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There is Nothing Sane About Love

Isabella, my only Daughter. There was nothing left to her. Nothing. She was barely alive, a zombie. That was before she jumped. At least then she was moving, breathing, talking. My only daughter’s life is gone. I know why. And I will do anything to avenge her. Anything. This is Renée’s story

Go back to when Renee visits Bella in her time of sorrow. Only this time Bella isn't so nice. She forgets about Charlie, Jacob, and Renee. The pain of Edward leaving her is too much so she jumps. Jacob isn't there to save her this time. Renee life is turn upside down. She has a quest, a quest to avenge her daughter by killing the one man Bella ever loved. Because as everyone knows, There Is Nothing Sane About Love

1. Lost

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I rocked back and forth on my heels. My only daughter. Dead. Lost forever. My mouth let out a cry of anguish, a tearless sob rocked my body. I shuddered as a spasm jolted up my spine. Hot tear ran down my throat, soaking my already soaked shirt. I had loved her with all my heart, all my mind and now she was dead, gone. Is this what it is like too live without your heart?

Her eyes were glazed with a fever, her old beauty long gone. A spark of her regular self glinted across her face though just for a second. Her hair usually so slick and pretty, was limp and lank as a strand covered her eye. I could barely stand it, my daughter so lifeless. I looked back at her face, those pale brown eyes amassed in a field of gray and I wanted to cry.


"Yes, darling, I'm here." These was the first she had spoken in weeks, I squeezed her hand tightly.

"You came. Thank you."

"Of course darling, always."

"Bella..." I murmured it into the air, with a love only a mother could know. "Isabella." Dear god, my only daughter. I hugged myself, trying to hold myself together. Did she hate me that much? Was this a punishment for not being a good enough mother? For not being there when she needed me most? Why did she jump?

"Bella?" I wandered around the La Push , looking for my daughter, "Darling, time for dinner." She was hanging down here so much more, Jacob was such a good friend to her. She seemed to be healing. Ever since that Cullen boy left her, she had been in a different world. A crueler one. He had stolen away her heart, and left with her soul. Too me, he was worst then the devil. Did he know what he had done?

Billy waved to me, "Hey Renée! Come on over, Charlie here and we are having my secret recipe!"

"No thanks, I'm looking for Bella. Do you know where she is?"

"I think she went to the beach. Come later?"

"Thanks Billy, I'd love to."

The last day of my sanity. The last hour with my Bella still there, breathing, living, loving. No, not loving. She was hurt deeper then I thought. I knew now that deep inside she was not alive. No not even then. I knew what it felt like now. To have lost the only one you truly loved. Truly.

"Bella honey?" It had became to rain. Typical of Forks. "Bella, darling are you there?" Then I saw her, poised at the top of the cliff. The wind swirled around her chocolate hair, hiding her eyes. Her head slowly turned to me.

"Bells? Come here, you might fall." She trembled slightly and shook her head.

"Bella darling?"

"I'm sorry, and I love you." She voice was low, so low I had to strain to hear it. "I'm so very, very sorry. Forgive me."

I stared at her, trying to registered what was going on. She took three steps, slowly approaching the edge. She raised her head high, and whispered into the wind,

"Thus with a kiss, I die."

"Dear god! Bella, no! Stop!" I sprang forward, not knowing what to do. My body knew what was happening, if my mind didn't. She plunged.

"Don't leave me!" The waves plunged against the rock, a torment of water and Hell. I looked into the tempest of sea, "Don't leave me..."