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it all comes down to this

That’s when it hit me. The vampires were all here for me, if I go out there she can kill me and it’ll be over. Nobody else has to die. Bella's on the beach waiting for Jacob when something unexpected happens. Will she make it out alive? will anyone make it out alive? CHAPTER 6: Alive? is up

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7. Missed

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“If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world, there's nothing to it”

I was sitting on the couch in the Cullen house with Alice and Jasper. We, well me and Alice, were singing along with Willy Wonka as he descended the stairs into the editable room. It was one of my favorite songs in the movie, as well as my favorite part. I was feeling a happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time, although I could tell that a large part of that was Jasper’s doing.

Earlier, when me and Alice were done making up she pulled me over to the couch and told me she had seen me die a while ago from the vampires on the beach and had me explain what had really happened. After a really long detailed story of my life leading up to that day, and then an even more detailed story of what had happened, she suggested that we go over to their house to talk and have some ‘girl time’, little did I know that this ‘girl time’ consisted of me sitting in a chair in Alice’s bathroom for a little more than two hours. The weird thing is though, that I didn’t even mind it, probably because for the past six months she wasn’t here to play dress-up with me, or take me shopping, and even though I hated having to do those things, I actually missed them. I missed Alice dragging me around to all the stores, I missed her handing me piles and piles of clothes to try on, and I even missed her using me as a guinea-pig-Barbie doll.

Now we were just watching movies and having fun like we used to do. And for a few hours that night it felt like it was the old days again, back when movie nights with Alice were a common thing, back before he left.

Alice’s POV-

I was sitting on the couch in Bella’s living room when I had a vision.

I was standing in Bella’s yard looking up at the house; only I wasn’t myself, there were a few locks of bronze colored hair dripping into my face from the rain. The only light on in the house was in the living room, but I couldn’t hear anyone inside. Not even a heartbeat. I walked up to the window and carefully peered in; nobody. I slid over to the door and quickly slipped inside, being careful to not make any noise, incase someone was here. After thoroughly inspecting the house I found only a small note written in Bella’s messy handwriting that said, “Dad—went to the Cullen’s house to watch movies with Alice and Jasper. There’s some lasagna in the fridge for you and some garlic bread in the cupboard. I’ll be back tomorrow. Love, Bella” “Alice” I hissed while carefully placing the note back on the kitchen table and running out the door.

As I came out of my vision I couldn’t help but think that I had to prevent this vision from coming true. I didn’t want Bella to see Edward just now, she’s overwhelmed enough as it is, and she’s just not ready. “Hey, Bella lets go to my house and have some girl time, well girl and Jasper time. We can stay up late and watch movies. It’ll be just like old times”

“Alright, let me just leave a note for Char-“

“No! I mean…why don’t you just call him, he’s probably all upset about Harry and I think a phone call would be better for him.” Whew that was close. I couldn’t let her onto my real reasons for having her call him. She would want to stay here and see Edward, but that’s not what’s best for her right now.

‘Yeah, that’s a good idea. He might feel better if I call him instead. Good idea Alice.”

“Why, thank-you.” I curtsied and plastered a big fake smile on my face while I said it. I got exactly what I had wanted from Bella; a laugh. She was still smiling as she made her way into the kitchen to call Charlie.

Fifteen minutes later we were pulling up to the large house that I had missed so much.