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Mending hearts or breaking them?

It’s been seven years since Bella has left Forks. Edward decides that a trip to Forks is due, and Bella agrees. But how are the residents (aka Jacob) of Forks going to act?

Obviously not well.

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6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Bella’s POV

Edward ran as fast as he could, pulling me through the forest with him. I was hardly able to concentrate. Seeing as I wasn’t the least bit watching where I was going, Edward swung me on his back.

“Thanks” I murmured.

I rested my head into his back. What had happened? Why did he just attack me all of a sudden? What did I do? My mind kept flying over questions, which frankly, I couldn’t answer. I saw Jacob’s wolfish eyes fill with confusion when I entered his head.


I was sitting with Emmett at a table, arm wrestling with him, but my newborn strength was waning. It had been almost two years since the change. I concentrated hard, my face screwed up in effort. I looked up at Emmett, momentarily breaking my concentration. Emmett’s strength over won me. He looked up and grinned.

He stood up and punched his arm into the air “Yes!” he bellowed. I rolled my eyes.

“So what Emmett? My strength is fading. AND I wasn’t paying attention.” I stuck my tongue out at him. Emmett took a look at my beaten face and roared with laughter.

“Ugg. I challenge you again; Mr. Why do I keep losing to Bella?” I retorted.

“I accept; Mrs. I’m so confident, Emmett you’ll never win me” Emmett grinned.

We sat down at opposite sides of the table. Rosalie came downstairs, took one glance, rolled her eyes and went up again.

“One… two… three… GO!” Emmett shouted.

I strained. Come on. Come on. LOSE ALREADY. I thought, as if hoping Emmett would hear.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Emmett yelped.

I slammed his arm down, slightly denting the table. Whoops.

“Language Emmett!” Esme’s voice drifted from upstairs.

“What?” I asked, completely confused now.

“Did you just talk to me in my mind?” Emmett asked an incredulous look on his face.

“Uhhh. No not that I know of –” Edward’s hug from behind cut me off.

“So what’s all the commotion?” He asked as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I think she just talked to me in my head.” Emmett whispered.

Edward threw him a weird look. “You sure you’re feeling okay? Cause I know this counselor that could help you.”

Emmett leapt up glaring at Edward.

“Whoa guys. Calm down.” Where’s Jasper when you need him? I asked myself.

“What? We weren’t gonna do anything Bella. We were just fine without Jasper thanks very much” Edward said.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Edward exclaimed.

“Language Edward!” Esme’s voice came again. “What is with the boys today?” I heard her mutter to herself.

I snickered.

“Did you just talk to me in my head??” Edward asked.

“Why do I feel like I just had this conversation?” I sighed.

End of Flashback

Edward’s POV

We stopped.

“Our meadow” I smiled at Bella.

I transferred her from my back to my arms. I cradled her and hugged her close to me.

“He was so confused. I don’t think should have tried to talk to him. Especially since I haven’t fully developed my power yet.” Bella sounded so uncertain.

“My love you did what you thought was right.” I reassured her.

She looked up. If she was human, tears would be pouring out.

Would he never cease to hurt her? I wondered.