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Being Her

A series of one-shots in Claire's perspective throughout the series For Her.

Um, will not go in any order. they come as i get bored enough to write them. PSSSTTT if you want a new story, go review with her!

39. Hand in Hand

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“Well, this is intimidating,” I quip.

“I agree.” He grinned, and I turned to face him. He looked a little out of place here, like he didn’t fit anywhere but in the deep green forests. But he was still so beautiful.

I wanted to raise my hand and touch his face, to brush my lips against his, but I knew I couldn’t bring myself to. Too much danger there, too much potential fear. Unkind to get his hopes up like that.

Instead, I turn and look at the buildings. The heat is sticky and close, making it hard to breathe, but I see more grass than I really knew existed laying out in a long lawn with a red brick building at the end, the top crowned with a green dome. “Wow. But it’s beautiful.”

“Glad you like it, Claire.”

I will never understand how. How do I deserve him? How can he still love me, after all this time? Because it really hasn’t changed anything—if it has, it’s that he’s even more devoted now than he was before.

He doesn’t rush me. Anything but. He’s never even tried to kiss me. Never once has he moved too fast or gone too far. Never once have I been afraid of him.

And he’s still here. He’s right beside me, helping me, shielding me, protecting me.

I turn from his face to look again at the buildings of my new home. The white hall on my left is covered in windows, each one lined with ivory bricks and tiny, intricate carvings. The light of the sun, unbroken for once by the clouds of my hometown, glints off them and reflects into my eyes.

“I love it here,” I say. It’s a remarkably different world, this one without a perpetual cover of clouds, without darkness and the eternal drizzle.

“I love it too, then.”

I smile a little and then blush. He loves me too much. It doesn’t make any sense, the way he bases everything around me. He really shouldn’t. He’d be better off if I could just let him go on with a normal life, if he’d never imprinted on me and gotten into some mystical supernatural relationship with someone as broken as me.

As we walk forward to meet a group of students on the narrow grey steps of the White Lecture Hall, I take his hand in mine. I can feel the heat, almost burning my skin, the strength of his grip, the comfort of another human’s touch, especially one so warm.

He looks at me curiously.

I give the whole explanation, maybe one that’s unnecessarily long. But it’s all true. “Well, you know I want to put everything in the past… that’s part of why I wanted to come here. Sometimes the forests feel like they’re pulling me back, dragging me down… and I didn’t want to leave them behind entirely. It’s a good balance here. And part of that balance is that I can be a normal kid, with normal friends… I’ll miss Tina and Kati and them, but I also want… a boyfriend… no, you. I don’t want to be afraid and alone. I want to make a fresh start.” I hold my breath for a moment.

He smiles. “You never, never, never, need to be alone, sweetheart. I will always be here for you.”

I feel my heart grow a little with the joy. He’s not going anywhere, is he? “Thank you.”

“I love you.”

I grin at him and we walk side by side into the beginning of my real life. A life outside Forks and fear and childhood, a life with Quil at my side.