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Bella's last Goldfish

The journal of Bella's third goldfish. A sad, short, touching tale of a fish, as it counts it's days in the human things care.


1. Fish 3

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Goldfish Number Three’s Diary

Day One- I was swimming with my family in our tank at Petco, or at least what was left of it because one-by-one or sometimes in small groups we were being fished out and token away by the human things. We stayed in a tight group hoping no one would pick us and if they did, either all or none could get caught. Quite a few of the humans pointed at me, I guessed it was because I had a spot on my tail. My days started like any other until a red head girl walked up and pointed at me, this time was different. The water shook as one of the human things fished me out with a net, like they had with my cousins and siblings, and put me in a bag filled with water. I darted back in forth but I knew I had no hope of escape.

After a short while in a frightening, vibrating machine I was carried into a giant structure thing. From there on I was poured into a smaller version of my home tank, with fake rocks colored pink, and weird strands of fake plants swaying back and forth with the water. I guess this is what happens to us when we are token away. Now I just have to sit and wait.

Day Two- Feeding time should be right now but nothing happens but my human thing disappearing for a while, very mysterious.

She just came back and stared at me for a brief moment before pouring in lots of fish food, enough to feed my whole family. Happy I ate and ate and ate until I felt weird. My stomach hurt. It reminded me of what Uncle Bill always told me, too much food is to bad for you, and for later a trouble will brew. I better watch my diet.

Day Three- Nothing happened today except my human thing tripping on her rug and nearly knocking my bowl over. Close one, but I got no food today.

Day Four- No food, No tripping, and my human didn’t even look at me to day

Day Five- I got feed the right amount today, but I was still hungry from the previous lack of food. I miss Sally, my sister. I wonder were she is…

Day Six- My human thing walked out of the room, not to soon after I huge thump. My water swished around the bowl and them I heard a high-pitched squeal from the bigger human thing. I didn’t see them for the rest of today.

Day Seven- My human thing is a no show today and the other human thing ignored me. No food.

Day Eight- No sign of human thing, no sign of food. I am getting worried, what if it died?

Day Nine- Human thing returns. I am so happy I darted around but it is covered in white, clunky stuff now. It doesn’t feed me. So hungry, so tired. I slow down now.

Day Ten- I can hardly move let alone right. I miss my family. I am having trouble swimming down, I keep floating up. My life is slipping away. I wish my journal will be found by future fish and respected forever. I can see the light. My human thing starts shrieking again when she sees me. I… am… no more…