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Mid Summers Night Scream

Every morning the sun rises, and every night the sun sets. These things you are always sure of. What would happen if one of the other things that you were absoluteley sure of was stolen away. Your identity, you life, and your love.

I do not own twilight or any of the characters

3. Confusion

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Jacob’s POV

It was time for my, or rather Edward’s next class. It turned out to be biology. I walked in the door and sat down at the only empty desk. The scent of all of the other humans was overwhelming and I felt sick with myself. I was my worst enemy and worse than that I had all my worst enemy’s traits and his curse. I had been disgusted with myself all day. Me in the body of a filthy blood sucked. As soon as I thought that the door opened again and Bella stepped in. If I would have been in my normal body my heart would have almost stopped. I really wanted to talk to Bella and try to change things.

As soon as she had been in the room for a few seconds a powerful smell hit me. I was the most delicious tempting thing that I had ever smelled. Then to my horror the teacher pointed to the empty chair beside me and Bella sat down in it. I was freaking out on the inside. I also wanted to kill myself and the real Edward wherever he may be. Then I wondered where my body was and what or who was occupying it. I was trying so hard not to breathe in while making it look like I was still breathing. (By the way this was really hard.)

Bella being the stupid person that she was, wait I loved Bells. Why was I feeling so angry at her? Just then the bell rang and I sprinted at human speed out of the door. I was still really freaked out. I was new to being like this and I really hoped that it wouldn’t last for much longer. Looking around desperately for where I had parked the leech’s Volvo I saw Bella again. She was getting into her red truck which means that my dad had already sold it to her, which also meant that she probably didn’t remember me or the leech. I smiled.

Edward’s POV

I was angry and afraid and most of all scared both for myself, and for Bella. After my detention which had grated on my nerves, and getting yelled at again during said undeserved detention I was really angry. I got in the door to where Billy was and shoved Jacob’s books down on the couch. I went in to the too small kitchen and got out their phone book. I looked up a number that I had called many times and for some reason now couldn’t remember. The voice that spoke on the other end of the line was as comforting as it was familiar.

“Hello, Swan residence this is Bella speaking”


“Hello?”, I heard her reply in to the phone.

“Hey Bells its Edward”

“Who?” I heard the voice say on the other end of the line.

“Umm... I mean its Jacob Black”

For the longest time there was no answer and then Bella spoke again.

“Oh I remember you, your Billy’s son right?”


After I had spoken I thought of how foolish I must have sounded and hung up. After that I felt angrier than ever. I stormed out of the kitchen and went in to the wolf’s room. Disgusting dog! The room though small was a complete mess. It was more like a closet than a room, there was junk everywhere and the bed hung out of the door. Looking at the cluttered room made me angrier still. Then I came up with a solution if I was Jacob Black where was Edward Cullen? Why was this happening to me? I stormed out of the room and then from there out of the house entirely. I needed to find myself quite literally.

I stormed out in to the yard and proceeded to walk down a dirt road. I had never felt this angry before. Well maybe the time when the dog kissed Bella or when she was almost attacked in Port Angelous. It was almost scary and I had absolutely no control over my anger what so ever. Could Jacob, could I be a werewolf? This didn’t make any sense. The calendar showed that this was the day Bella came into my life for the first time. The dog wasn’t even a dog yet. This was so confusing and still I was wondering how had this happened to me.

The last thing I remembered as myself is when I left that small church with Bella by my side and the next moment I was here. It didn’t make any sense. Things like this didn’t just happen except for in cheesy soap operas, or Disney shows. I pondered my situation as I walked on soon, a police cruiser pulled up beside me and rolled down its window.

“Hey Jake, how’s Billy?” said Charley Swan

“Good” I replied.

“Jake do you need a ride somewhere?”

“Sort of.”

I said back I was actually getting tired from walking all the miles to get here.

At that he pointed to his back seat and said,

“Hop in kid”

I shoved myself in the back of the car and almost immediately my head hit the top of the car. Urgh! Was the stupid dog too tall to fit in to anything? Then Charley asked,

“Where to?”

“Just drop me off a little ways from here and I can get the rest of the way myself”

I look of concern crossed Bella’s father’s face, but he nodded and drove on I saw trees passing by the car and then said,

“This looks like a good enough spot.”

It was really cold outside and I shivered luckily Charlie didn’t notice. He drove off after telling me that I could call if I needed a ride home. Then I went down the familiar path though the trees and then a terrible smell reached my nose. It was strong and too sweet, it was how the wolf had described how vampires smelled to him. I knew I was getting closer to answers and home. As the house came in to view I heard rustling in the trees behind me and then Emmet jumped out of the trees and grabbed the front of my shirt.

“What are you doing here!” he snarled through closed teeth.

I had to admit I was scared even though my borrowed body towered over my brother, my heart started beating frantically. For a moment I couldn’t speak. Then I managed to get out,

“Umm I need to speak to ummm… Edward”

Emmet let go of my shirt and ran inside the house, (too fast to be human I might add). Then to my surprise I saw something that confused so much that I could hardly speak. Standing right in front of me was well me. I looked the same but different at the same time except for I wore a very confused expression on my face.

“We need to talk!” I said sharply.

My doppelganger nodded at me and we walked away from the house. Rain drops were falling off of the trees and falling on my head and running down my back, I shivered. Me and myself walked far enough away from the house that the others couldn’t hear us. (Which was a very long way.) It was like looking in to a mirror, a lying mirror that steals your life and your love! Finally when we were a good distance away from the house I spoke.

“Look pup I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t know why but if you would kindly give my body back I won’t have to kill you!”

“Listen, I probably know less about this whole thing then you do.”

Before I could say anything else, he ran off toward the house leaving me standing there all alone. It had started raining, again. I sighed heavily as I walked through the trees. Even though my memories of my other life were becoming sort of fuzzy, like my human memories had become. Within moments I was soaked through and freezing, and not the kind of cold that I was usually used to. It was extremely dark when I finally made it back to the road. After that I hitch-hiked to the edge of La Push and made my way to Jacob Black’s house. I walked inside and slammed the door behind me. The clock on the wall read 12:00.

All of the sudden Billy wheeled his way out of the kitchen and looked at me angrily. He started yelling at me.


I couldn’t even reply I just looked at him forlornly. His features softened as he looked at me. By that time I sat down . Billy put his hand on my head and then smiled.

“ It looks like you have a fever.” He said, his tone filled with glee.