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The Lonely Wolf

To phase the first time: disorienting. Horrible. Terrifying. Painful. To become a monster: sickening. Strange. Agonizing. Estranging. This we know from Jacob. Must it not have been so much worse to be Sam? He did it all... and he did it all alone. A story in the perspective of the first of our beloved werewolves, Sam Uley. From shortly before the time of his first phase to his marriage to Emily Young.

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44. Chapter 44

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Paul had phased two days ago for the first time. Jared and Kim had been dating for three weeks and were planning on moving in together right after she graduated in a year. He hasn’t actually proposed yet, but he wants to get married as soon as possible.

So do I. But I don’t think Em would agree if I asked her, so soon after the whole fiasco with Leah and the scars and everything. I want to wait for her to be ready.

Besides, these first few months of our relationship have been surprisingly wonderful. Not surprising in the sense that I believed, after I imprinted, that this would be anything but perfect. But that I never thought love could be this easy. It really seems to be entirely effortless.

I want to make Emily happy, no matter what I’m doing. It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’d worried, when I first imprinted, but now…

She tells me if she wants something, and I give it to her, but she really rarely asks for anything.

It’s incredibly effortless, so much more so than any other part of my life. In fact, my life is very close to impossible except where Emily is concerned.

Now that there’s three of us, I keep someone on patrol every minute of every day. And since Jared and Paul have to go to high school, I’m doing most of the work, especially because I’m the one who makes them do it. I run from seven AM to five-thirty, and again from ten PM to two AM. So that’s what, thirteen and a half hours a day?

It leaves me exhausted. Fortunately, I get to spend the evening with Emily, and I can be back with her by the time she wakes up, but I have to spend the entire day running.

The local vampire clan still doesn’t know about us. That particular qualification is nowhere in the treaty. We don’t have to let them know they exist. It’s actually my command, to get Jared and Paul to keep it secret. After all, if the leeches step over the line, we get to kill them. They’re more likely to cross the line if they don’t know we’re here to enforce the rules.

It’s a clever ploy, the elders said when I suggested it, but it hasn’t worked so far. I’m thinking about pulling back patrol, so we’re only running at night. There hasn’t been a single bloodsucker on our turf yet. Which stinks, because it would break the monotony in running in the same circles for ten hours in a row every night pretty nicely. Must be exciting.

I’d like the pack to spend some time, you know, together. I feel like I never see my brothers, since either they’re in school or I’m running. We never phase in pairs, since we don’t quite have time.

This is probably as big as the pack’s going to get. The last pack, with my grandpa in it, was three. Also, I really doubt that Paul’s going to imprint. It’s supposed to be rare.

Oh, Paul. He’s a great guy. But he has… a bit of a temper problem. He and Jared are old friends, which is good. Jared can usually stop him from getting pissed off. Usually.

But Paul phases without meaning to at least once a day. It has me worried. I don’t let him hang around Em unless I’m there. Emily’s place has become sort of a pack hangout, but I don’t want him to turn into a giant wolf and kill her or something like that.

Yeah, I’ll pull back patrols. We’re all running on empty. Got to go ask Old Quil and Billy what they think about that.


“Yeah, Emily?”

“You up?”

“Just got home from patrol.”

“Oh. Okay. There’s food in the fridge.”

“Thanks, sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too.”