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Liz and her family of vampires are vacationing in England for the summer. What will happen when some of Liz's old friends show up and when some unwanted faces re-appear? Sequal to: Estrella! Next story: Sol!

ok, this is the sequal to my first story, Star. If you have not read Star, then do NOT read this. You will be completely confused about practically everything. Sorry...

8. Chapter 8

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“Where’s mom?” I managed as Edward carried me up the stairs to my room, “I need to talk to mom.”

“Shh,” He soothed, stroking my hair, “Bella’s here, she’s waiting in your room.”

“Kay.” Was all I could manage without having to tell Edward everything.

Sure enough, Bella was sitting on the end of my bed, and when she heard us come in she had me in her arms and she carried me over to my bed and held me in her lap.

“Elizabeth,” she whispered, “Sweetie, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Who was the man in the woods?” Edward asked slowly.

“I can’t tell you.” I answered, “I can only tell mom. You would get mad and then we’d have to move again.”

“Lizzie, I promise I won’t be mad, please, just tell us who the man was. That’s all we need to know.” Edward pleaded.

“I’ll give you hints. It shouldn’t take long for one of you to guess. I know most of this stuff about him from you guys.”

That could be a lot of people. Edward thought.

“He used to live in Forks.”


“He likes fish.”

Go on.

“He’s a terrible cook.”

Charlie? Bella thought.

“He’s also my grandfather.”

“It was Charlie.” Bella concluded, “But why would Charlie be here in England?”

I shrugged, “He misses you,” I said to Bella. And then to Edward, “He still loathes you, and he thinks you might have left Bella again.” Back to Bella, “When I was walking up behind him, I caught him mentally writing his will. He said that you would get everything he owned, and that, if you were dead, I’d get everything. He hasn’t heard from you for eighteen and a half years! He knows, or knew about me though. And he keeps my latest picture in his wallet. You might want to send him another one of those though, because the one he currently has is from when I was just a baby.”

Both Bella and Edward stared at me with hock in their eyes. I just sat there.

Edward then got up and started pacing. He was trying to figure out what to do now.

“He didn’t recognize me though, and he thinks that Chad and Ryan are my only siblings and we were just hanging out in the woods.” I added quickly before he could make up his mind on whether to leave or if we should just stay here.

“Well, what do you want to do Bella?” Edward asked.

Both Bella and I gasped. This was the first time he had ever let Bella make a decision this big.

“Well, umm, I think that we should stay here. Edward, would it really be that bad if we stayed here and stayed away from Charlie?” Bella answered.

“No love, it wouldn’t be so bad I suppose.” Edward thought about it a little more.

“If it makes any difference, I’d like to stay here.” I added. At least I could get my two cents in.

There was a soft tap on the door and Ryan poked his head in.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine. Sorry about scaring everyone back there.” I apologized.

“’S ok.” He said, “Hey, do you need anything?”

“No, I’m fine. I’ll come down in a few minutes.”

He left and Edward and Bella got up to leave. I just needed to take care of one thing. I rummaged through all of my old photos on my computer and found a recent one of me and Bella. I printed off a copy and wrote that date of when it was taken on the back of it.

“Ryan.” I whispered.

He was standing next to me in a fraction of a second. I handed him the picture.

“Take this to the old man. Make sure he doesn’t see you.”

“Okay.” He said and was out the window and running before Edward came back in to tell me that we had a visitor.

* * *

Our “visitor” turned out to be someone who wasn’t as welcome here as most of my other friends. Alec.

“Alec? What on earth are you doing here?” I asked him as we walked around outside.

“Well, I couldn’t really help but miss you so I came by to say hi.” He said taking my hand in his.

“Then hi, I really don’t think now’s the best time for a visit though.” I said.

“Why not?”

“Because,” I took a deep breath, “We’ve been having some issues lately and we might have to move again. It’s nothing we can’t handle though. Just a few ‘others’ in the area to worry about.” I hoped he’d let it go for now.

“When are you coming back?” He asked.

“I don’t know honestly. I can’t be sure even if we do have an estimate date, or even a set date. In my family, a whole lot of stuff can change really quickly.”

“I know what you mean.” Alec agreed, “one day your mom’s there and the next she isn’t. Also your best friend can leave without even saying goodbye or letting you know that they’re leaving.” That last part hurt a little.

“Alec, I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye, but we left really fast, and I just barely had enough time to pack enough for a couple days here.” I said.

We walked in silence through the yard for a while. Both of us were thinking about different things. We were still holding hands when someone called my name.

“Liz!” the voice called.

I turned around to find Ryan running towards us at a human pace. I could tell he was trying really hard not to just appear next to us.

“Hey Ryan! You’re back!” I called back smiling.

“Ryan?” Alec asked.

“An old friend.” I gave the simplest explanation without letting Alec know that I’m completely surrounded by mythical creatures morning noon and night.

Ryan reached us then and glared at Alec.

“Ryan,” I warned, “maybe you should go back inside. I’ll be there later.”

He didn’t move.

I sighed and started to walk back toward the house, leaving the two of them to work it out. Esme was in the kitchen making a ginormious pot of spaghetti for my dinner. I knew I would only eat a bowl and give Alec the rest.

I went over to the piano and started playing. I don’t remember what I played, it was probably a mix of everything flowing into one of the many songs I had written but never named. The notes floated and swayed like tall grass in the breeze. Edward eventually came over and joined in with a mix of Bella’s lullaby and Esme’s favorite composition. We both stuck a melancholy cord at the end and I then realized that Lucas, Ryan, Chad, and Alec were staring at me.

“What?” I asked. They all looked at like I was a god.

“Wow.” Alec exhaled.

“That was amazing.” Lucas said.

Both Ryan and Chad stood there with their mouths open and staring at me. Ryan finally stepped forward and he began playing. His fingers glided over the keys faster than Edward’s did and the song was absolutely beautiful. When the piece ended, it was my turn to gape at what I had just heard.

I suddenly remember I was starved and went into the large dining room where there was spaghetti waiting for me.

I dug in and was quickly joined at the table by Alec who acted as if he hadn’t eaten in a week.

We didn’t really talk, there wasn’t must time to talk in between mouthfuls of food. When I had finished my first bowl, Alec was on his fourth.

After eating, Alec asked if I wanted to go for a walk.

“Not really Alec, I’ve had a really long day and need my sleep.”

“Okay then. I guess I’ll talk to you later.” He said as he headed towards the front door.

I trudged up the stairs, too tire to think or go any faster than that. I crawled into bed without bothering to change and fell asleep.