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There is Nothing Sane About Love

Isabella, my only Daughter. There was nothing left to her. Nothing. She was barely alive, a zombie. That was before she jumped. At least then she was moving, breathing, talking. My only daughter’s life is gone. I know why. And I will do anything to avenge her. Anything. This is Renée’s story

Go back to when Renee visits Bella in her time of sorrow. Only this time Bella isn't so nice. She forgets about Charlie, Jacob, and Renee. The pain of Edward leaving her is too much so she jumps. Jacob isn't there to save her this time. Renee life is turn upside down. She has a quest, a quest to avenge her daughter by killing the one man Bella ever loved. Because as everyone knows, There Is Nothing Sane About Love

2. Answer

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"Don't leave me!" The waves plunged against the rock, a torment of water and Hell. I looked into the tempest of sea, "Don't leave me..."

Was this the truth? Wasn't this some sick nightmare? When was morning? What would chase the night away? Could it be chased?

I knelt down, head between my knees.

"Bella..." I breathed it into the wind, watching the word swirl around.

"Renée-" I shook my head not wanting to hear. "Mother-" The voice dance throughout my head, spinning visions. A child of six, dancing around a pond. Laughing, giggling, turning me upside over. The sound came again, "Mom- Help me..." It was real! I knew it! I twisted, looking for the source. A small, frail girl stood at the edge of the wood.

"Renée..." It called too me so, "Mother- come."

I ran towards her, begging, crying. "Oh my Bella! I was so afraid you died! Oh my Bella!"

The rain plastered my face, holding me back, "Bella!"

My daughter began to fade away, drifting in the wind. My fingers scrambled to hold it all together, to keep it alive. I fell to my knees, screaming, pleading, weeping. She disappeared in the wind, I howled. This was too much, I choked back a sob. My laments stained the wind.


Was this too much to ask for? For her to live, love, thrive! I would do anything to be with my daughter. Anything.

I collapsed on Billy's couch, my Charlie peering over me.

"Renée? What happened? Where's Isabella?"

The very mention of her name brought tears. I wailed out, regardless. I sunk down too the floor, a picture of utter despair. They spoke to me softly, attempting to calm me. Just like they tried to help Bella. I paused realizing the truth.

"You killed her." My tone was soft, everything fit perfectly. The new information swirled around in my head

"You killed her! You filthy bastard! You murdered my daughter!"

My rage was impossible to bear. I lunged forward, placing my hands around his neck. Billy and Jacob pulled me back, clutching my stomach. The combined forces pushed the air from my lung and I welcomed the darkness.

Much later I awoke. The small room was quiet. My jaw dropped, the three men's body lay sprawled across the floor. It was only then I was aware I was washing blood off my hands. I waited for the regret to take over me. Nothing. All I felt was Joy and Bliss, my daughter was avenged. Her murderer punished. The silence was unusually loud,


"Bella! My darling!" Her voice was so kind, "Honey, you can rest in peace now!"

"No, I cannot." Bella sounded so sad, I wanted to comfort her. "My true murderer still lives. Save me mother- help me."

She faded away again, out sight and mind. "Wait! Bella honey, who?" But it was too late. She was gone.

I ran my fingers through my hair. Who killed her? Me? Should I kill myself?

The wind whispered to me, blowing through the tree branches.

"He left, he left, he left..." It called out playing with my mind. What had Sam Utley said about Bella? How he had found her,

"He left, he left, he left..."

I drew in an intake of breath, "Edward-"