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Disneyland With The Cullens

DisneylandWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri Amazing banner by Iris! Tell me what ya think! Sequel to Dress up with the Cullens The Cullens are going to Disneyland! Exciting vacation, isn't it? well, when Emmett brings along Willa, their new vampire kitten, and happens to lose her, there vacation becomes 3 days of searching. Will they find willa? PLAY FORMAT


4. Confessions And Concussions

Rating 5/5   Word Count 635   Review this Chapter

(Edward has caught up with Bella in Minnie Mouse’s house. Why did she really freak out? By the way, it’s nighttime!)

EDWARD: Bella? Why did you freak out? Do you not like Donald Duck?

BELLA: (Huddled in a corner) Du-du-ducks…

EDWARD: You don’t like Ducks?

BELLA: Yes! (She gets up and hugs Edward. You can see her trembling.) I wanted to tell you before, but…

EDWARD: Let me guess… Something from your confidential dark and scary childhood past?

BELLA: Wow! Edward, how did you know?

EDWARD: Just a guess. Can you tell me the story?

BELLA: Well, alright. But you can never repeat this to anyone. Got it?

EDWARD: Got it. Cross my heart and hope to die.

BELLA: You’re already dead, Edward.

EDWARD: I knew that.

BELLA: Anyway…It all started at my neighbors’ house, back in Phoenix, the Jefferson’s. They were a very nice elderly couple. They had a duck named Jeffery.

EDWARD: A pet Duck named Jeffery??

BELLA: Well you’re being mature…

EDWARD: (Stifles a laugh.) Sorry. Carry on.

BELLA: As I was saying, his name was Jeffery. One day, my mom and I decided to bring some homemade bread over to them.

EDWARD: I didn’t know your mom could cook…

BELLA: Ahem.

EDWARD: Sorry.

BELLA: When we went to their house, Mr. Jefferson opened the door, and I was greeted by Jeffery. I was holding the bread…

EDWARD: He attacked you!? For stupid bread?! That basta-

BELLA: Edward! There are children in this house!

EDWARD: Sorry. Just the thought of you… It makes me angry.

BELLA: Yes, Edward. We all know you’re overprotective.

EDWARD: I am not! I just care a lot!

BELLA: Whatever you say…

EDWARD: Your story?

BELLA: To make a long story short, I had to get 15 stitches and never touched or got near a duck again. Also Daisy and Donald Duck are my least favorite Disney characters. Even Huey, Duey and Luey.

EDWARD: I’ve always hated those ducks.

BELLA: So…I’ve-

EDWARD: Wait! A ball of black fur! (Points to a black kitten speeding towards Edward and Bella)

BELLA: Oh no! DUCK!! (Hides behind Edward)

(Daisy Duck is passing by! Suddenly, in fright, Willa turns and runs away in the other direction!!)

EDWARD: No! (Grabs Bella’s hand and runs in human speed after Willa, but collides with a red headed girl. Edward and Bella are fine, but the girl is on the ground, unconscious. Her leg doesn’t look right… )

BELLA: Oh my gosh! It’s Brianna! Nice going, Edward! Why do you have to be made of granite!?

EDWARD: Not so loud Bella… (Picks up Brianna and Carries her bridle style in his arms.) Let’s call it a night and go to the hotel.

(Anya appears out of Minnie’s House and rushes over to Edward and Bella.)

ANYA: Oh my goodness! What happened?

BELLA: Just come with us.

ANYA: Okay…

(They sure attracted attention…)

* * * * * *

(When Edward, Anya, Bella, and unconscious Brianna get to Bella and Edward’s hotel room, Edward calls Carlisle. Esme is in her and Carlisle’s room.)

EDWARD: Thanks so much for coming, Dad.

CARLISLE: It’s no problem, Edward. So how exactly did this happen?

EDWARD: Well, I ran into Brianna. And I have no idea why Anya and Brianna are here. They said just because.

BELLA: Anyway, it sounded like a bomb went off!

EDWARD: Yeah. Plus we almost caught Willa. Bella-


CARLISLE: Wow. I never knew someone who had orinthophobia…

BELLA: Orinth-what?

CARLISLE: Orinthophobia. Fear of ducks. Or in general, fear of birds. How long have you had this?

BELLA: I’d rather not talk about this.

CARLISLE: That’s perfectly fine. Anyway, Brianna has a slight concussion, some bruised ribs, and her left leg is broken. She will wake up in a while.

ANAYA: Thank goodness. I thought I lost a best friend…

Edward: Thanks, dad.

CARLISLE: I’ll be back in a little while. Brianna has to be awake in order to pop her leg back in place. Then we have to put a cast around it. See you guys later. (Carlisle goes out of the room.)