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It starts out just like any other wedding fic, but Bella is in for a surprise.

This is probably the most RANDOM thing I’ll EVER write, but I was just thinking about Bella’s wedding, (if there is one; cross fingers) and who would be brides maids. If she had two separate weddings, (one with humans and one with the Cullens), would she have Alice at the human one as a maid of honor? Who else would be there, since her closest friends are vampires, even though the ARE supposed to be there, since Edward is the groom…(that thought gets REALLY off topic) Would Jessica and Angela be there? I guess not Jessica, after New Moon, but what about Angela? I really want them to be better friends…OH! What if… And that’s where the idea came from. So I’ll stop rambling and let you enjoy the story.

1. Surprise!

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The gown swept out behind my heels in a flurry of ruffles and lace. Alice was treating me like some kind of Barbie doll. Again. This time, though, I was a volunteer. I was smiling from ear to ear, and not even the butterflies fluttering in my stomach could faze me.

Today was my wedding day.

We were having it in the meadow; Edward’s idea. Alice had tried to convince me to let her decorate, but I sternly declined her request. It was early summertime, and the flowers would be in full bloom. Alice promised sun, and lots of it, so the natural beauty would be piqued. I explained that to her, and she reluctantly agreed.

I had held my ‘show wedding’ last week in Jacksonville. It was an unusually cloudy day, so Edward and Esme were safe from the sun. The rest of the family were ‘busy’ dong something top secret. Even I had no idea what was going on.

The ceremony was short and simple. I had to rummage up my best acting skills, which, according to Edward, were poor, nonetheless. It was good enough, apparently, since Mom was put to tears. Charlie sneaked a peek at her every few moments, but she was so moved she didn’t notice. Or, at least, she pretended not to.

"Hey, Rose? Which lipstick should we use?" Alice asked, snapping me out of my reverie. I looked up, and sure enough Rosalie had entered the bathroom.

"Try the salmon," she responded, flashing me a warm smile. She had been a lot kinder towards me now that I was going to be one of them. My heartbeat went wild as I thought the word: vampire.

"Alright," Alice said, putting on a last dab of mascara. "Finished. Take a look."

She spun the chair around so I could look at myself in the mirror.

I looked…beautiful. My makeup was elegant, but simple, like I liked it. My hair was in a tight knot on the back of my head, and a single strand was curled and hanging by my face. It looked perfect with my strapless gown. A thin gold ribbon was tied in my hair.

"Ready?" Rosalie looked at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement. I vaguely remembered Edward telling me she had a wedding every few years.

She must really be enjoying this. I thought.

Alice and Rosalie shuffled me out of the room and down the stairs. The whole Cullen family was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Except for one.

"Where’s Edward?" I asked.

"He’s already at the meadow," Carlisle answered. "We’re meeting him there."

Esme was absolutely gushing with joy. She repeatedly told me I looked lovely and how excited she was for me to be joining the family.

She was still fawning when we had reached the ‘trail’, and Alice threw me on her back.

Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were all my bridesmaids, obviously, and in being that they were obliged to wear the bridesmaid gown. They were long and flowing, each a soft turquoise color; Alice’s idea. What surprised me was even though they were in those dresses and 3-inch heels, they ran with such grace and speed it startled me. I was going to ask them about it, but a wondrous sight silenced me.

Edward was standing in the meadow, wearing a handsome tux and sparkling like the first day I saw him here. His face lit up when he saw me.

Alice set me down and we ran to each other, sharing a warm embrace when we met. I smiled widely at him, and he responded with the dazzling, crooked one of his own.

I was distracted by a rustling sound coming from just inside the trees. I turned my head in the direction of the noise, but Edward gently pulled it back so I would look at him.

"Bella," he said, gazing into my eyes with such intensity I felt as if I was about to melt. "Before we do this, I need to tell you something."

The noise persisted, and Edward and I turned to face it.

"Bella," he continued, "I believe you know Angela."

And out she stepped. Angela Weber stood in front of us, a timid smile on her face. My eyes grew wide with terror. She was standing in front of a bunch of vampires who were glittering in the sun! And then something registered.

She was sparkling, too.