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Mending hearts or breaking them?

It’s been seven years since Bella has left Forks. Edward decides that a trip to Forks is due, and Bella agrees. But how are the residents (aka Jacob) of Forks going to act?

Obviously not well.

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5. Chapter 5

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What's happening?


I looked into his perfect topaz eyes. I smiled and brought him closer to me. I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him, closing my eyes. Suddenly he stiffened. Crouching, he pulled me behind him. A twig cracked ½ a mile away.

Bella's POV

I rolled my eyes at his over protectiveness, "I'm indestructible Edward, remember?" I smiled at him.

Edward nervously laughed as he kissed my forehead, “I’m not taking any chances with you darling."

Suddenly Edward wrinkled his nose and straightened.

I took a whiff of air.

“Jacob” Edward breathed.

My head jerked up. Edward put his arms around me soothingly and kissed the back of my head.

“Not to worry my love, he –”

“I’ll find out for myself” I countered. But it would be nice to know what Jacob was thinking.

Edward's POV

“Alright, Bella” I smiled.

“And since he won’t be here for another five minutes or so,” I said slyly, flashing her, what she thought was, my dazzling smile.

Bella gave me a curious look.

I turned her around and she looked up at me. Her beautiful green eyes pierced through me. She grinned.

“Edward Cullen, you are so –”

I pressed my lips onto hers not letting her finish her sentence. Bella kissed me back passionately. I crushed her closer to me. Her hands traveled up my back while mine traveled down hers. Bella’s hands wove through my hair and brought my head closer than possible to hers.

Jacob's POV

I tried to be as quiet as possible, as I was weaving through the trees. I breathed in as I tried to follow Bella's scent. The scent grew stronger and more potent as I ran closer to her. I stopped for an instant as I phased back into my human form, the Jacob she loved best. I watched as my feet carry me towards her intoxicating scent, focusing my eyes on my feet trying to think of what I could possible say. I stumbled into the clearing, not expecting anything unusual.

I gasped as my eyes focused sharply on the scene in front of me. Edward and Bella were crushed together, passionately kissing; his hands were roaming her body. Edward’s head snapped up towards me. Bella turned her head quickly and gasped. I growled. She stepped out of his arms, but kept her hand closed tightly over his.

“He IS my husband Jake. No need to act defensive.” Bella retorted. She still seemed unnerved by our conversation. I eyed her before glancing on Edward, who was smiling victoriously.

“Hello Jacob. Nice to see you again” Edward said pleasantly. Although I highly doubted he was at all happy to see me again. Or I him. I narrowed my eyes and let a small growl escape.

“I don’t see why you can’t just accept this! This is my new life!” Bella cried and ran off.

Edward glared at me, all of his pleasant attitude gone. His eyes accusing and anger boiled through his expression.

"Listen, dog" He spat out, clearly infuriated, "You have no idea what pain you have been causing Bella. She still considers you her best friend,” he said, mockingly, “And right now your attitude isn't helping her, or anyone for that matter. If you –” His words hit me deep.

“Bella still cares?” I asked quietly.

“Of course she does” Edward snapped.

I’m so sorry Bella. What have I done? I thought.

Go tell her that!” Edward ran off.

Moments later Bella appeared.

She crossed her arms and glared at me.

I faltered under her glare. I knew I still loved her, vampire or not. I took a deep breath, “Bella, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that you actually still cared. I thought… I thought you had left me and never even once turned back. I really haven’t meant to hurt you” I said quickly running my words together.

Bella walked up to me and put her finger over my mouth, without actually touching me.

She smiled sadly. “Oh Jacob. If only you knew. I’ve spent so much time thinking about you, wondering if you were okay. But I need you to understand Edward was and will always be my love. I still love you Jacob, but in a different way.” She paused. “And there isn’t anything to forgive. I should have explained the situation better to you ...”

I grinned awkwardly at her.

She laughed. Her laugh didn’t sound like it used to. Now, it sounded like twinkling bells. Nevertheless this was the first time I had heard her laugh in more than seven years.

“Bella?” I asked, watching her face. Her face had gone blank, but it looked as if she was concentrating.

“Bells?” I asked again worried now. I reached over to touch her. The second I did, Bella shook her head to clear herself. A split second later I began to morph. Spasms hit my body as I felt the familiar explosion of my body.

WHAT’S HAPPENING???? I yelled in my head, scared.

You just made contact with a vampire. I heard Sam say.

Bella stared at me wide eyed for a moment. “Jacob?”

I growled. I tried to hold myself back from attacking her. Failing I lunged.

Bella gasped and ran away. I followed with my practiced eye at the disappearing vampire. I pushed myself after her. My instincts took over; I wanted nothing but to kill my gravest enemy.

All of a sudden a blur hit my side, and I tumbled onto the ground.

“Run Bella!” I heard a heavenly voice say. Another vampire? Damnit. Edward.

I growled. I wanted to kill him too. I leapt up.

Stop it Jake! I shook my head. The voice sounded so familiar. It sounded like her… strangely like Bella.

Edward was watching me warily, in a defensive position.

Morph back Jake. Please. Her tone was begging and soft. As if she was trying to convince a small child. Who was this person in my head?

I took a deep breath, the sweetness hitting my nose and made me growl louder.

I snapped my head and focused in on Edward. I prepared to make a lunge.

JAKE! The voice was urgent. I looked around. There was no one but Edward.

Jacob, morph back I recognized Sam’s deep voice, but it was unlike the other voice, and I obeyed.

After transforming, I looked around to see Bella clutching Edward’s hand tightly. Her eyes were filled with unhappiness and fear. Edward’s face was set hard and portrayed no emotion, yet he looked as if he was shaking from anger.

“Jake?” Bella asked softly. Her voice was full of uncertainty.

I was almost sure that was the voice I had heard in my head.

“I’m so sorry Bella. I don’t know what I was doing, I –” I stopped ashamed. I had been a werewolf for almost 9 years. How could I still not be able to control myself?

“We’d better go” Edward’s stated firmly, clutching Bella’s hand

Bella nodded. “Bye Jake” Bella smiled sadly and then they were gone.

What was happening to me?