly behind him and he was about ten feet in front of my. I kept my breathing slow, easy, and quiet so he would never know I was there. The Ryan and Chad stopped running when I stopped walking.

Why’d she stop? Chad wondered.

There’s got to be something up. I know I haven’t known her very long, but she seems to follow through every decision she’s made. It doesn’t make sense for her to just stop. Ryan though.

I couldn’t think straight. I now knew that this man in front of me is my grandfather. I also knew that Bella would want to see him again, know he’s not dead, and that I could never let him see any of us, out of the fear that he wonders if vampires are real. Edward had taught me from a very young age not to come in contact with anyone who even wondered if vampires existed, and most certainly stay away from those who do believe they exist.

I took a step backwards, towards where I had come into the clearing, but my foot landed on a stick, and the cracking noise it made was, in my opinion, earsplitting. Ryan and Chad were instantly at the edge of the clearing waiting for me to run, but staying out of Charlie’s sight.

Oh god, here’s the end. Charlie thought.

It took everything I had to not run away from Charlie as he turned around to face me; his brown eyes old and worried, his skin paler than most human’s, his skin covered in wrinkles and his old eyes now needed glasses. His eyes took in my wet and dirty, but in his mind beautiful, appearance.

Then his eyes locked with mine as he remembered that I was the girl he saw running from the creek. He didn’t remember me jumping out of the creek, just me running past him. That was good. He eyes remained focused on mine as he slowly got to his feet. I stayed where I was, watching. I still could not get over that he was my grandfather and that he could still get around.

“Hello.” He said as he dusted himself off. He extended one of his wrinkled hands out towards me to shake it, but I couldn’t. He wasn’t even supposed to know I existed. And why was he in England?

“My name is Charlie.” He tried, “don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.”

I looked down at my feet and I saw that my legs were growing paler, and out of the corner of my eye, my hair was turning to a darker brown. No! I can’t be shifting now! I’m not supposed to shift, maybe I’m just subconsciously shifting out of fear, but I can’t shift in front of a human, it would raise too many questions. I caught my reflection in his glasses, and, to my horror, I was starting to look just like Bella.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I screamed at myself. I can’t shift now, not in front of Charlie. Crap! He’s wondering where my parents are! Should I just go ahead and run, or should I speak in Chinese like a scared and confused person and run for it?

I diidn’t have to make a decision though because Ryan stared calling for my, using a different name. He stood right where he was, but he made his voice grow in volume while Chad made the sounds of footsteps on the damp earth.

“Sarah! Sarah! Sarah come on, this isn’t funny anymore. Mom and dad are going to kill us if we come back without you! Sarah! Sarah!” Ryan called.

Chad added his voice to the calling, “Sarah! Come on! I’m tired! And mom said we ad to get home before three! Come on! You can’t be lost!”

“Let’s try this clearing, she might be here.” Ryan suggested.

“But we’ve looked in every single on of these darn clearings and she hasn’t been in any of them. Why would she come this way from the river anyway?” Chad complained in a voice too young for how old he was supposed to be acting.

“Who knows why? But we have to find her or we’re dead. Now come on.” Ryan finished.

I turned around, away from Charlie, and saw the two walked through the trees and into the clearing.

Chad then exclaimed, “There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!”

“Took you long enough” I muttered too quietly for Charlie to hear.

Ryan walked over to me, looking like the oldest brother to Charlie, and said, “Come on Sarah. Mom and dad are going to get really worried when we show up late.”

I blinked a couple of times and said, “Okay, I’m coming. I just wanted to see the rest of the woods.”

“Sarah, you can’t see all twenty-seven square miles of woods in three hours. Now come on.” Chad said.

I took Ryan’s hand and we walked off into the woods leaving Charlie utterly surprised and curious about what just happened.

Once we were out of Charlie’s vision, I climbed onto Ryan’s back and he took off towards home. I didn’t want to run. I probably couldn’t anyway because I was still shocked about seeing my grandfather.

When we got to the house everyone was on the back porch waiting with anxious faces. Alice was the only one who was not surprised by our return. When everyone else saw me being carried, they all panicked and met Ryan halfway through the giant backyard.

“What happened?” Was the main questioning everyone asked when they reached us. Both Ryan and Chad just shrugged, saying they didn’t know and just that there was this old guy we were going to prank, and then when we almost had him, I backed out, or froze really and then tried to back out but the guy noticed and, and that I wouldn’t tell them anything.

Ryan let me off and Edward scooped me up. He tried to search my mind, but all he found was the image of the old man. It was all my brain could handle now.