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Blood Lust

Edward can't seem to stop lusting after Bella's blood.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward leaned against the kitchen counter, an amused, contented smile on his face as watched Bella prepare dinner for herself and Charlie, who had yet to come home; it had been a long time since Edward had seen anyone actually cook. He found the way she fussed over everything reasonably amusing. Between fiddling with the stove, oven, and stirring and chopping, Bella snuck glances at Edward, each one he noticed but pretended not to. She didn't like the blush that rose into her cheeks as much as he did. He wanted to see those pale cheeks flush pink so badly, witness the live blood pulsing beneath her skin.

He couldn't help himself.

Bella fished a shiny, red tomato from the flimsy produce grocery bag and sliced the ends, flattening them in preparation to dice the crimson fruit. She snuck another glance at him, hiding a smile. Edward grinned.

"Yes?" he asked and heard her heart speed up simply at the sound of his voice. There it was, the blush. He loved the color in her cheeks that he could never have. He wondered why she would ever want to lose it as he eyed his mother's ring on her finger. She was keeping her side of the bargain which means he'd have to keep his; Cullens were men - and women - of their word.

"Nothing," she muttered with an embarrassed smile and another glance. Edward looked into her eyes, rich, chocolate brown. After she got what she wanted, they would be red before gold and he'd never see the calming brown again. He couldn't even remember the color of his own eyes before he'd changed. He didn't want her to forget her own, too. His sentimentality was dashed when he smelled the sweetest thing he knew he'd smell in eternity: Bella's blood out in the open, no longer hidden beneath her milky flesh. His muscles tensed as he fought the sudden primal urge to lose his composure. "Shoot," she muttered to herself as she brought her wounded finger to her lips to get rid of some of the bright red seeping from her. When more appeared, she shimmied Edward out of her way with her hips to get to the sink and ran the cut under water. It didn't even cross her mind that she was bleeding and there was a vampire standing right next to her, one who in all honesty could never completely stop lusting after her blood as long as it was pulsing and warm in her veins.

Edward clenched his fists, pushing back the waves of raging instinct that swept through his mind. He was in control, he had self control. Bella turned the water off, but the wound was still leaking only now it was a fine, red, shimmering line contrasting on her skin. She wrapped a paper towel around it and held it tightly to stop the small bit of blood still making its way out of her body. She looked to Edward and noticed his tense posture.

"Sorry," she apologized to him quietly, needlessly, her head slightly bowed as she realized how stupid it was to think her bleeding finger was no cause for worry.

"No," he closed his eyes a moment to regain himself. "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault you're so inherently clumsy."

She blushed once again, worrying her lip with her teeth. He took a step towards her. He meant it to be a comforting motion, but his mind flashed that it was predatory and he could tell it made her a little apprehensive, uncomfortable by the way she seemed to tense slightly and gave him a nervous smile. A moment passed and neither moved. Bella jumped at the sound of the oven timer buzzing, signaling the garlic bread she had baking in the oven. The obnoxious burr of the timer broke the dangerously awkward tension between them and she rushed to turn the alarm off. Smiling to herself at how perfect her bread looked, she pulled it from the oven and set it on a cooling rack.

"How's the cut?" Edward asked, feeling like his normal self now and more than grateful for it.

Bella removed the paper towel and it seemed to be done bleeding. She felt silly to think that he would ever lose his control.

"Looks fine," she said, "but it stings just a little."

"May I kiss it, make it better?" he asked her, flirtatious tones lacing his words. She blushed for the third time and grinned as Edward took a stride towards her and gently grasped her hand in his own, looking into her mahogany eyes. He pressed his lips against the red sliver into her skin and drew back. She heard the water beginning to boil and looked to the stove momentarily anxious.

"Edward, my hand?" she hinted.

"Of course," he complied and let her hand fall away from his own and watched as she inspected the boiling pot of water before pouring a pack of noodles into the hot bubbles. Edward pensively licked his lips and tasted faint remnants of her blood. Hunger ripped through him, twisting his insides, burning his throat. He could almost feel the color in his eyes dulling, darkening. He could imagine coaxing her into his arms and she'd come to him so willingly, never ever afraid. He could imagine kissing her, trailing those kisses down her jawline, down to the pulsing artery in her elegant neck and biting, biting hard before she even knows what's happened. The bite would burn her and his venom would flow as he drank her warm, exquisite, gourmet blood.

But he knew that as much as he could imagine it, he'd never be able to deal with the consequences afterwards, he'd never be able to suck her veins dry. He needed to feed on something, but didn't want to leave Bella confused and wondering; he didn't want to scare her either. He sighed in relief. Charlie to the rescue.

"Charlie's pulling in. I better go," Edward whispered to her. She gave him a fake pout laced with real disappointment. He smiled at her childish act. "I'll see you tonight."

"Promise?" she requested.

"Promise," he confirmed. He kissed her forehead and disappeared silently out the back door just as Charlie came in the front. Bella watched him disappear into the trees from the kitchen window and knew that the hours couldn't pass soon enough.