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No Longer Deserving

Rosalie was wrong about Bella's death. She had caused her family all the pain in thinking she was dead. Now Rosalie can't come to terms of what to do now,because as she sees it she is a monster. What will she do now?

Everything belongs to Stephanie Meyer

1. My Fault

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She was alive? How could someone who jumped off a cliff into a hurricane still be alive? It made no sence what so ever. And now thanks to me telling my family she was dead, Edward had run off to Italy and we all knew the only reason he would go was to ask for death. I felt awful. Because of what I had said and done, Edward would most likely die, And than Esme would be more upset than she was now. Carlisle would never be happy again or have the same passion for medicine like he had had before. And Alice would be mute and no longer the little jumping bean she was. Jasper I know has it hard because of all the emotion of everyone, and because of me he is suffering and having to always try and perk everyone up,though I think he has stopped trying now. And Emmett,my sweet Emmett would no longer laugh and be playful, I wouldnt doubt that he wouldn't love me anymore either. All things ruined because of me and how I couldn't keep my mouth shut and wait for Alice to spill it to everyone one. I didn't deserve this family that took me in and loved me, and most of all saved my life. But I don't know what good it did to save me since I wasn't someone that anyone could be really proud of like Edward. So I made a decison that would make everything right. I would leave and never return. My only problem now was how to say good-bye.

My answer came after 15 minutes of thinking. A note,yes a note would be sufficiant enough to explain everything I needed to say and I also wouldn't have to face anyone. It was a bit selfish,but if I did it know than Alice wouldn't be able to see me leave and no one would need to stop me. So I grabbed a pen and paper and breathed and than began to write.

Dear Family,

I am leaving now for good. Im sorry for all the things I have put you through. It wasn't fair at all the things I did to you all.So I have decided to take myself out of your lives for good. To Esme Im sorry to make you go through everything with Edward. Thankyou for being a wonderful mother figure and for treating me like your own child. I loved you for that. To Carlisle than you for saving my life. I don't know what good it did,but thank you all the same. You were all to kind to me,and I know I didn't deserve it. To Alice, I always wanted a sister and than you came along and were the best one ever. I know I drove you crazy but you stuck through it with me. Thank you for that and one thing,could you please take care of Emmett for me? He might be a bit upset but It will be for the best. To Jasper,Im sorry to put you threw having to deal with all the emotion with everyone.But when Im gone you can finally relax again.To my Emmett,Im writing you a letter under this one.

But im truley sorry to everyone and I hope one day you forgive me,but I will understand if you don't. Please take care and I hope you all can live worry free for the rest of forever.

Sincerely Sorry,

Rosalie Lillian Hale

I set it aside than grabbed another piece of paper and began to write to Emmett.

Dear Emmett,

Im sorry for doing this but It's what is right. I saved you because I loved you,but It was for selfish reasons and im sorry that now im leaving you, It would have been better if neither of us were saved and we both met in heaven. I know you will be mad,but take it easy. I don't and never did deserve your love and kindness. I hope you will find someone more deserving of your love than I ever was. Please do not be mad at anyone,and please DONT COME AND FIND ME! I just want you to move on and love somone else.It's harsh I know but Emmett please know I do love you more than my beauty and I would give up my beauty and all to go back and change the past,but sadley not even vampires can do that. Please take care and also help take care of Esme and Alice for me. Remember I do love you.

With all the love I could find,

Rosalie Lillian Hale

P.S- Emmett here is your wedding ring back. Please give it to the own who deserves your love.

If I could cry I probobly would be doing it now. I ran my fingers threw my golden hair and than looked at my hand. I hated to do this to Emmett and it would crush him. But I wiggled the ring off my finger and set in on a small pad of notes next to my letters. Than I moved the letters over to the bed along with my ring and put it in the middle of the bed. I looked at the letter and ring one last time,than turned off the light and shut the door. Saying good-bye to the life I had once lived.