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It starts out just like any other wedding fic, but Bella is in for a surprise.

This is probably the most RANDOM thing I’ll EVER write, but I was just thinking about Bella’s wedding, (if there is one; cross fingers) and who would be brides maids. If she had two separate weddings, (one with humans and one with the Cullens), would she have Alice at the human one as a maid of honor? Who else would be there, since her closest friends are vampires, even though the ARE supposed to be there, since Edward is the groom…(that thought gets REALLY off topic) Would Jessica and Angela be there? I guess not Jessica, after New Moon, but what about Angela? I really want them to be better friends…OH! What if… And that’s where the idea came from. So I’ll stop rambling and let you enjoy the story.

8. Takeover

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"Alice?" I repeated. She didn’t move. "Alice, get up! Please!" Gosh I wish vampires had a pulse!

"Alice, can you hear me? Can vampires be knocked unconscious?" I shouted, trying to wriggle free from my binds.

"Vampire?" Angela asked, confused. "Bella, what’s going on?"

"I’m not sure right now, but we have to get Alice to wake up!"

At that moment, Alice’s eyelids fluttered open, looking around, confused.

"Bella?" she murmured.

"I’m right here, Alice."

She broke free from her chains so easily it was as if they weren’t locked at all. "Ow," she muttered, rubbing her head.

Despite being bound by rope in a disgusting, old warehouse, I actually laughed. "I never thought I’d hear you see that!"

She chuckled, too, and looked me over. I could see the pain in her eyes when she saw what had become of her beloved dress, but that promptly disappeared. In a lightening-fast movement, she was behind my back untying the ropes. She finished and let it fall to the floor.

"Do your legs," she ordered as she started on Angela’s binds. She looked completely shocked.

She finished and returned to her seat. "Bella, I am so sorry! This entire day has turned out to be a complete disaster!"

Great. I was just starting to forget. Or, at least, distract myself.

"Yeah. That wasn’t exactly an ideal wedding," I said, suddenly depressed.

Alice looked shocked. "I didn’t mean that. Oh, Bella! I forgot to tell you! Edward’s getting married!"

And so she told me everything she knew. How Kate had taken on Angela’s form, how she had done something to the men in this family to make them go along with this marriage, and how they needed me out of the way.

I didn’t know which emotion won out on my face as the stronger one: misery, or confusion.

Angela looked thoroughly confused. "Huh?" she said.

"Bella, we need to get out of here! And take Angela. We need to stop this wedding!"

I was still trying to gather my thoughts, but I obeyed. "Come on, Angela," I ordered, offering her my hand. I helped her up, and we headed to where Alice was lifting up the locked metal garage door. The metal crumpled in her hands. Angela merely shook her head; probably thinking this was all a dream.

Alice poked her head out the door and snickered. "Not even a guard. It’s like they want us to get out! Come on, then."

I pulled myself onto her back and she held Angela in her arms. She took off into the nearby woods, going on a slightly beaten down path through the trees.

Alice was slowed by the weight, but it was enough to make poor Angela faint.

Poor Angela, I thought. Never thought I’d ever say that again.

Should I be happy now? I mean, Edward is obviously not with Angela, and I can think his name without wincing, but he still left me. Could I forgive him? Maybe I was right, and him coming back really was a dream, and today’s turn of events was just a sickening twist?

I couldn’t be sure, since Alice stopped abruptly at the edge of the wood, about ten feet from a huge, old church.

"Ready, Bella?" Alice asked me. I simply nodded, not sure if I could speak.

As we exited the forest, the end of my now tattered gown got caught on a bush. A distinct ripping noise could be heard all around. The skirt of the dress was now three-quarters up my thigh, showing much too much skin for comfort.

"Shhh!" Alice shushed me. "We don’t want anyone to know we’re here. Not yet."

"But Alice! My skirt!" I whispered.

"You look fine!" She assured me, gesturing for me to go first. I darted toward the doors, frequently pulling the end of my dress down. I pulled at the door handle, but it was locked.

"It’s locked," I informed her. "They must have thought we would come.

"Damn," she swore. "Doesn’t matter. Break the window."

"Alice, no! It’s a church!" I cried in a hushed whisper.

"And this is a life or death situation!" she said, throwing a rock at the stained-glass window. The glass shattered into a million pieces, each falling to the floor in a metallic thud.

Alice cleaned out the remaining glass from the frame, for me, I guessed, and climbed through, Angela still in her arms.

I followed her, not even glancing at my surroundings. I heard someone singing in the loveliest voice I’d ever heard in a room to the left of me. The door stood slightly ajar, and Alice was already creeping over to it.

I did, as well, and over her shoulder, I saw a blonde woman applying perfume to her neck and wrists. She was wearing a short red dress, (shorter than mine), and had golden curls that tumbled to the middle of her back.

She stopped singing and started to laugh. Well, guffaw, really. It was then I noticed two men standing shoulder to shoulder in the back of the room. They both had stiff backs and looked worried, even though they were laughing, as well.

I listened to their conversation.

"And you tied her up?" the blonde woman, whom I assumed to be Kate, continued.

"Yep," said Nemo, the man who put me in the warehouse.

"In chains?" She raised an eyebrow.

"In chains tightly," the other man clarified.

"That’s Tom," Alice whispered to me, and I had to strain my ears to hear her.

But apparently Kate did.

She turned her head in our direction, noticing us for the first time. She glanced down at Angela’s unconscious body. When she looked up, there was an unbelievable amount of hate in them. She met my eyes, and the phrase, If looks could kill, popped to the front of my head. I winced.

Without looking away from me, she said, "Tom? What happened to tight? Nemo? Can you please explain to me how Isabella got out?" Her tone was filled with malice.

"N-no," he stuttered. "But I bet it’s all the small one’s fault! What’s her name? Alice," he sneered.

Turning away from me, she looked at Nemo and smiled. She raised her hand and struck his face. There was so much force there that he fell back against the floor with a sickening thud.

"Kate?" I whispered. "Kate Wyler?" She turned back to me, shock evident on her face before transforming back into loathing.

"Yeah?" she responded in a harsh voice.

"Kate Wyler from 6th grade?"

"Yeah. What of it?" She turned away.

"Why?" I asked, tears springing to my eyes.

"Why? Why do you think, Bella?"

I thought for a moment, and then it dawned on me. "The…talent show? Kate, that was years ago! It was a little school show!"

"No, it wasn’t," Kate murmured.

"Yes, it was! Kate, I know-‘’

"No!" she screamed. "You don’t know anything! You beating me was not only humiliating, but it…" she trailed off.

"What?" Alice egged her on.

"You kept me from the county competition, leaving me at home." She was silent for a moment. "Well, my house was attacked! I bet you know by who Bella!"

"I honestly have no idea. Who?"

"Think really hard, Bella. The man who tormented you two springs ago? The man who belongs to the species you find so intriguing?"

"James," I muttered.

"And I had to watch as he drained the blood from my parents’ bodies! I had to suffer his torture until I was sixteen, when he finally changed me into this, this monster!" she shouted, crying tearlessly.

"And now, you must pay! I know what happened to you when Edward left! And I know that’s what will hurt you most!"

Alice gasped, but I was frozen. "But how?" she asked.

"Don’t you get it, Alice? I have powers beyond your imaginings. I, apparently, had two very strong qualities, but both were connected to the other." She paused, a slight smirk appearing on her face. "The first you should already know. I can change my form into whatever I like, and sadly, I had to be this human girl recently, but it seems to have all worked out. The other one you should be familiar with already. I have the ability to manipulate men’s minds. I can control their thoughts, emotions and actions."

I laughed once humorlessly. "You always did get the guys…"

She continued as if I hadn’t said anything. " And Edward-well, he was a tricky one. He truly burned with love for you, Bella, but in the end, it all turned out to be just some silly emotion. At least, it was when I was through with it."

Kate, Tom, and Nemo laughed heartily at this. Nemo had gotten up off of the floor, but held his limbs gingerly. He obviously was still human.

"I suppose you’ve met my nephew, Nemo," she continued. "No, he’s not like me, but he sure does want to be. But I’m not sure he’s capable of such responsibility. I mean, he’s not the most competent creature in the world. He couldn’t even bind that scrawny thing over there!" she snickered, gesturing toward Alice. "But, oh," she continued. "I guess it wasn’t Nemo who had promised tight. That, I do believe, was Tom, who can’t take a hit."

I looked toward the men with a mix of pity and curiosity. I know I had chosen the same life, but who would want to be a part of this…this evil?

"But look at me, just standing here explaining my life story to you scum. I have a wedding to be getting to." And as if on cue, the wedding march started up, and Kate turned to leave.

"I guess I don’t have to look like her anymore." She swept passed us quickly and started down the isle, red dress and all. Nemo and Tom followed her, but stopped before entering the wide double-doors. They closed them and Tom pulled out an old, brass key. He locked the door and quickly replaced it in his jacket pocket.

Tom turned to Alice and grinned menacingly. "Time to take care of you."

He bared his sickeningly sharp teeth at her and attacked. Alice dodged him, or at least, the blur that looked like her did. They were moving at a lighten-fast pace.

While Tom was recovering from the blow against the wall, (which left a HUGE dent), Alice tossed her cell phone to me. In an out-of-body moment, I saw myself catch the phone without it slipping through my fingers!

"Call Rosalie and Esme!" she ordered, punching the now-recovered Tom in the nose. "I need help!"

"What about Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle?" I shouted over Tom’s growls.

She rolled her eyes, although if it was to Tom or me I couldn’t be sure. "Weren’t you listening, Bella? It wouldn’t work!"

"Oh yeah!" Perfect timing for a ditsy moment.

I dialed in the number, and waited impatiently as it rang once…twice…until, finally I hear a "Hello?"

It was Esme. "Esme, you need to get to Riverside Church! Alice needs help! And bring Rosalie!"

Without waiting for details, she assured me she’d be there as soon as possible.

"Bella!" Alice yelled, dodging another blow. "Go! Stop the wedding!"

I stood there for a moment, confused. "…What?"

"Go in there and stop the wedding! I can’t exactly do it now!" she explained, kicking him in ‘the zone’. I quickly untangled my mass of thoughts and dashed toward the door. I spun about abruptly before reaching for the handle, remembering it was locked.

Alice had knocked Tom onto the ground, and he was frozen for a brief moment. She took advantage of the moment and grabbed the key from his pocket. She started a motion of tossing it to me, but Tom had grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the floor.

The key slipped from her hands and flew through the air.

In a moment that eerily reminded me of when I was about to be crushed by Tyler’s van, my mind seemed to speed up. I saw the key flying through the air toward me. I saw Nemo emerge from his hiding place behind a statue and run to catch it. I could feel my feet moving on their own, one after the other, at a faster pace than I could have ever thought was possible for me. I was going to catch it! Just a little farther…just a few more centimeters…

In a moment of sheer luck, they old, brass key slid into my hand, and my fingers closed around it.

"Got it!" I exclaimed, narrowly missing Nemo’s attempt at snatching it. I thrust it into the lock and turned. The door swung open.

Kate was standing at the altar, supporting Edward, who looked like he was about to fall down.

In an Ella Enchanted moment, I screamed from across the hall, "Drop that ring! Kate, it’s my turn now."