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Disneyland With The Cullens

DisneylandWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri Amazing banner by Iris! Tell me what ya think! Sequel to Dress up with the Cullens The Cullens are going to Disneyland! Exciting vacation, isn't it? well, when Emmett brings along Willa, their new vampire kitten, and happens to lose her, there vacation becomes 3 days of searching. Will they find willa? PLAY FORMAT


5. Socks And Banana Pajamas

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(Everyone has come home because of Brianna. It is about 9 o clock at night. The weird thing is…Brianna and Anya are in room 105-right next to Bella and Edwards- and are staying 3 days. CREEPY!! By the way, Brianna is waking up!)

BRIANNA: (She’s on her own bed. Bella, Edward, and Anya are waiting for her to wake up.) What happened?

ANYA: You’re awake!! Yeah! (Hugs Brianna)


ANYA: Sorry! (Lets go of Brianna)

BRIANNA: Ow. Why does it hurt so much? Why am I here?

EDWARD: I ran into you in Mickey’s Toontown. You broke your left leg, and have a slight concussion with bruising on your head. It will take at least 6-8 weeks to heal.

BRIANNA: 6-8 WEEKS!! Are you- ow!!

BELLA: You shouldn’t yell, especially move. Carlisle is going to pop your leg back in place and put a cast on it.



BRIANNA: Here? What about the emergency room? I’ve got to go- OWWW!!!!!!!!

EDWARD: I told you not to move, Brianna!! Your leg is broken! Meaning it isn’t at the angle it should be!!

(The door opens, Carlisle enters the room)

* * * * * * * * * *

(Rosalie and Emmett in their room)

EMMETT: Wow. Sounds like Brianna isn’t having much fun.

ROSALIE: Well, duh. She’s having her leg popped back into place.

EMMETT: I knew that…

* * * * * * * * * *

(Finally Brianna’s leg is in a cast. Aren’t you happy I didn’t show you the scene? Lot’s of screaming, struggling… anyway, Edward, Brianna, Bella, and Anya are in the room.)

ANYA: I’m back! And I got you a wheelchair, Brianna!

BRIANNA: Thanks.

ANYA: On the Brightside we get special passes!

BRIANNA: You mean we get to cut people in line whenever we want?!

BELLA: Yes. Now, I just want to say be prepared for tomorrow morning because you won’t be able to dress yourself. Alice will want to help you. And you know Alice…

BRIANNA: I’m going to be Alice’s personal Barbie?!

BELLA: Well, technically that’s my job…

ALICE: (from other room) I HEARD THAT!

BELLA: Well, good luck.

* * * * * * * * * *

(It’s morning! Poor, poor, Brianna. And to make it worse, it’s like, cold outside! Well, I guess that’s expected in January…)

BELLA: I hate winter.

EDWARD: I’ll keep you warm. At least we aren’t in Forks right now.

BELLA: I just hope Willa’s alright.

EDWARD: At least she has fur.

* * * * * * * * * *

(Meanwhile…in Brianna’s room…Barbie time!)

BRIANNA: Alice, you’re amazing!

(Brianna has on light blue denim jeans, a long sleeved black shirt, and one furry black boot on her right foot.)

ALICE: Not as amazing as you look right now!

BRIANNA: Aww… thanks! So, where are we searching today?

ALICE: Pretty much the whole right side of Disneyland. That means we’re going to Tomorrowland!

(Giggling is coming from Bella and Edward’s room.

ALICE: What the? (Alice pushes Brianna over to the wall and they both listen in on Bella and Edward’s conversation.)

EDWARD: Oh my gosh! Oh, Bella!

BELLA: (Giggling) It’s red, Edward! Not flipping orange!

EDWARD: Wow, Bella. Yours are small.

BELLA: What! I am deeply offended, Mr. Bigfoot! YOURS are ginourmous!

* * * * * * * * * *

(Edward and Bella are in their room sorting their socks. Ha! Bet ya didn’t guess that!)

BELLA: What the heck Edward? No one wears bunny socks!

EDWARD: Hey, I do! At least I don’t have a pair of banana socks that match banana pajamas! (Looks at Bella's current pajama's she has on right now.)

BELLA: Give me those! (Grabs socks from Edward)

EDWARD: By the way, you might want to change, because the doors aren’t locked and everyone is thinking “What the heck are Edward and Bella doing in their room?!”

(The door suddenly opens. OMGEE it’s the whole gang! Alice, Emmett, Jasper. Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Anya, and Brianna are standing there with mixed emotions on their faces.)

EMMETT: Whoa, Bella! Nice jim-jams!

ROSALIE: Oh my gosh Emmett! Only Australians say that! Have you been watching H20* again?!


(Bella is hiding behind Edward, trying her best to hide her pajamas.)

ALICE: What the heck are you two doing?! We thought you were…you know…

EDWARD: Well, what else could we possibly be doing? We’re sorting our socks!

BELLA: Could you like, leave now!?

(Everyone clears out, except for Alice and Brianna.)

ALICE: Relax, Bella. We all have stupid pajamas we like to wear.

(Bella stops hiding.)

BRIANNA: What are you going to do for her outfit, Alice?

ALICE: I know just the thing! (Speeds off for a few seconds and comes back with clothes in hand. She shoves them at Bella and pushes her towards the bathroom.)

BELLA: Are you sure about this?

ALICE: Yes, yes, I’m totally sure. Goodbye! (Shuts the bathroom door behind Bella.)

BRIANNA: What about Edward?

ALICE: He is fine. He can play with jasper. Jazz brought his Hannah Montanan Barbie’s with him.

ED + BRI: WHAT?!?!?!

JASPER: (From outside of room.) ALICE!!!!!

ALICE: Sorry, Jazz! (Ushers Edward out of the room.) Now out!

ROSALIE: (From outside of room.) Take Emmett with you! He’s been watching H20* again!

EMMETT: Rose!!

(Bella comes out of the bathroom! She is wearing dark denim jeans, brown furry boots, and a long sleeved red shirt.)

BELLA: Do I look okay?

ALICE: Okay? You look fabulous!

BRIANNA: Gorgeous!