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Disneyland With The Cullens

DisneylandWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri Amazing banner by Iris! Tell me what ya think! Sequel to Dress up with the Cullens The Cullens are going to Disneyland! Exciting vacation, isn't it? well, when Emmett brings along Willa, their new vampire kitten, and happens to lose her, there vacation becomes 3 days of searching. Will they find willa? PLAY FORMAT


3. You're afraid of Donald Duck?!?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 471   Review this Chapter

(Alice and Jasper are wandering Frontierland.)

ALICE: No way!

(Brianna, the Twi-hard the Cullens met before, is at Disneyland! She's approaching Alice and Jasper!)

BRIANNA: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you guys are here!

(A girl about seventeen approaches them.)

BRIANNA: This is Anya! She is also in love with Twilight!

ANYA: Oh my gosh! It’s Jasper! You can like, feel my emotions!

JASPER: Umm…yeah.

ALICE: Have you guys seen Willa?

BRIANNA: Oh no! You lost her!

ALICE: Blame Emmett.

BRIANNA: Anya and I will keep our eyes peeled. We’ll call you if we find her.

JASPER: Thanks.

ANYA: Anytime.

* * * * * *

(Brianna and Anya are walking in Adventureland. They spot a bracelet on the ground.)

BRIANNA: What’s this? (Picks up bracelet.)

ANYA: Oh my gosh! That’s Bella’s bracelet!

BRIANNA: You’re right! We have got to go find Bella!

* * * * * *

(Bella and Edward have just come out of the Tiki Room.)

BELLA: Oh my gosh! I can’t get that song out of my head! If I hear the word “Tiki” one more time…

EDWARD: At least it’s over.

BELLA: Oh no! My bracelet! It’s gone!

(Suddenly, Brianna and Anya rush up to Edward and Bella.)


EDWARD: Brianna?

ANYA: Edward!

BRIANNA: I found your bracelet!

BELLA: You did? Thank goodness!

(Brianna gives Bella the bracelet.)

EDWARD: Why are you at Disneyland?

ANYA: We wanted to go. We had the money.

BRIANNA: We’re helping you look for Willa!

BELLA: That’s great! We will definitely find her now!

* * * * * *

(Anya and Brianna are at Toon Town!)

ANYA: I love Mickey’s Toon Town! A lot of Disney characters are here all day long!

BRIANNA: I know. It’s so awesome. But remember, we are looking for Willa.

ANYA: She’s black, right?

BRIANNA: Yep. The most gorgeous kitten you will ever see who has super speed, super strength, and golden eyes.

ANYA: That is so cool!

(They spot the house of Mickey Mouse! OMG! And right next door, they spot the house of Minnie Mouse! Double OMG! And Minnie Mouse is right in front of it! She is so cute. Anya and Brianna rush over to her. Anya is extra excited because she has never been to Disneyland. It’s a first time experience for her. This is Brianna’s third time.)

ANYA: Oh my gosh! Like, hi Minnie Mouse! Can I have your autograph?! (Pulls out autograph book and gives it to Minnie. Minnie signs it. She can’t communicate, of course. Then she gives Anya and Brianna hugs.)

BRIANNA: Bye! (Both enter house.)

ANYA: It is so cute!

BRIANNA: I know! It’s stylish!

* * * * * *

(It’s night time in Disneyland! Bella and Edward are having fun in Toon Town! I think…)

EDWARD: Look, Bella! It’s the Toon Town fountain! Look at all the characters!

Bella: Cool! It’s- (She suddenly stops and her eyes widen.)

EDWARD: Bella! Bella, what’s wrong?!

BELLA: Its- (Points to Donald Duck) It’s Donald Duck!! (Fear is apparent in her eyes.)

EDWARD: Donald Duck? You’re afraid of Donald Duck? Why?

(Donald Duck is approaching them.)

Edward: Oh crap.

BELLA: AHHHH!!!!! (Runs into the House of Minnie Mouse.)

EDWARD: Wait up! (Runs after Bella)