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Mending hearts or breaking them?

It’s been seven years since Bella has left Forks. Edward decides that a trip to Forks is due, and Bella agrees. But how are the residents (aka Jacob) of Forks going to act?

Obviously not well.

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10. Chapter 10

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I love you always

Chapter 10

Charlie’s POV

*Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*

I rolled over, and slammed the button on the alarm clock. I sat up in bed and stared at the wall. I imagined hearing the faucet running, signaling that Bella would be out of bed and getting ready for school. Then her careful steps down the stairs, and occasionally a thud, were heard. The stove would be turned on and Bella would begin to make a simple breakfast for us. I sighed.

Now, life was lonely. I got up alone, went to work alone, came home alone, and went to sleep alone. Renee had Phil, a decent guy, and she had recovered slowly from the wounds. But me… I wasn’t so sure sometimes.

I allowed myself to mourn for her for over a year. Then, I had continued on, Bella would have wished it so. But every so often, memories of Bella made my heart ache. Parents were not supposed to outlive their children. Life is so unfair. Her senior summer was supposed to be filled with fun, even with that Cullen kid.

I had a sudden urge to go into Bella’s room. It had been left it as it was 7 years ago.

I opened her door, and a draft of air hit me. I saw the open window. I didn’t open her window. I haven’t been in here for at least a month. I wondered.

I glanced around; the room was the same as it had been last month. The rocking chair was rocking slightly with the breeze. I crossed the room and sat down on it.

Suddenly I saw a notebook on her nightstand that I hadn’t noticed before. I walked over and picked it up. An envelope was sticking out.

It was addressed: Dad

I carefully opened it. A small slip of paper was inside, folded once carefully.


I couldn’t have wished for a better father. You have filled the past few years with the love only a father could provide. I love you always.

Love, Bella

I slipped the paper back inside. My eyes welled up, and my lower vision blurred with unshed tears. I closed my eyes as a small tear left my eye. Men don’t cry I told myself as I briskly brushed it away. But I knew this was not true. The few simple lines of Bella’s messy handwriting were written as if she knew she was dying, it was as if this was her goodbye message: Her peace message.

Her peace message. I smiled inwardly.

I sat down on her bed in silence for a few minutes. Then, I pocketed the envelope, and closed the window. I slowly took a long look around the room and then gently shut the door.

“Good-bye Bella” I whispered. “I love you always too.”

(Third Person) POV

Outside her window, Bella sat pressed up against the house. Her eyes lit up as she heard Charlie walk in.

She heard him open the envelope and sit down on the bed. Then he walked over to the window, closed it, and left her room.

Before he shut the door, she heard him speak.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

“I love you always Dad” she said softly.

With that she jumped off the building and ran to meet Edward.