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It starts out just like any other wedding fic, but Bella is in for a surprise.

This is probably the most RANDOM thing I’ll EVER write, but I was just thinking about Bella’s wedding, (if there is one; cross fingers) and who would be brides maids. If she had two separate weddings, (one with humans and one with the Cullens), would she have Alice at the human one as a maid of honor? Who else would be there, since her closest friends are vampires, even though the ARE supposed to be there, since Edward is the groom…(that thought gets REALLY off topic) Would Jessica and Angela be there? I guess not Jessica, after New Moon, but what about Angela? I really want them to be better friends…OH! What if… And that’s where the idea came from. So I’ll stop rambling and let you enjoy the story.

3. Pain

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Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett followed them, looking upset enough, but through my tears, something in their eyes didn’t look quite…right. Alice, Esme, and Rosalie glared after their retreating figures.

"I’m so sorry, honey," Esme comforted me, the anger in her eyes apparent.

Alice sat next to me and held me in her arms, trying to soothe the pain. Rosalie sat as well, looking at me with concerned eyes.

For a while we sat in silence, each pair of eyes staring at me. The tears never faltered, never ceased. The hole in me reappeared, stronger, more painful than ever, for this time, he had left me for someone else. Not just anyone else, but my friend! I should have known he didn’t love me, had never loved me. Who was I? An insignificant, below average, little human, that’s what. I never was anyone, and I never would be.

We sat there until the pain became too much, and I had to move then, or I wouldn’t ever again. What’s the point? I thought. He is gone, and my life is meaningless. I knew I couldn’t face Charlie, knowing he’d been right. I don’t think I could handle his ‘I told you so’.

I took off, running into the woods, hiking my wedding dress up past my knee. No one attempted to follow me. If they needed me, I knew they could find me.

I ran until there were a million stitches in my side and my vision was so blurred, I was nearly blinded. I collapsed onto the dirt and debris, the feeling of de ja vu too strong to be real.