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Before Bella

Those first years of Edward Cullen's life - his new life, not the pathetic life he called his 'human' existence - were uncomfortable for the newly transformed vampire. He was still having a far too much trouble resisting the scent of human blood, and had decided in this, his darkest hour, to leave his fatherly figure, his 'creator', you could say, Carlisle, in order to learn about his new form and his special abilities. Along the way, he comes upon a young girl, seventeen years of age, the same as he...in human years, named Breanna Delancy. He soon falls deeply in love with her. There's only one teeny, tiny problem...she's a human. Can he learn sufficient self control that will enable him to be around her, or will the wall he had been putting up to protect those of the human race crumble?

Written by Missy and Ash. Enjoy!

1. Wandering

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The dirt road before him, Edward noted silently to himself as he walked stiffly along it, his hands in the pockets of his trousers, seemed the same as it had back then. Of course, dirt roads don’t normally change, but even the area surrounding it looked exact. The wood that rested to the right of him, where, as a child, he would run laughing giddily, dodging the trees and jumping through puddles, as most young children had. To the left there was the old chapel, where his mother and father had taken him every Sunday morning. Up ahead, the town’s main square was very much empty, just as he had expected. He could see no difference in the way the dark gray clouds moved across the sky, or the way the lush green grass that surrounded the road rustled in the breeze.

It was strange, being back…back to where he had once spent what had seemed like an entire lifetime, when, in actuality, it had been no more than a mere chapter in the novel of his life. The life that Edward was convinced was never going to end. His eyes scanned the area; he felt something nagging the inside of his chest, and realized, with a curiously raised eyebrow, that it was the familiarity of it all. He was returning to his hometown for one reason only. He was sure it was still too early to be returning, where the people there would surely recognize him and question the unnaturally pale complexion of his skin, and the crimson of his eyes. But he wanted...no, needed to see his home. Just one last time before he disappeared, never to return.

He shuffled down towards town, each step bringing him towards a potentially risky situation. The plan was very stupid, he had to admit. That being the case, he knew what would have to happen. If someone recognized him, he would have to leave. Immediately. There would be no questioning the motion, only action. He swiped his reddish-brown hair from his eyes, frowning as he stepped past the first set of buildings; they were old, worn down, but still in business. He could see one old woman with a broom, sweeping the inside of her shop with hurried motions. He kept his head down as he walked, wishing he had a normal pair of eyes to set upon the once familiar streets. This had been the perfect time to visit his home, Fairview Heights, in Illinois. He had been concerned about the weather when he arrived here; the sun would be a dead giveaway for him, and he wouldn’t be able to leave the shelter of the trees until nighttime. Something that could be done, naturally, but that was a little unnecessary. Luckily the sun was hidden today by thick, gray clouds, giving him decent cover.

As he walked, he reflected on his past life...but only a little. In a way he wished he had never been transformed, but wasn't totally opposed to it. It was just really uncomfortable. He and his mother and father had resided in Fairview Heights until the three of them caught the deadly illness, the Spanish Influenza that killed his parents and caused Carlisle to change him into the eternally damned monster that he was. Now he was forced to live out the rest of his existence as a freak of nature. Something that could never truly belong in human society, no matter what lies were told.

The only other thing that concerned Edward at the moment, besides than getting noticed by a fellow student or someone who knew his mother, was his feeding pattern. He was determined not to drink the blood of anyone in his home town, even if it killed him. And, although he didn't know it, it might have. Carlisle wanted him to follow his ‘strict vegetarian diet’, but it hadn’t quite stuck with Edward yet. The idea was a little…unusual. Not that vampires themselves weren’t unusual, but it didn’t seem to fit. Would it quench his thirst the same as a human’s blood? He was sure it would not.

As he was making the first right onto the road that led, eventually, to his home, someone shouted his name. “Hey…hey, you, wait up! Don't I know you? Wait...Edward?” He recognized that voice anywhere; the voice of his human best friend, Alec Towler. He managed a very small glance backwards. Alec had always been more handsome than Edward, and even now he was good looking. He kept walking, making sure that his eyes stayed focused on the ground. If Alec even saw a glimpse of his crimson eyes, he would know immediately that something was wrong. And then Edward would have to do one of two things. One was a bit more unpleasant that the other. Killing Alec, who he still felt had been a very good friend to him, even as children, would make him feel horrible on the inside, and he would certainly regret it for the rest of his life. But also, just running off at top speed, after he had already recognized him, was potentially dangerous. Of course, as soon as he told someone they would assume he was losing it or lying; everyone thought he was dead. He shook his head and made a quick decision, turning at the next building, and running swiftly, (and when I say this, I mean unnaturally fast) around the other side, making a quick escape.

Stopping when he was a safe distance away, he realized that he was within yards of his home. It had changed some since he had lived there, but not by much. There was the same dirt pathway with large stones dug into the earth for ‘decoration’, although the garden in the front was new, and the fence looked redone, or maybe new. He couldn’t tell. He stopped, staring at the building with curiosity.