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Path of the Fire

Photobucket Bella's process of becoming a vampire.
written by NG of girlysquirrelly :D

I hope it is good! Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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The pain was more than I had expected. Edward bit me three times to make the venom spread faster, but I knew it wouldn’t be fast enough. It spread quickly, the wildfire it was, and I writhed in pain continuously. Screams erupted from, echoing in the Cullen’s large house.

Edward was the only one still in the room, sitting a good distance away and keeping a close eye on me. I tried to say his name, but the fire burned harder causing me to seize again.

Flames were everywhere now, raging from my fingers to my toes. My eyesight was blurred, a low hissing tone overtook my hearing, and I lost sense of my surroundings. My body was plastered to the ground and I couldn’t move. Slipping away from feeling, the only thing I saw was a field of fire.

“Fire is never a gentle master.” ~ Proverb Quotes


I slipped back into consciousness and immediately the fire blasted back at me full force making me shriek in pain. I was worse than the first round and all my senses snapped back into perspective. Cold, stone arms were draped around me and at first I thought it was Edward, but the arms were too small, too pixie-like...

“One more day left, Bella,” Alice whispered, her voice far away and faded. I uttered a moan as another shot of fire coursed through my veins. Surely I was dieing, for I had not imagined pain so bold, so terrifying. But I could not die, not without seeing...

“Edward....” I managed to utter in a voice so small and fragile that only a vampire could hear it. Alice didn’t respond but began to sing a beautiful Italian melody, soothing me while keeping to the tempo of the bursting flames.

Sul mare luccica
L’astro d’argento
Placida e’ l’onda
Prospero e’ il vento

Venite all’agile
Barchetta mia

S anta lucia

S anta lucia


It had felt like a dream, but nothing could be sure.

I was lying down a vivid field of bright flower that were all different shades of fire.

Suddenly, the flowers burst into to flames, engulfing me and dancing on my skin.

I screamed Edwards name over and over again and tried to force my way out of the endless waves of flames.

Falling to the ground, I watched the fire eat away at my skin.

Tears tried to leave my eyes, but never came.

Then in the distance, I saw a sparkling figure quickly advancing toward me quickly.

It was my angel, Edward.

I screamed his name and reached for his hand.

As soon as he took it, the fire disappeared and the pain subsided.


It had felt like an eternity, but the fire had finally begun to die down. I had lost track of time and my memory was dazed. Suddenly I realized I had been moved to Edwards’s room on the unneeded bed. I attempted to get up but the fire spread up my legs. Yelping in pain, I fell back down and looked at my skin. It was now a pasty alabaster and cold to the touch. A smile spread wide across my face as I knew the process was truly finished.

I had become a vampire.