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Being Her

A series of one-shots in Claire's perspective throughout the series For Her.

Um, will not go in any order. they come as i get bored enough to write them. PSSSTTT if you want a new story, go review with her!

2. Bloody Seven

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I didn’t even see it coming.


I was looking down at my homework.

Seven plus two… nine.

I wrote it down with my pencil.

There was a loud noise and a sharp pain. Mostly from the shock, I started to cry. I looked up and saw Daddy.

He was grimacing at me.

“What… what… what…” I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I was only four. I didn’t know what was happening. Also, I was crying, great rasping sobs.

“Shut up!”

This time, I did see it, but I couldn’t move out of the way of his hand.

The noise was so loud I bet everyone for miles can hear it. I felt wet tears slither down the sore left side of my face. “Why?” I whispered. That’s the question I was looking for.

“I told you to shut up!”

The third blow came, even harder. I screamed.

“Shut up!

He hit me again, this time breaking the skin. I watched a single drop of dark red blood fall on the white paper, blotting out my carefully drawn seven.

Finally, I obeyed, too terrified even to cry. He smiled and walked away.

This wasn’t the Daddy I knew. Never very touchy-feely. Never very loving. Never open. Never…

Quil. I half-remembered him. Daddy didn’t love me, and Quil did.

But Daddy never hurt me. I was shocked. No one ever hurt me. I was little. Big people sometimes hurt other big people, on shows and movies, and little people hurt other little people all the time… just yesterday Will and Matt had gotten into a fight in the playground.

But big people didn’t hurt little people. It was wrong, and strange, and it hurt.

I gently touched my face, and had to choke back more tears at the sudden pain. It was agony.

I could feel the sharp stinging, only increasing with time.

I gasped and dived for the covers. I just went to sleep, too afraid to stay awake. This meant the homework didn’t get done.

The next morning, Daddy smiled. “Hi, Claire Bear. Want some breakfast?”

I wondered if it had all been just an extension of the nightmare I’d had.

But that didn’t explain the sore part of my face.

Daddy drove me to school, and I walked in the building. My teacher was shocked I hadn’t done my homework… I was usually a very good student.

“What happened, Claire?”

“Nothing… I… I just fell asleep. I’m sorry,” I explained, knowing right away I couldn’t tell her. She wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t even believe myself. She looked at me skeptically.

“You are sure? Nothing at all?”

“No. Nothing. I’m really sorry. Am I in trouble?” I asked, cringing. Did I have to be afraid of her, too? Mrs. Heather was so nice, though. I couldn’t imagine her hurting me… then again, I hadn’t thought Daddy would ever hurt me, either.

She sighed and took the partially finished paper. Her eyes darted from it to me in shock.

“Claire, why is there blood on your paper?”