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Mending hearts or breaking them?

It’s been seven years since Bella has left Forks. Edward decides that a trip to Forks is due, and Bella agrees. But how are the residents (aka Jacob) of Forks going to act?

Obviously not well.

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1. Prologue

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Bella’s POV

The first few years were hard and long. But Edward was always by my side, helping me along. It had been almost seven years now. I felt the need to visit Forks. To see Charlie… To see Jacob. Charlie thought I had died, and Jacob still refuses to answer any of my letters. I keep hoping Jacob will imprint, so he can move on. But I knew I couldn’t visit. For some reason Edward seemed against visiting. Feeling it was the best for me I agreed, and I didn’t want to face Jacob.

“Bella!” Edward’s sweet voice drifted up to me. Shaking off my thoughts about Forks, I jumped down the stairs and dashed into the living room.

“Guess what?” Edward teased me.

I rolled my eyes “I hate guessing games. And you know it.” I wanted to stick out my tongue at him. The eighteen year old Bella was still dormant in me.

Edward swept me into his arms and pressed his lips against mine. I melted and kissed him back passionately. Edward broke the kiss and grinned at me.

“Now, guess what?”


Edward smiled slyly.

I groaned. “What?”

Just then Alice bounded in. Excitement was radiating off her.

“Please let me come. Please! Please! Please! Come one Bella!”

Edward gave her an exasperated look.

She ignored him.

“Go where?” I asked her, slightly more curious now. I sneaked a glance at Edward. He stood with his arms crossed.

“Oh. You don’t know? Well I’ll tell you. You’re going to –“

“ALICE I was about to tell her! Now get out!” Edward roared.

I giggled at Alice’s downcast face.

“Let her stay Edward,” I pleaded with him.

Alice grinned.

Edward glared at Alice then turned to me smiling.

“What do you say we take a visit to Forks? You know… just to see how things are going”

Edward paused for my reaction.

I was at a loss for words. As much as I wanted to go back, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

“I… I’m not sure Edward” I said hesitantly

Edward’s face fell slightly.

I put my arms around his waist and looked up at him. His perfect face never had stopped amazing me.

“It’s just that… I don’t know how people might take it” I said vaguely.

“Jacob.” Edward stated.

“Yeah. He hasn’t answered any of my letters! What if he doesn’t want me to come?” I said getting a bit nervous.

Edward’s POV

I smiled reassuringly to Bella. My Bella. Bella Cullen. It had been hard for me to see Bella struggle. For a while I didn't know if I had made the right choice. But I knew Bella was happy. Yet she worried about Jacob. I hated how even now Jacob could thwart my plans.

“Why don’t you write to him? Just to tell him we’re coming and so he’s prepared”

Bella nodded slowly.

I was back in a moment with a piece of paper and a pen.

Bella started to write.