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The End

Just another version of what happened in the foreast when edward left * sniff* :(

All i own is me my self and I... OH! and the plot.... sort of

1. Chapter 1

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At those words, my heart shattered into a million pieces and the only one who could put me back together was walking away into the blood-red sunset. It seemed that the sky was bleeding, just as my heart was. That sunset marked the beginning of the endless darkness in my world, for I stood there paralyzed and numb from the shock. Did he just say he doesn’t want me? Why is he walking away? “ Edward!” I cry out, my voice barely a whisper. But his steps doesn’t even falter, he doesn’t look back. Just when I can no longer see him, the sun sets. Blanketing the world in utter darkness. Suddenly the truth sinks in. He’s gone. He left me. He doesn’t want me. Even though all along, I knew I didn’t deserve him, I knew that he was too good for me. Instantly, reality strikes with mind-numbing pain. I fall unconscious into the soft, prickly carpeting of leaves on the forest floor, finally give in into the darkness that had been threatening to overcome me, to engulf me, ever since he said those fateful words. The words that turned my world upside-down, that sent my world spinning uncontrollably. The words that turned me into a living corpse, a zombie if you will. That was the darkest day of my life. My life has no meaning without him.


“ Bella! Bella honey, please wake up! I will personally kill that boy.”

A familiar vice breaks through the haze that is my mind, saying the last part in a growl. I felt ice-cold water on my face, jerking my eyes open.

“ Charlie?” I ask. I can barely hear my own voice, yet somehow, he hears me.

“ Yes, Bella honey, I’m right here.” My mind suddenly reels as I struggle to remember what happened to me. I almost cry out in pain, when I realize what happened. He left me.

“ Bells, you okay?” I guess my expression wasn’t as blank as I thought it was, as I tried to keep it. I just nod.

“Do you want to rest some more?” Another nod.

“ Okay then….’night.” But I’m barely there, barely listening, my mind miles away, planning how to kill myself., for obviously I can’t and I won’t live without him. How did he ever think I could? I thought he knew me better than that. I suppose I could go with the ol’ cut yourself till you bleed to death tactic. But that’s too common. I could drown myself, or hang myself, or burn myself. I thought of numerous other ways, but decided to stick with burning myself alive. After all, I deserve it right? For driving him away. I’m responsible for the condition I’m in today : lonely, without the love of my life, and broken hearted, planning my own death.