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Mid Summers Night Scream

Every morning the sun rises, and every night the sun sets. These things you are always sure of. What would happen if one of the other things that you were absoluteley sure of was stolen away. Your identity, you life, and your love.

I do not own twilight or any of the characters

2. What!!

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Jacob’s POV

I closed my eyes tight and then opened them again. To my horror they were the same as they had been when I had first looked in to that mirror. They were black, alien, and not at all my own. I felt really strange I could hear everything it was as if I could hear things that were happening miles away. Strange scents assaulted my nose the room smelled of vampires and dust. I was so surprised the vampire smell wasn’t hurting my nose. Then I realized that something else hurt very much my throat felt like it was on fire.

Hot tongues of scorching pain seemed to lick up and down my throat. I gasped and only made the pain worse. I stumbled out of the doorway and promptly ran in to someone. The small female spiky haired vampire was smiling down at me so happily that I couldn’t help but smile back. No! This could not be happening I actually felt happy for some strange reason. Then the short leech spoke to me

“Hey Edward are you ready to go to school?”

“Sure” I replied so hesitantly that the vampire looked up at me looking extremely concerned.

“Are you alright Edward?” she asked.

“Not really.” I said coldly.

She then looked in to my eyes and seemed to realize something.

“Wow Edward you really need to hunt soon you throat must be killing you”

“Ha killing me” I said and I probably sounded quite insane.

The leech led me by the hand down the stairs where the other leeches were sitting. The leech attached to my arm spoke to the blonde leader one.

“Carlisle we really need to go hunting soon, look at Edward’s eyes”

The leader leech stepped closer to me and looked at my eyes with a questioning look on his face. He was frowning.

“Edward do you think that you could hold on for one more day?”

Not wanting to speak because the pain in my throat was too strong I nodded. Then after that I followed the other leeches numbly out the door and stepped in to its Volvo. I was surprised to find that the keys to the car were in my pocket. I fired up the engine and sped off. For some reason I really had no control to where I was going and soon I found myself in the parking lot of Forks High School.

I stepped out of the car and the smell of exhaust from the students cars and other smells and sounds some better than others. Then I heard a wet thudding sound and realized it was a beating heart. Suddenly the pain in my throat faired up again and I had a strong urge to head for the sound. I walked to the door while I was holding my breath. For some reason like the strange pull that had brought me to the school in the first place I walked to the classes even though I had never been this far into the school before.

After hours of really boring classes it was time for lunch. I walked behind the other humans afraid to breathe. I entered the cafeteria and got in line for the food even though I knew that it wouldn’t make a difference because I couldn’t eat whatever I bought. Then I sat down next to the other leeches. Then I noticed something that I hadn’t before it really occurred to me when all of the sudden I heard hey Edward there’s a human looking at you like they want to eat you. I looked around to see which of the leeches had spoken but then I thought none of them had. I had forgotten about Edward’s gift of hearing other people’s thoughts.

Then I heard other voices,

Wow look at the new girl”“She is so weird”“Wow a new girl who would ever want to come to this crappy town”

Then I looked the same way that the other students were looking and I saw someone who I never thought I would see again. Bella was sitting at a table with that Mike Newton kid and several other people none of which were looking at anything else but Bella. Then I thought back to the hill and the wish. I smiled. Maybe wishes do come true but maybe not in the way you expect them to.

Edward’s POV

I felt ill all of a sudden like I was going to throw up. Not a feeling I was used to. Then a voice called from another room.

“Jake you’re going to be late for school”

I walked out in to a small hallway and again hit my head on the ceiling. Ouch. I wasn’t used to feeling pain ever except for the times that I found myself very thirsty. Then I saw Billy Black sitting his wheelchair by a small table in a kitchen, (again small). He smiled at me and handed me a sandwich and said

“Hey kid, have a good day”

He smiled as I walked out of the door. This was truly a very strange day. I walked down long and winding dirt roads until I came to a small school. I immediately knew where I had to go. I entered the school and was immediately yelled at.

“Jacob Black this is the third time this week that you have been late!”

A very short angry looking man grabbed my wrist and led me to a room that I assumed was the office. He pointed to a small chair where I sat. Why was everything in this stupid place too small? I hated it, the stupid little house, the too small school, and everything else about Jacob Black’s too small world. I sat in the chair which I struggled to get my too tall body to fit in. Then the short man returned carrying a green slip of paper.

“You need to report to the office right after school for your detention.”

“Yes, sir” I replied back.

The short man glared at me and said

“Are you asking for more detention of are you going to get to class!”

Rather than have to spend more time here and less time figuring out what was happening to me. Where was Bella! I was astonished that I hadn’t thought of her before this moment. Where was my angel and why was I like this. I grumbled to myself as the strange magnetic pull that had brought me to this place lead me to Jacob Black’s first class of the day that turned out to be English. The teacher was a portly woman with short graying hair and terrible fashion sense. Alice would have a clothing heart attack if she saw how this woman dressed. She did attendance and then stood in front of the class.

“Today we will be starting a new novel. We will be reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen”

I heard several of my fellow classmates grumble. I had read the book so many times while I waited for Bella to awaken every night that I literally had whole chapters memorized. Then another boy leaned across to me and said,

“Hey Jake what kept you this morning? I was looking for you.”

“Hey Embry, sorry about this morning but my alarm clock broke.”

Wait a moment I don’t even know this person and had never seen him before and yet I knew his name. The words that had come out of my mouth definitely weren’t mine. I was so confused and worried and my confusion only increased when I saw the calendar on the wall I was about a year or two ago this was the day that I met Bella.