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Disneyland With The Cullens

DisneylandWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri Amazing banner by Iris! Tell me what ya think! Sequel to Dress up with the Cullens The Cullens are going to Disneyland! Exciting vacation, isn't it? well, when Emmett brings along Willa, their new vampire kitten, and happens to lose her, there vacation becomes 3 days of searching. Will they find willa? PLAY FORMAT


2. No Rollercoasters For Bella!

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(Alice and Jasper are in Frontierland!)

ALICE: Yay! I love Frontierland! Willa might be here!

JASPER: She might be. What ride do you want to go on?

ALICE: Hmm. Maybe… (Eyes go blank)

JASPER: What did you see?

ALICE: Just Rosalie and Emmett making out. Eww! They were soaking wet. They also were too “busy” to notice Willa run right pass them!

JASPER: Where is Willa now?

ALICE: She could be anywhere! She has super speed!

JASPER: Good point.

ALICE: I hope we find her.

JASPER: So…what ride did you want to go on?

ALICE: Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster!

JASPER: Great! Let’s go!

* * * * * *

(Rosalie and Emmett are canoeing in the Davy Crockett canoes in Critterland!)

ROSALIE: Watch out, Emmett! Keep looking for Willa! She could be on the sides!

EMMETT: Fine-WOAH! (Hits Rosalie with his paddle and knocks her into the water.)

ROSALIE: Ugh. (Pulls Emmett into the water)


ROSALIE: Sorry, sweetie. It’s for your own good. (Swims to shore)

EMMETT: Wait up! (Swims to shore)

ROSALIE: Look at me! Now I’m all wet! And my hair!

EMMETT: Rose. You’re beautiful. I love you.

ROSALIE: Aww! Who knew you could be so sweet! (Kisses Emmett)

(As they are kissing, a ball of black and white fur hurls past them at vampire speed.)

EMMETT: What was that?

ROSALIE: Probably just a squirrel.

* * * * * *

(Bella and Edward have just gotten off the Indiana Jones ride. Bella was clinging on to Edward for dear life. She really doesn’t like snakes.)

EDWARD: Are you okay? You are holding on to me really tightly.

BELLA: I looked into its eyes…

EDWARD: It was just a ride, love. How about I get you some ice cream?

BELLA: Umm…okay. I like ice cream.

(Bella and Edward walk over to an ice cream place in Frontierland. Bella orders a chocolate cone.)


(Suddenly, Jasper and Alice come over to Bella and Edward.)

ALICE: Do you want to go on the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster with us?


BELLA: Rollercoaster?

EDWARD: It will be okay, Bella.

(They make it to the ride and get on.)

EDWARD: Ready, Bella?

BELLA: I’m ready.

(The ride starts)

BELLA: Oh my.

(A few moments later the ride is over. Everyone gets off.)

EDWARD: Oh my. Bella, you’re green!

BELLA: TRASHCAN!! (Runs over to the nearest trashcan and hurls. Eww!)

EDWARD: Bella! (Runs over to her.) Are you okay?

BELLA: I’m better now.

JASPER: Woo hoo! That was the best ride ever!

ALICE: It was okay.

EDWARD: No more fast rides for you, Love.

BELLA: Yes, no more.

* * * * * *

(Esme and Carlisle have just come out of the gift shop. Carlisle is wearing a pirate hat and Esme is wearing a Minnie mouse cap.)

CARLISLE: Look! I’m Jack Sparrow!

ESME: I’m Minnie Mouse!

(A guy dressed up as Jack Sparrow is a few feet away from Esme and Carlisle.)

ESME: Oh! It’s Jack Sparrow! Let’s get an autograph!

CARLISLE: Okay. (He takes out a small blank book.) This will be our first autograph!

(They walk over to Jack.)

JACK SPARROW: Why hello!

ESME: Could we have your autograph, Jack Sparrow?

JACK SPARROW: Yes! Of course! (Signs book) And that’s Captain Jack Sparrow to you. (Tips his hat and walks away.)